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Execution - Continued.

Fees -- Continued.

XVI. Distribution of proceeds of sheriffs'

XXVI. State treasurer, 901.

sales, 853.

XXVII. Superintendent of powder magazine,

XVII. Of sheriffs' deeds, 855.


XVIII. Of proceedings to obtain possession, XXVIII. Witnesses, 901.


XXIX. Payment to the state, 902.

XIX. Of the rights of purchasers as land- Felonious Assault.

lords, 860.

See Crimes.

Executors and Administrators.

Females, 902.

See Decedents' Estates.

Female Waiters.


See Amusements; Inns and Taverns.

See Evidence.

Feme Sole Traders, 903.


Fences, 904.

See Decedents' Estates; Execution.

I. Fence viewers, 904.

Exhibition Companies, 861.

II. In Philadelphia, 905.

See Corporations.

III. Malicious injury to fences, 906.


Ferries, 906.

See Evidence.

See Bridge and Ferry Companies.


Fertilizers, 907.

See Common Carriers; Crimes ; Gunpowder.

Fines and Recognizances, 908.

Extension of Lands.

1. Of fines and penalties, 908.

See Execution.

II. Of forfeited recognizances, 909.


III. In Philadelphia county, 912.

See Crimes; Fees; Jails; Roads, Highways Fire-Alarm Telegraph.

and Bridges.

See Crimes.


Factories, 864.

See Crimes.

See Wages.

Fire-Escapes, 914.

I. Hours of labor — Employment of children,

See Municipal Corporations.


II. Inspection and regulation of factories, 865.

Fireworks, 916.

See Gunpowder.

Factors, 867.

See Bailees; Brokers; Common Carriers;

Firing Guns, 917.

Crimes ; Liens.

See Fireworks; Hunting.

Fairmount Park, 868.

Firing Woods, 918.

I. Commissioners of Fairmount Park, 868.

See Crimes; Forest Culture; Timber.

II. Powers and duties, 869.

Fish, 919.

III. Damages, 870.

I. Fish commissioners, 919.

IV. Park property, 871.

II. Fish-wardens, 920.

V. Park rules, 874.

III. Hatching-houses, 921.

VI. Powers and duties of councils, 876.

IV. Fishing in Pennsylvania streams, 921.

False Pretences.

V. Carp, 923.

See Crimes.

VI. Salmon, 923.

VII. Shad, 923.

Fast Driving.

VIII. Sturgeon, 923.

See Crimes ; Horse-racing.

IX. Trout, 924.

Feeble-Minded Children.

X. Fishing in the Delaware river, 924.

See Education.

XI. In Lake Erie, 927.

Fees, 877.

XII. Fishing in private ponds, 928.

See County Officers.

XIII. Dams, 928.

I. Fees of state officers, 878.

XIV. Pollution of water, 928.

II. Illegal fees, 879.

Forcible Entry.

III. Attorneys at law, 881.

See Crimes.

IV. Auditor-general, 882.

Foreign Administrators.

V. Chain-carriers, 882.

See Decedents' Estates.

VI. Clerks of orphans' courts, 882.

VII. Clerks of oyer and terminer, 883.

Foreign Attachment, 929.

VIII. Clerks of quarter sessions, 884.

I. Of the writ of foreign attachment, 929.

IX. Commissioners of deeds, 886.

II. Attachment of interest in decedents'

X. Constables, 886.

estates, 931.

XI. Coroners, 887.

III. Of the service of the attachment, 931.

IV. Effect of the attachment, 932.

XII. County treasurer, 888.

XIII. District-attorneys, 888.

V. Of the judgment and process against

XIV. Jurors and viewers, 839.

the garnishee, 93.3.

XV. Justices and magistrates, 890.

VI. Of the execution, 931.

XVI. Mayor of Philadelphia, 892.

VII. Of dissolving the attachment, 935.

XVII. Measurer of corn, salt and grain, 892.

VIII. Proceedings on attachment of real estate,

XVIII. Notaries-public, 892.


XIX. Prothonotary -Common pleas, 893.

IX. Proceedings where one of the several

XX. Prothonotary — Supreme court, 895.

defendants is liable to an attach-

XXI. Recorder of deeds, 895.

ment, 936.

XXII. Register of wills, 896.

Foreign Banks.

XXIII. Secretary of commonwealth, 897.

See Banks.

XXIV. Secretary of internal affairs, 897. Foreign Convicts.

XXV. Sheriffs, 898.

See Convicts ; Fugitives from Justice.


es, 865.

Foreign Corporations, 937.

Ground-Rents, 967.

See Escheats.

I. Creation of ground-rents, 967.

II. Extinguishment of ground-rents, 968.

Foreign Executors.

