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Bruce Kehrli, having been duly sworn, hereby

deposes and says:

In June, 1972 I had the title of Special

Assistant to the President, and my position was that of

[blocks in formation]

As of June 19, 1972, the personnel records

under my control at the White House indicated that Howard

Hunt was a consultant to the White House on Mr. Colson's


At midday on June 19, 1972, Mr. Colson advised me

that he believed that Mr. Hunt had been terminated and

that my records were incorrect.

In checking my files

on June 19, 1972, I did not locate anything indicating

that Howard Hunt had been terminated.

A copy of days

later I received from Mr. Colson's office a copy of a

memo dated March 30, 1972 from W. Richard Howard of


The second word in the last sentence on this page should be "couple" rather than "copy.

Mr. Colson's staff relating to Howard Hunt.


March 30, 1972 memorandum related to an annuity problem

arising out of Howard Hunt's employment with the CIA

and the dropping of Mr. Hunt as a consultant.


searching my chronological file, one of my secretaries

informed me that she had discovered the original of the

March 30, 1972 memo from Mr. Howard attached to a copy

of a memo from me to Mr. Howard dated April 6, 1972

(a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit "A")

relating to Howard Hunt's annuity problem

After talking with Mr. Colson, and based on

the March 30, 1972 memorandum and on Mr. Colson's

statements that he believed Mr. Hunt had ceased employment

at the White House at the end of March, 1972, it was

decided that the records should reflect that Mr. Hunt

was terminated as a consultant as of April 1, 1972.

I then circled the phrase "totally drop him as a consultant

so that 1701 can pick him up and use him". and wrote on

the bottom on my copy of the March 30, 1972 memorandum

from W. Richard Howard "O.K.

Drop as of April 1, 1972


This circling and notation was made by me late

in the week beginning June 19, 1972 or early in

the week beginning June 26, 1972.

(A copy of the

March 30, 1972 memorandum with the notation and circling

which I added after June 19, 1972 is attached hereto

as Exhibit "B".)

At the White House we kept a book listing all

the White House staff, including consultants.


were three copies of this book.

I had a copy, Mr. Butterfield

had a copy, and Mr. Haldeman had a copy.

I understand

that Mr. Butterfield has stated that on or about June 18,

1972, I told him that Mr. Haldeman had told me not to

include Mr. Hunt in Mr. Butterfield's book under the

listing of White House consultants because Mr. Hunt was

engaged in classified or 'sneaky pete' work.

I don't

recall such a conversation with Mr. Butterfield.


I recall that on Sunday, June 18, 1972, I received a

call at home from Mr. Butterfield in which he asked me

if there was a Howard Hunt on the White House payroll.

I advised Mr. Butterfield that I would have to check and

would let him know.

On Monday, June 19, 1972, I checked

the records and found that Howard Hunt was listed as a


I am not sure whether I advised Mr. Butterfield

of this fact.

During the week of June 26, 1972 or later, I

learned that Howard Hunt's name was still in the White

House loose-leaf phone directory and was advised by

Mr. Colson to remove Howard Hunt's name from the directories.

I then had my staff remove the incorrect page or pages

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