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For increase of salary of one Clerk for the year 1827

250 Submitted, $3,437 50

First Comptroller
2o Clerks, per act of 20th April, 1818

Messenger and Assistant


Messenger and Assistant,

- 1,050 Secretary to the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund,



Expenses of Stationery, Printing, and all other incidental

and contingent expenses of the several offices of the Treasury Department.

Office of the Secretary of the Treasury, including $400 for
books, -

- 1,200
First Comptroller, -

- 1,000 Second Comptroller,

- 900 First Auditor,

• 800 Second Auditor,

800 Third Auditor,

1,000 Fourth Auditor,

- 2,000
Fifth Auditor,

. 1,200
Treasurer of the United States, - 450
Register of the Treasury, -

Commissioner of the General Land Of.

fice, including compensation to a per-
son employed in perfecting the Maps
ordered to be prepared by a resolu-

tion of the Senate of 28th Feb. 1823, 7,500
For translating foreign languages, and for an allow-

ance to the person employed in receiving and
transmitting sea letters,

300 Allowance to the persons employed to state, and for

printing the public accounts for the year 1827, 2,400 !

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