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Account, 56.

I. At common law, 56.

II. In equity, 57.

See Real Estate.
See Attorneys in Fact; Deeds and Mortgages;

Evidence; Real Estate.

Actions Personal, 59.

See Bonds; Convicts; Practice.

I. Of the commencement of actions by

summons, 60.

(1) Of the summons and service, 60.

(2) Of the teste and return of writs,

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officers, 77.

Acts of Assembly - Continued.

Apprentices, 117.

(2) Of subscriptions for the laws by I. Of the binding and term of apprentice-

citizens, 78.

ship, 117.

III. Of the enrolment tax, 79.

II. Of the remedies for misconduct, 119.

IV. Applications for private acts, 80.

III. Of absconding apprentices, 120.

V. Coinpilations of laws, 81.

IV. Assignment of apprentices, 121.

Adjoining Owners.

V. Foreign apprentices, 121.

See Eminent Domain.

Arbitration, 122.


See Capital and Labor; Reference.

See Justices' Courts.

I. Of voluntary arbitrations, 123.


II. Of compulsory arbitrations, 125.

(1) Of the rule of reference, 125.

See infants.

(2) Of the appointment of the arbi-


trators, 126.

See Decedents' Estates.

(3) Of the proceedings before the ar-


bitrators, 127.

See Apothecaries; Crimes; Lard; Milk ;

(4) Of the award, 127.


(5) Of the appeal, 129.


(6) Miscellaneous proceedings, 131.

See Crimes ; Divorce.

III. General directions respecting referees and

Advertising Nostrums.

arbitrators, 131.

See Crimes.

(1) Restrictions on right to arbitrate,


Agriculture, 84.

(2) Powers and duties of referees and

See Fertilizers ; Horse-Racing; Oleomargarine;

arbitrators, 131.

Secretary of Internal Affairs.

(3) Miscellaneous provisions, 133.

I. Board of agriculture, 84.

IV. Courts of conciliation, 133.

II. Drainage of spouty lands, 85.

III. Extirpation of Canada thistles, 88.

Arbor Day, 137.

IV. Yellows, 88.

Archives, 137.

V. Contagion among animals, 89.

VI. Ornithologist, 90.


VII. Agricultural societies, 90.

See Criminal Procedure.

VIII. Agricultural colleges, 90.


Aliens, 91.

See Actions Personal.

1. Of the capacity of aliens to purchase, Arrest of Judgment, 138.

&c., 91.

II. Of titles deprived through aliens, 93.


III. Naturalization, 94.

See Crimes.

Almshouses, 94.

Assault and Battery.

See Crimes.

Amendment, 99.

See Criminal Procedure; Equity ; Justices of Assessors.

the Peace ; Mandamus.

See Elections ; Municipal Corporations ;

Amicable Actions.

Taxes; Township Officers.

See Actions Personal ; Justices of the Peace. ! Assignment.

Amusements, 102.

See Bonds.

See Municipal Corporations.

Assignments for Creditors, 139.

1. State license, 102.

See Banks ; Trusts and Trustees.

II. Philadelphia city license, 103.

1. Of assignments for the benefit of creditors,

III. Amateur performances, 104.


IV. Regulation of halls, 104.

II. Proceedings on assignments, 142.

V. Admission and employment of chil-

dren, 105.


VI. Dangerous exhibitions, 105.

See Crimes.

VII. Ticket-scalping, 105.


VIII. Female waiters, 105.

See Actions Personal; Bailees; Convicts;

IX. Sale of liquors, 106.

Domestic Attachment; Execution; For-

Anatomy, 106.

eign Attachment; Justices of the Peace;


Orphans' Court.

See Agriculture; Cattle; Crimes ; Dogs and Attachment Execution.

Sheep; Stallions; Strays; Swine; Wild See Execution ; Justices of the Peace.


Attachment of Vessels, 145.

Apothecaries, 108.

I. Lien for work and materials, 145.

See Liquors; Patent Medicines.

II. Of the libel, 145.


III. Of the attachment, 146.

See Boroughs ; Counties and Townships ; Dam. IV. Proceedings after return of writ, 147.

ages ; Divorce ; Eminent Domain , Equity ; V. Special provisions, 147.

Errors and Appeals ; Estates Tail; Justices

of the Peace; Registers.

Attorney-general, 148.

See Defaulting Public Officers.


See Actions Personal; Actions Real.

Attorneys at Law, 150.

Apportionment, 111.