III. Actions on ground-rents, 970.

See Decedents' Estates.

IV. General provisions, 971.

Foreign Guardians.

See Decedents' Estates.

Guaranty, 972

See Frauds and Perjuries.

Foreign Insurance Companies.


See Insurance.

See Decedents' Estates.

Foreign Judgments, 939.

Gunpowder, 973.

Foreign Plaintiffs.

See Crimes.

See Discontinuance.

1. Transportation, 973.

Forest Culture, 939.

II. Storage, 974.

Forfeited Recognizances.

See Fines and Recognizances.

Habeas Corpus, 976.


See House of Correction ; Quarter Sessions

See Aliens ; Charities; Escheats.

and Oyer and Terminer.


Habitual Drunkards.

See Bills of Exchange; Crimes ; Criminal See Lunatics and Habitual Drunkards.

Procedure; Evidence; Promissory Notes.

Hacks and Carriages.

Forms of Action.

See Boroughs.

See Practice.

Harbor Master, 981.

Fornication and Bastardy.

Harbor Regulations, 982.

See Crimes.

See Harbor Master ; Navigation ; Port Regu-


lations; Port Wardens; Stevedores.

See Crimes.

Hay and Straw, 983.


See Crimes.

See Corporations; Counties and Townships ; Health, 984.


See Boroughs ; Municipal Corporations; Port

Frauds and Perjuries, 941.


Fraudulent Accounts.

I. State board, 984.

See Crimes.

Heating Companies.

Fraudulent Conveyances.

See Gas, Light, Heat and Fuel Companies.

See Appendix.


Fraudulent Secretion.

See Boroughs ; Municipal Corporations ; Roads,

See Crimes.

Highways and Bridges.

Fuel Companies.

Holidays, 986.

See Gas, Light, Heat and Fuel Companies. Hogs.

Fugitives from Justice, 943.

See Swine.



See Crimes.

See Crimes ; Gaming.

Horse-Racing, 988.

Game, 945.

See Crimes; Gaming.

Gaming, 950.

I. General provisions, 988.

See Crimes ; Horse Racing ; Inns and Taverns.

II. In Philadelphia county, 989.

I. Of cock-fighting, gaming, &c., 950. Horse-Stealing, 991.

II. Of gaming, &c., at taverns, 950.

See Crimes.

III. Of money lost at play, 951.

IV. Of billiard-rooms and bowling-saloons, 951.

Hospitals, 992.

See Municipal Corporations ; State Hospital.


See Jails.

Hotel Companies, 993.

Gas and Water Companies, 954.

House of Correction, 994.

See Corporations ; Gas, Light, Heat and Fuel

See Crimes; Municipal Corporations.

Companies ; Natural Gas Companies.

I. Of the buildings and grounds, 994.

II. Rules of management, 994.

Gas, Light, Heat and Fuel Companies, 957.

III. Commitments, 995.

See Gas and Water Companies.

IV. Discipline of inmates, 996.

Gas Wells.

House of Refuge, 997.

See Crimes ; Natural Gas Companies ; Oil and I. Appropriations, 997.

Gas Wells.

II. Removal to another county, 997.

Geological Survey, 958.

III. House of refuge of Philadelphia, 998.

Girard College, 960.

IV. House of refuge of western Pennsylvania,


I. Board of city trusts, 960.

II. Of the grounds, 962.

Hunting, 1003.

III. Girard College orphans, 963.

Huntingdon Reformatory, 1004.

Grain and Salt, 965.

Hunting Park.

See Fees.

See Fairmount Park.

Husband and Wife.

See Criminal Procedure ; Juries; Terms of See Divorce ; Dower; Feme Sole Traders ;





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Ice, 1010.

Insurance, 1035.

Immigrants, 1010.

See Crimes; Title Insurance Companies.

I. Insurance department, 1036.

Importing Convicts.

See Crimes.

II. Organization of insurance companies,



III. Charters, 1040.

See Criminal Procedure; House of Correction ;

IV. By-laws, 1041.

House of Refuge; Huntingdon Reforma-

V. Officers — Agents — Brokers, 1041.

tory; Jails ; Penitentiaries.

(1) Election of officers, 1041.


(2) Embezzlement, 1041.

See Crimes.

(3) Brokers, 1041.

Incompatible Offices.

VI. Capital stock, 1042.

See Elections ; Municipal Corporations ; Office.

VII. Stockholders, 1013,


VIII. Investinents, 1043.

See Municipal Corporations ; Records.

IX. Dividends, 1044.

X. Insolvency and dissolution, 1045.


XI. Powers of insurance companies, 1046.

See Criminal Procedure ; Errors and Appeals.

