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Marshal for the District of Alabama, Southern District,

Missouri, .
Arkansaw, •
Michigan, -
Florida, Eastern District, -1

Do. Middle District,
Do. Western District, -

200 200 200 200 200 200 200


For defraying the expenses of the Supreme, Circuit, and

District Courts of the United States, including the Dis-
trict of Columbia ; also, for jurors and witnesses, in aid
of the funds arising from fines, penalties, and forfeitures,
incurred in the year 1826, and preceding years; and,
likewise, for defraying the expenses of prosecutions for
offences committed against the United States, and for
the safe-keeping'of prisoners, -

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Isaac Van Wart, 2 cach a pension of $200, per act of third
David Williams, November, 1780, -
Joseph De Beaulieu, per act of 5th August, 1782,
Josiah H. Webb, per act of 12th December, 1811,

400 100 50

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Rachel Dohrman, per act of 3d March, 1810,
Francis A. Dohrman, 1 cach a pension of $100, per act of |
Arnold H. Dohrman, ] 30 March, 1817,
Elizabeth C. Perry, per act of 2d March, 1821, · ·
Christopher G. Perry, 7
Oliver H. Perry, each a pension of $150, per act of
Christopher R. Perry, T 2d March, 1821,
Elizabeth M. Perry, J




For the support of light-houses, light-vessels, and other esta

blishments for the protection of navigation. 47,500 gallons of oil, including iron binding for casks, • 33,600 109 keepers' salaries, .

39, 100
13 keepers of floating lights' salaries, - :

Weighing, mooring, cleaning, repairing, and supplying

the loss of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, • - 12,000
Incidental expenses, repairs, and improvements to light-

houses, and the buildings connected therewith, - - 27,000
Incidental expenses, seamen's wages, repairs, and supplies
to floating lights,

For erecting a beacon on Patrick's reef, on the West side
of the passage to Norwalk, in Connecticut, .

For placing a spar buoy on Smith's Ledge, and one on

Shippen's Reef, in Connecticut,





For building a light-vessel to be anchored at or near

Hooper's Straits, in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, in ad. dition to the appropriation of $4,000 made per act of

18th May, 1826, - - - - For building a light-house on Concord Point, at or near

the mouth of the Susquehannah river, in addition to the appropriation of $2,500, made per act of 18th May, 1826,

- - - - For repairing piers at Fort Millin, Marcus Hook, and

Port Penn, in the river Delaware, and an additional pier at Fort Mifflin, agreeably to a report and estimate made by the Naval Officer of the Port of Philadelphia, and Zephaniah Adams and William Bethell, - .

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It is believed that the balance of $80,014 42, of the appropriations for surveying the public lands remaining in the Treasury, will, with the balances in the hands of the surveyors, be sufficient to pay for surveying the public lands during the year 1827 ; unless a law should be passed by Congress directing the survey of the private claims in Florida, in which case an appropriation will have to be made for that purpose, of 10,000 or $12,000.

For the Public Buildings in Washington City, for the year



For stationery and books for the ofices of Commissioners

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of Loans,
For the salary of two keepers of the public archives in

For the discharge of such miscellaneous claims against

the United States, not otherwise provided for, as shall
be ascertained and admitted in due course of settlement
at the Treasury,


302, 155

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MinS1,500 cachatemala, Bes at Stockhol


For the salaries of the Ministers at London, Paris, St.

Petersburg, Madrid, Mexico, Colombia, and Chili, at

$ 9,000 each - - - - -
For the salaries of Chargé des Affaires at Stockholm, the

Netherlands, Lisbon, Guatemala, Brazil, Buenos Ayres,

and Peru, at $4,500 each -
Outfits of a Minister to Colombia, and a Chargé de Affaires

to Guatemala -
Outfit of a Minister to succeed Mr. Anderson to the mis-

sion to the Congress of the American Nations ..
Salary, and an outfit of a Chargé de Affaires to Denmark

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Salaries of the Secretaries of Legations
Contingent expenses of all the Missions abroad


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Salaries of the Agents of claims at Paris and London
Contingent expenses of foreign intercourse .
Relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun-

tries - - -
Expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers
Salaries of the Commissioner and Arbitrator under the 1st

article of Treaty of Ghent, one half the salaries of the
Secretary, Clerk, and Messengers, and half the contin.

gent expenses of the Commission
Expenses of carrying into effect the 6th and 7th articles of

the Treaty of Ghent, including the compensation of the
Commissioner, Agent, and Surveyor, and their contin-
gent expenses.

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