I. Admission of attorneys, 150.

' I. Congressional, 111.

II. Their powers and duties, 150.

II. Senatorial, 112.

III. Penalties for official misconduct, 151.

III. Representative, 114.

| Attorneys in Fact, 152.

Auctions, 153.


See Pedlars.

See Crimes.

1. Auctioneers in Philadelphia and Alle-

Barrel Companies, 215.



II. Auctioneers in other parts of the state,

See Crimes; Intestates; Marriage.

III. General provisions, 159.

Beneficial Societies, 215.

Auditor-general, 161.

See Banking Companies, VIII.; County Treas-

See Charities ; Corporations.

urer; Defaulting Public Officers; Public



See Elections; Gaming.

I. Election of auditor-general, 161.

Bicycles, 220.

II. Duties of auditor-general, 162.


Auditors, 163.

See Crimes.

Authentication of Records.

Bill Brokers.

See Appendix ; Decedents' Estates.

See Brokers.


Baby Farming.

See Crimes.

See Infants.


Backing Warrants.

See Gaming

See Criminal Procedure.

Bills of Exchange, 220.


See Promissory Notes.

See Crimes.

Bills of Lading.


See Bailees.

See Criminal Procedure ; Magistrates' Courts ;


Quarter Sessions and Oyer and Terminer.

See Boroughs ; Municipal Corporations ; Regis.

Bailees, 165.

tration of Marriages, Births and Deaths.

Bakehouses, 167.

Biscuit, 222.

Banking Companies, 168.

See Bread.

See Banks ; Co-operative Associations.


I. Incorporation of banking companies, See Crimes.



II. Corporate powers, 169.

See Education.

III. Capital stock, 170.

IV. Election of directors, 171.

Board and Boarding-Houses.

V. Dividends, 171.

See Crimes ; Inns and Taverns; Wages.

VI. Officers, 172.

Board of Arbitration.

VII. General provisions, 173.

See Arbitration ; Capital and Labor.

VIII. Insolvency, 174.

Board of Health.

Banks, 175.

See Boroughs; Health; Municipal Corpora-

See Crimes.

tions; Port Regulations.

I. Banking department, 177.

Board of Property.

II. Of the appiication for the charter, 180. See Land-Office.

III. Of subscriptions to the capital stock,

Boiler Insurance.


See Insurance.

IV. Of the organization, 182.

Bonds, 223.

V. Renewal of charters, 183.

1. Of the assignment of bonds, 224.

VI. Election of directors, 185.

II. State and corporation bonds, 225.

VII. Of the officers, 187.

III. Actions on bonds to secure the perform-

VIII. Of corporate meetings, 189.

IX. Of the transfer of stock and of dis-

ance of agreements, 225.

IV. Actions on official bonds, 226.

count and dividends, 189.

X. Of the powers of banks, 190.

Boom Companies.

XI. Of bank-bills and bank-notes, 191.

See Lumber.

XII. Penalties for unauthorized issue of | Boroughs, 228.

notes, 192.

1. Of the incorporation of boroughs, 230.

XIII. Of bank statements, 195.

II. Change of limits, 232.

XIV. Of the tax on dividends and on capital

III. Re-establishment of boroughs, 234.

stock, 197.

IV. Seceding boroughs, 235.

XV. Proceedings on refusal to redeem, 199.

V. Covsolidation of boroughs, 235.

XVI. Of voluntary assignments and wind-

VI. Division into wards, 237.

ing up of banks, 200.

VII. Corporate powers, 239.

XVII. Of the individual liability of stock-

VIII. Borough elections, 244.

holders, 201.

IX. Borough officers, 247.

XVIII. Proceedings in case of insolvency, 203.

X. Chief burgess, 248.

XIX. Of the notes of foreign banks, 204.

XI. Secretary, 249.

XX. Of branches and agencies, 205.

XII, Treasurer, 249.

XXI. Of loans to the commonwealth, &c., XIII. High constable, 250.


XIV. Police, 250.

XXII. Of unclaimed dividends and deposits,

XV. Auditors, 250.


XVI. Borough taxes, 250.

XXIII. State banks becoming national associ XVII. Adjustment of indebtedness, 251.

ations, 207.

XVIII. Eminent domain – Borough streets,

XXIV. Of savings institutions and loan com-


panies, 208.

[209. XIX. Board of health, 256.

XXV. Savings banks without capital stock, XX. Executions against boroughs, 255.

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