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Other Committees would be appointed as the necessity for such action arose; but that any and all of their proposed actions would first be submitted to the approval of the President and Secretary of the Association; and that any suggestions that they might make, or any changes they had to recommend, would be cheerfully attended to; that the local people did not want to be the Association, but merely wanted to help the Executive Committee to manage the Convention.

Mr. Littell: Of course we want to make sure that there will be no advance in hotel rates.

Captain McCulloch: Mr. Lewis has posted on the inside of each room the rates for that room, and he assures me that those rates will be strictly maintained, and will not be advanced in any part of the house.

The Secretary then announced that he had prepared a financial statement, and that if the Executive Committee would fix the Secretary's salary he would be able to make an approximate report for the year.

Mr. Morgan : I move that the salary of the Secretary shall be fixed at $1,500 per year, which shall include all expenses for help, and that there shall be further added $35.00 per month for rent, fuel, etc., of the office, and the Association shall pay the salary of the stenographer at the official meetings.

The motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

The Secretary then read a report of the financial affairs of the Association to December 1st, 1895.

After the reading of the report, the Executive Committee discussed the various outstanding liabilities of the Association, and upon motion of General Jackson, the President and Mr. Morgan were authorized to settle the bill of Messrs. Richardson & Hook upon the best possible terms, and the President and Secretary were authorized to settle all other outstanding liabilities, as enumerated in the Secretary's report, upon the best possible terms.

Following the report, the Secretary read communications from various persons.

In regard to the communication from Montreal, relative to the Association's indebtedness there, it was voted that :

These matters be left to the discretion of the President and Secretary, it being the sense of this Committee that any one employed without the authority of the old Executive Committee, or any obligations incurred without such authority, be not paid.

In connection with communications read from exhibitors who are indebted to the Association for space at previous conventions, General Jackson made the motion that,

Any exhibitor who is in arrears for past dues be not permitted again to exhibit until those dues are paid.

Mr. Kelly seconding, the motion passed unanimously.
Mr. Littell presented a letter from Mr. Wm. J. Hammer, Chairman,

asking this Association to send a delegate to the Joint Conference of Electrical, Insurance, and allied interests, to be held in New York City, March 18 and 19, 1897, and Mr. Markle moved that Mr. John A. Seely, of Lock Haven, Pa., be appointed by this Executive Committee as its delegate to such meeting The motion being seconded and passed, the Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Seely of his appointment.

President Littell stated that the prime object of the present meeting was to select subjects for papers to be read at the next Convention and to outline a programme for that occasion.

Mr. Markle advocated making a systematic programme for the work of the Convention, setting certain hours for the reading of certain papers, and a certain time or times for the examination of the exhibits' of the supply men.

Upon motion, the matter of outlining a programme was laid over until the next session.

The matter of asking Mr. J. F. McElroy, of the Consolidated CarHeating Company, to pay for the illustrations in his article on electric car heaters, in the printed minutes of the last Convention, was discussed, and the Secretary was instructed to send him a bill for the same. During this discussion, Messrs. Jackson, Kelly and Markle expressed themselves as emphatically opposed to using this Association to advertise any business, Mr. Markle suggesting that all papers that are to be published and become part of the minutes of the meetings be passed upon by the Executive Committee.

At 1:30 p. m, upon motion, the Committee adjourned until 3:00 p. m.

Upon the Committee being again called to order, the subject of papers to be read at the forthcoming Convention was discussed.

General Jackson read a telegram from Mr. Joel Hurt, of Atlanta, Ga., appointing Captain McCulloch, of St. Louis, to act in his place on this committee, and the Executive Committee unanimously ratified Mr. Hurt's appointment.

Upon motion of General Jackson, Mr. M. K. Bowen, Superintendent, Chicago City Railway Company, was selected to read a paper on “Tracks and Track Joints-Construction, Maintenance and Bonding.”

Upon motion of General Jackson, Mr. John N. Akarman, Superintendent, Worce-ter Consolidated Street Railway Company, was selected to read a paper on "Street Railway Trucks."

Upon motion of Mr. Markle, Mr. C. Densmore Wyman, General Manager, M.lwaukee Street Railway Company, was appointed to read a paper on “ How can the Revenue of Street Railways be increased ?-taking into consideration the Collection of Fares, Method of Registry, Transfers, Use of Tickets or Cash Fares, and Attractions along the line of the Road."

On motion of Mr. Morgan, Mr. Benjamin Willard, General Superintendent, New Orleans City and Lake Railroad Company, was appointed to read a paper on “ Modern Overhead Electric Construction.”

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Upon motion of Mr. Markle, Mr. Richard McCulloch, Civil and Electrical Engineer, Citizens', Cass Avenue and St. Louis Railroad Companies was appointed to read a paper on The Modern Power House."

Upon motion of Mr. Kelly it was decided that a paper be read on The Selection and Management of Employes,” to be discussed at an Executive session.

Upon motion of Mr. Markle, Mr. W. F. Kelly, General Manager, Columbus Street Railway, was selected to read the last named paper.

