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This volume contains certain documents which were received

by the Committee on the Judiciary subsequent to the initial

presentation of evidentiary material by the Impeachment Inquiry

staff in May and June, 1974.

The documents are:


White House edited transcripts of Presidential

conversations of April 4, 1972, March 22, 1973, and June 23, 1972.

These transcripts were submitted to the Committee after

the initial submission and public release of White House transcripts

on April 30, 1974. The June 23, 1972 transcripts were released

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in United States District Court on June 5 and 6, 1974, pursuant

to a subpoena issued to President Nixon at the request of John

Ehrlichman, a defendant in United States v.


The notes

were furnished to the Special Prosecutor contemporaneously.

On June 24, 1974, the House Judiciary Committee issued

a subpoena to the President for "all handwritten notes of John

Ehrlichman produced by the White House on June 5 and June 6, 1974

pursuant to an order of Judge Gerhard Gesell in United States y.

Ehrlichman" and for "handwritten notes of John Ehrlichman of a

meeting on July 12, 1971 among the President, John Ehrlichman and

Robert Mardian."

A set of notes was delivered to the Committee on

July 14, 1974, together with a letter from James D. St. Clair,

Special Counsel to the President, stating that the materials

furnished were "those parts of John Ehrlichman's notes... that

were furnished to Mr. Ehrlichman pursuant to his subpoena."

The Committee also received a set of Ehrlichman notes

from the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.

Mr. St. Clair had

requested that the Special Prosecutor furnish this set of notes to

him, but through a misunderstanding, the notes were delivered to the


A comparison of the two sets of notes revealed that those

received from the Special Prosecutor included 42 pages, covering

11 meetings, which were not among the notes received from the

White House.

The notes reproduced in this yolume are those which were

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received from the Special Prosecutor.

Each of the pages which was

not received from the White House is identified by a footnote.

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pages are masked in part of entirely.

The deletions were made by the

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White House prior to submission of the notes on the grounds that the

deleted material was not relevant to the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg

or Fielding break-in matters.

(3) Affidavit of Bruce A. Kehrli.

On June 19, 1972, certain officials of the Nixon

administration, including Bruce Kehrli, the Staff Secretary,

met to discuss Howard Hunt's White House employment status.

That meeting is recorded in Book II, paragraph 14, of the

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a copy of a March 31, 1972 memorandum concerning Hunt, which

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was written to Kehrli by Richard Howard, Charles Colson's

There are two handwritten notations by Kehrli on


the memorandum.

In his affidavit, Kehrli explains what each

notation refers to and when it was made.

A copy of the memorandum

is attached to the affidavit as an exhibit.

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I told these people around here, I said (unintelligible) call

Mitchell, I said don't you Bob, and.

Of course, I suppose they had to (unintelligible) one or two.

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We fished, and we went out in the boat with Bebe a couple oi

times and handlinger with hin two or three times.

NOTE: This transcript was provided to the Committee on June 5, 1974, by

James D. St. Tiair, Special Counsel to the President, in response
to the Committee's request for a tape recording of the conversa-
tion among the President, John Mitchell and H.R. Haldeman on
April 4, 1972, from 4:13-4:50 p.m.

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