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Alex. Macomb, - Chief Engineer, at Washington.


Major Gen.

Ditto from Louisville to sundry places, and back to Louisville, in 1822 and 1823, as commanding the Western department Ditto to and from sundry places, in 1824 and 1825, as commanding officer of the Eastern department - - - Ditto from Louisville to New York, paid at New York, in January, 1824 -

Amount received in virtue of his brevet rank,

Quarters and fuel at Washington City, from 1st January, 1822, to 31st December, 1824, and for February, 1825 - Transportation of baggage from Washington City to Old Point Comfort and back, June, 1822 - - - - Ditto to Old Point Comfort, West Point, Rouse's Point, New York City, New Castle, and back to Washington, Nov. 1822 Ditto from Washington City to West Point, via New York, and back to Washington, in July and August, 1828 - Ditto from Washington City to Old Point Comfort and back, in October, 1823 Ditto do. in December, 1824

Amount received in virtue of brevet rank,

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· STATEMENT-Continued.

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George Bomford, . | Lt. Colonel | Colonel

On Ordnance service at

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· Jacob Hindman, ... - Major

Command. Fort M Henry. and 2d Regte Artillery

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Transportation of baggage from Baltimore to

Frankford in July, 1822 Ditto from Frankford to Watervliet, Niagara,

Plattsburg, and back to Frankford, in

September, 1822
Ditto from Frankford, via Philadelphia. Pitts-

burg, and back to Baltimore, in October,

1822 -
Ditto from Frankford to Fort Independence

and back, in December, 1822 .
Ditto to Fort M`Henry, in July, in 1823, on

court martial duty-
Ditto do. in August, 1823, on do. -
Ditto from Frankford to Watervliet, N. Y.

on court martial duty, and back, in July,

1823 .
Ditto to Pittsburg, on do. in Sept. 1823 -
Ditto inspecting second regiment of Artillery,

in September, 1823
Ditto to sundry places in 1824, do. .
Ditto to Pittsburg, on court martial duty, in

May, 1824-
Ditto to Fort Severn, on do. June, 1824 -

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Fuel at New York, in December, 1825 1 16 87
Amount received in virtue of his brevet rank, ' $44 09



Forage and fuel at Fort Moultrie, in Decem

ber, 1822

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John A Burd, . .

Commanding at Fort
· Moultrie
Enoch Humphreys, .
Commanding at Fort St.

W. J. Worth, -
Commanding a batallion

of Cadets

Transportation of baggage, in 1822, from

New Orleans to Pensacola




Transportation of baggage, as commanding

officer of the corps of cadets at West
Point, from West Point to New York and
back, in February, 1823

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A. C. W. Fanning, -
Commanding at Norfolk
Governor's Island

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Quarters at Norfolk, from 23d April, to 30th

May, 1824 .
Fuel at Governor's Island, from 1st Novem-

ber, 1823, to 80th April, 1824 -
Fuel at Old Point Comfort, from 1st Septem.

ber, 1824, to 31st July, 1825 .
Transportation of baggage to Old Point Com-

fort, in September, 1824

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Received in virtue of his brevet rank,

$ 126 10

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