It was moved and seconded that the parties who are to write papers for discussion by the Association at the next convention be notified at once by the Secretary, and that in case any are not able to serve, the selection of a substitute to write and read such papers shall be left to the President, and that the Secretary notify the gentlemen that such papers must be in his hands not later than September 1, 1896. Carried.

It was moved and seconded that the Secretary notify the gentlemen who have been selected to read papers upon these subjects, to write papers that will not consume to exceed thirty minutes in reading. Carried.

It was moved and seconded that the Secretary draw up a program for the work of the Convention and submit it to the Executive Committee at their next meeting. Carried.

Upon motion, the Executive Committee adjourned, subject to the call of the President, as to time and place.






President Littell called the meeting to order at 11:30 a. m.

There were present, the President, Messrs. J. Willard Morgan, A. Markle, W. F. Kelly, and the Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. T. C. Penington.

The Secretary read the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee, held in St. Louis, Mo., December 9, 1895, which were duly approved.

The President stated that Mr. Frank R. Ford had been substituted in place of Mr. John A. Seely, as the delegate of the Association to the Joint Conference of Electrical, Insurance and allied interests, held in New York City, March, 18 and 19.

The Secretary stated that the entire space at the St. Louis Exposition had been taken, and arrangements were being made to provide more space.

The Secretary presented a statement of the finances of the Association to September 1st, with list of members in arrears for dues and deficit fund.

A thorough discussion then ensued concerning the affairs of the Association, the arrangements for the forthcoming meeting, and among other matters, the advisability of discontinuing the annual banquet, and devoting the money heretofore spent for that purpose to advancing the interests of the Association in other directions.

Mr. Morgan offered the following:

WHEREAS, A large portion of the revenue of this Association has each year been expended in an annual banquet; and

WHEREAS, The funds so expended can be used more advantageously in the promotion of the active work of the Association,

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Committee that no banquet be given at the next annual meeting in St. Louis.

The foregoing resolution was unanimously adopted.
The Committee then took a recess for dinner.

Reconvened at 2:30 p. m.

A letter from Mr. Granville C. Cunningham, of Montreal, stating his inability to be present, was read.

Mr. Cunningham also requested in his letter that the claims of Mr. Stonewall Jackson and Mr. Martin H. Watts for services in connection with the Montreal meeting, be paid.

Mr. Morgan moved that the gentlemen be informed that the Executive Committee declines to make payment until a more thorough explanation is given by Mr. Cunningham, because, as shown by the minutes of the Executive Committee, he had evidently exceeded his authority, and the Committee declines to pay the bills until the matter is more satisfactorily explained.

Motion carried.

Mr. Kelly moved that the Treasurer be authorized to make payment to the Windsor Hotel, Montreal, of the balance of $97.75 on account of the banquet.

Motion carried.

After a discussion of the proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws,

Mr. Kelly offered the following :

WHEREAS, The Association is now out of debt, and has a surplus in the treasury; and

WHEREAS, The prospective income of the Association for the ensuing year is, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, sufficient to meet all legitimate expenditures, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Executive Committee recommends that there be no change in the existing Constitution and By-Laws.

The resolution was unanimously adopted.
A letter from Mr. George W. Baumhoff, of St. Louis, Chairman of

the Committee on Exhibits, regarding the raising of the floor of the exhibit hall at certain places, was read, and referred to the Local Committee of Arrangements at St. Louis.

A letter from Mr. Frederic Nicholls, of Toronto, Can., President of the National Electric Light Association, relating to the matter of the consolidation of the two associations, was read, and the Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Nicholls that the Executive Committee would be willing to have Mr. Nicholls appoint three representatives of the National Electric Light Association, engaged exclusively in the lighting business, to confer with three representatives of the American Street Railway Association, engaged exclusively in the street railway business; and that these gentlemen consider the subject fully.

On motion of Mr. Markle, all papers to be read at the next meeting of the Association were referred to the Secretary to report to the Executive Committee, at the next meeting of the Committee in St. Louis, as to whether or not they contained any objectionable features.

The meeting then adjourned.


President Littell called the meeting to order at 9:30 a. m.
The same members were present as on Wednesday.
Mr. Hook was invited to meet the Committee, but refused to do so.

On motion of Mr. Morgan, the settlement of the Richardson & Hook matter was left to the President with power to appoint counsel and take such steps as he deemed necessary for the adjustment of same.

Meeting adjourned to meet at the Southern Hotel, St. Louis, October 19, at 10:00 a. m., unless called before by the President.


OCTOBER 19, 1896,

President Littell called the meeting to order at 10:30 a. m.

There were present : President Littell, Messrs. Robert McCulloch, J. Willard Morgan, A. Markle, W.F. Kelly and the Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. T. C. Penington.

The minutes of meeting held in New York City, September 9 and 10, 1896, were read and approved.

On motion of Mr. Kelly, the following resolution was adopted :

WHEREAS, The Local Committee in St. Louis having incurred obligations relative to giving a banquet at the St. Louis meeting, and as such obligations cannot be cancelled without embarrassment to the Local Committee,

Resolved, That the former resolution, that a banquet be not given, is hereby rescinded.

Unanimously adopted.

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