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[blocks in formation]

some of the people down from the Committee where we

could spend a couple of days, you know, with quiet and so


Yeah (unintelligible) sort of busy these days. Try and get

the weather, damn it, if any of you know any prayers, say

them (unintelligible) weather. Let's get that weather cleared


The bastards have never been bombed like they're going

to be bombed this time, but you've got to have weather.

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bombing runs all the time and they couldn't see a thing.

[blocks in formation]
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But they were doing a different type of bombing then.

[blocks in formation]


Oh they're better, but they're all under this one command.

It's all screwed up.

We just aren't going to talk about it.

The weather will clear up.

It's bound to.

When they do,

they'll hit something -- and, they're a lot of brave guys

you've got to say. After all that POW (unintelligible) that

poor who got shot down. They're over there starving on that

damned rice. It's all right, we'll give 'em hell.

Well the ah,

what are your reflections on the present thing. Why don't we

start with what I told the staff to get the hell off of the ITT

and then get on to politics which is more interesting, not

[blocks in formation]

think what we have to face is that it will be investigated by

(unintelligible) election as you get closer to the election of

[blocks in formation]


I would think I would go beyond investigative committees.

I'd go to some of the others where you have a facade

[blocks in formation]


Yeah -- we're going to boycott anything that we think is

politically motivated.


These people are disgracing (unintelligible).


And ah, Republicans just walk off and say it's just politically

motivated. Well, at least ITT got 'em confused.


· I would say it's quite confusing. Some of the more enlightened

newspaper people are beginning to write to the effect that the

Democrats got to come up with something more than they've

come up with or the monkey's go ing to be on their back.

[blocks in formation]


You know this little girl -- this Lichtman -- the secretary?

You know where she had her press conference don't you


you notice that? Down in the law office of the Democrat

[blocks in formation]


Yeah, but the press conference was held in the law office of

this (unintelligible) District, Democrat Chairman, and yet

there wasn't anything in the newspapers about it or why it

just so happened.




Most of the 'Shakers'lare, that's for sure.


What is your view about the convention -- about all the scares

and cries I hear about the 250,000 naked kids that are going

to be coming?


Well, Bob and I have just gone over this and I've had a meeting

[blocks in formation]


And so forth, ah, it seems to me there are three factors

number one was screaming kids

if you

call them kids;

number two

the ITT Sheraton business with the television

on the hotel all through the Convention; and thirdly, and

equally, if not more important, is the fact that the site

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selection committee and the people that went out there to

look at that thing did a God damned poor job. Its come to

the point where it's going to cost between 2.4 and 2.5 million

to put that thing together. In addition to that, there's

That's if we just get the convention hall apparently?


No, no, this is the whole thing, this is the whole thing.


I see, all the hotels and stuff involved.


Yeah everything; in addition to that there has to be nine

hundred odd thousand dollars of insulation in that arena out

there, and in addition to that there's a


Who, (unintelligible) this, Wilson (unintelligible).


No, I think a lot of our people closer to us than that were at

fault in not recognizing the limitations of these facilities.

[blocks in formation]


In addition to that you have your building trades labor contract

coming up on June 1, out there for negotiations, and they can

put the pressure on your pay board or the rest of it.

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view of that we have thonght or the potential of changing the site.

We can get out of themes -

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