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converting, establishing and comforting grace, may be with us in his ordinances, in his providences, in sickness, and when dying: then, blessed be God, we shall carry it with us after time. And now, my dear hearers, by the help of my God, in whose strength I desire once more to go upon the waters, I shall pray wherever I am, that this grace of the Lord Jesus Christ may be with you all.

To whom shall I speak first by way of improvement? Are there any of you here unconverted? No doubt too many. Are there any of you here this morning come out of curiosity to hear what the babbler has to say? Many, perhaps, are glad

it is my last sermon, and that London is to be rid

of such a monster: I don't doubt but it has been a pleasant paragraph for many to read; but whoever there are of you that are unconverted, or whatever you may think, sure you cannot be angry for my wishing that the grace of God may be with you. O that it may be with every unconverted soul. O pray for me, my dear friends, that the Lord may bless me to some unconverted soul; what wilt thou do if the grace of God is not with thee? what wilt thou do with the favor of man if thou hast not got the grace of God? You will find, my brethren, it will not do, you cannot do without the grace of God when you come to die. There was a nobleman who kept a deistical chaplain, and his lady a christian one; when he was dying, he says to his chaplain, I liked you very well when I was in health, but it is my lady's chaplain I must have when I am sick. Do you know that you are nothing but devils incarnate? Do you know that every moment you are liable to eternal pains? The Lord help thee to awake O sinner, awake, awake thou stupid soul,

if the grace of God was never with thee before. God grant it may now. Don't say I part with you in an ill humour; don't say that a madman left you with a curse. Blessed be God that when first I entered into the field, (and blessed be God that honoured me with being a field-preacher) I proclaimed the grace of God to the worst of sinners, and I proclaim it now to the vilest sinner under heaven; could I speak so loud as that the whole world might hear me, I would declare that the grace of God is free for all poor souls that are willing to accept of it by Christ; God make you all willing this day.

There are many of you, I doubt not, but have got this grace, and I believe there are many of you that can say that this poor despised place was that which God honoured first with giving it you: but whether you were converted here or elsewhere, if you have got the grace of God, the Lord grant you more grace; grace, mercy and peace be multiplied unto you all. My brethren, they that have got Christ never have enough of him; you want more grace every day, and hour, and moment: I see, for my part, more of my want of grace than I did ten or twenty years ago; may be that is because I don't grow in grace; but those that grow in grace will grow every day more sensible of their want of grace, they will feel their weakness more and more every day. Some who are called Christians are a most foul-mouth people, they abuse their neighbours; but real believers abuse themselves most, and call themselves, (i. e. what is in themselves,) the worst of neighbours. O my brethren, may the Lord Jesus Christ's grace be with you more and more, that you may be transformed into the divine likeness, and pass from


glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord. May God grant that this grace may be with you all, particularly those young men that have given up their souls to Christ. It delights my soul when I go round the communion table, to see how many young souls have given themselves to Christ, the Lord grant that you may not return again to folly. O young men, flee youthful lusts; Ō young women, the Lord Jesus Christ grant that grace may be with you all, that you may study the beauties of the mind, shine in the beauties of holiness, and be wise to everlasting salvation.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all that are in the marriage state. It needs much grace to bear with heavy trials, much grace to deal with servants, children, and under disappointments in trade; to walk with God with a pure heart. Some people think it clever to have wives and children, but they want a thousand times more grace than they had when they were single; you have need of much grace to honour God in your houses, much grace to teach you to be prophets, much grace to teach you to be kings in the family; to know when to be pleased; to know when to be silent; to know when to be angry: but the greatest grace is to be angry when called to it, to be angry without sin. O may the grace of God be with you all in your closets, every time you pray, every time you come to an ordinance; O! may the grace of God be with you all when you frequent this despised place! blessed be God some may say, that ever it was built; though as soon as it was built I was called away. As soon also as the chapel was built, I was then called away, and so am now; and when I came out of my chamber, I could hardly support it. I would as

live go to an execution, if my way was not very clear; what is dying? that is but for a moment. O may the grace of God be with all, that preach the gospel here. Blessed be God his grace has been with them; don't let the world say, he is gone, and all the people are gone now: don't weaken the hands of those that shall labour here; I should not mention such a word if I was not going away. The Lord Jesus Christ grant that you may keep steady, and honor the preachers more and more; there will be good Mr. Adams, blessed be God, from time to time, with Mr. Beridge, and so there will be a blessed change: may the Spirit of God be with them, and you, more and more! and O my dear friends, if the Lord God has vouchsafed to own these labors to any of you, do remember me in a particular manner, when gone for though my body has been weak, yet I thank God that he has enabled me to speak when called to it.


And so I must go, whether well or ill; pray, that if it should please God to spare me, that I may speak more effectually to you, when I come back again; pray, that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ may be with me in a restraining, comforting, supporting, and transforming way, that may be with me when I am sick, and when I die. O my brethren, I see I want the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, in every one of these respects, every moment; O may the Lord God bless you all that have been kind to me, and forgive every thing that I have done amiss. I am ashamed of myself, so much of the man comes up with me, though I humbly hope, and dare to say, that at the bottom of my heart is upright towards God; I would employ it to his praise, but there is so

much sin mixed with all I do, that was not the blood of Christ constantly applied to my soul, and the grace of God continually manifested to me, I could not preach any more. You may see a thousand things wrong in me, but I see ten thousand more, O may the grace of God be with you all. Now, dear friends, farewel! dear tabernacle, farewel! if I never preach here any more; O that we may meet in a better tabernacle, when these tabernacles are taken down, when these bodies shall drop, when we shall be forever with the Lord. I must have done, I can't bear it; the Lord bless you, the Lord God cause his face to shine upon you. I cannot say more, I dare not: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen.



PSALM xlvi. 1-6.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble; therefore will we not fear, though the earth be removed, and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea, though the waters thereof roar, and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof, Selah. There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High: God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, and that right early.

HERE was a tradition among the ancient

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