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To increase the salaries of the Clerks now in

the Engineer office, and providing for the

procurement of others, Submitted $ 2.250 Clerks in the Ordnance Office, per act of 20th April, 1818

Contingent expenses . . . .

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Clerk in the office of the Surgeon General, per act of 26th May, 1824

• Contingent expenses


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Clerks in the office of the Quartermaster General Contingent expenses .



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Contingencies for the Office of the General in Chief

Navy Department.
Secretary of the Navy .

- 6,000
Clerks, per act of 20th April, 1818 . - 8.200
Do. per act of 26th May, 1824

- 1,000
Messenger and Assistant

- 1,050 Contingent expenses, including arrearages of, and prior to, 1826


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For the salary of an additional Clerk in the

office of the Secretary of the Navy $1,000
For additional salary to the Clerk,

whose salary is now $ 800, which is
proposed to be increased to $ 1,000 200

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Surveyor in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansaw, Clerks, •

- 2,000


The surveyor estimates for extra Clerk hire for 1827, the sum of

Submitted, $1,700

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For compensation of Assistant Artists in the several de

partments of the Mint, for extra clerk hire, and for
the wages of laborers employed in the different opera-
tions of the Mint,


Incidental and Contingent Expenses and Repairs.

For Machinery, repairs of furnaces and machinery,

repairs of buildings, carpenters, blacksmiths, and millwrights' work, ground rent, and taxes and rent of a lot and building adjoining the Mint, .

For iron, steel, lead, antimony, nitric and sulphuric

acids, potashes, copper for alloy, castings, tallow,
oil, candles, and a variety of other necessary ar-

ticles, - - - - . - 725
For wood and coal for the steam engine and furnaces, 1,720
For stationery and fire wood for the different offices, 230
For meltingpots, crucibles, muffles, and ironmongery, 725
For wastage in coining gold and silver, · · 3,500
For the occasional employment of an Assistant En
graver, ·

- 600




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