(1) Generally, 1046.

Industrial Homes.

(2) To hold real estate, 1016.

See Infants.

XII. Policies of insurance, 1046.

Industrial Statistics.

XIII. Accident insurance, 1048.

Sée Secretary of Internal Affairs.

XIV. Boiler insurance, 1049.

Infants, 1013.

XV. Fire and marine insurance, 1050.

XVI. Life insurance, 1051.

See Adoption ; Apprentices; Common Schools;

XVII. Insurance against lightning or storms,

Crimes; Decedents' Estates; Education;


Factories ; Girard College ; House of Ref-

XVIII. Live-stock insurance, 1053.

uge; Liquors ; Mines.

I. Admission to amusements, 1013.

XIX. Mutual insurance, 1053.

II. Abandoning infants, 1014.

XX. Foreign insurance companies, 1056.

XXI. Insurance by others than corporations,

III. Baby farming, 1014.


IV. Trafficking in children, 1014.

V. Enticing and kidnapping, 1014.

XXII. Service of process on insurance com-

VI. Employment of children, 1015.

panies, 1059.

VII. Violation of the act of '11 June 1879,

XXIII. Annual statement, 1061.

XXIV. Taxation of insurance companies,



VIII. Cruelty to children, 1017.

IX. Prevention of cruelty, 1018.

XXV. Insurance on state normal schools,


X. Confinement and trial, 1019.

XI. False representation as to age, 1019. Intelligence Offices, 1062.

XII. Pauper children, 1020.

Interest, 1062.


See Judgment; Wages.

See Equity.


Inns and Taverns, 1021.

See Execution.

See Gaming ; Liquors.

Interpleading, 1064.

I. Duties of inn-keepers, 1021.

Interpreters, 1066.

II. Lien of inn-keepers, 1023.

III. Privileges of inn-keepers, 1023.

Intestates, 1067.

See Decedents' Estates.

Insane Prisoners.

See Lunatics and Habitual Drunkards.

Iron Manufacturing Companies, 1074.

See Corporations.


See Lunatic Asylums; Lunatics and Habitual


Jails, 1076.

See House of Correction; House of Refuge ;

Insolvents, 1025.

See Banking Companies; Banks; Corpora-

Penitentiaries ; Sheriffs.

tions ; Crimes; Insurance.

I. Of county jails, 1076.

I. Of the arrest and imprisonment of

II. Of the Philadelphia county prison, 1078.

insolvents, 1025.

III. Of United States prisoners, 1083.

II. Of the jurisdiction of the courts to dis-

IV. Miscellaneous provisions, 1084.

charge insolvents, 1027.

Joint Debtors.

III. Proceedings to obtain a discharge from

See Judgment.

confinement, 1028.

Joint-Stock Companies, 1086.

IV. Of the petition and proceedings thereon,

Joint Tenancy, 1089.


V. Powers and duties of the trustees and of

Judges, 1089.

the distribution, 1030.

See Common Pleas; Elections ; Stenographers.

VI. Of the effect of the discharge, 1031. Judgment, 1093

VII. Of the property of an insolvent at the See Arrest of Judgment; Evidence ; Foreign

time of his discharge, 1031.

Judgments; Justices of the Peace; Pay.

VIII. Of the after-acquired property of an

ment into Court; Practice.

insolvent, 1032.

I. Entry of judgment, 1093.

IX. Of criminal proceedings against insol-

II. Judgments against joint debtors, 1094.

vents, 1033.

III. Interest on judgments, 1095.

X. When relief may be given to persons IV. Of the lien and revival of judgments,

sentenced by a criminal court, 1034.



V. Of transferring judgments to another

See Crimes.

county, 1099.

Judgment - Continued.

Justices of the Peace Continued.

VI. Of the judgment docket, 1100.

(4) Liability of the constable, 1145.

VII. Opening judgment, 1103.

(5) Docket-entries and transcripts,

VIII. Of the satisfaction of judgments, 1103.


Judgment by Default.

(6) Transcripts to other counties,

See Judgment; Justices of the Peace; Prac-



(7) Satisfaction of judgments, 1146.

Judicial Districts.

XII. Of the attachment-execution, 1147.

XIII. Proceedings in trespass and trover,

See Common Pleas.


Juries, 1106.

XIV. Of the docket, 1149.

See Criminal Procedure ; Fees; Justices of the

(1) Transfer of dockets, 1149.

Peace; Quarter Sessions and Oyer and

(2) Proceedings to supply lost dock-


ets, 1150.

I. Of the jury commissioners, 1107.

XV. Of actions against justices, 1150.

II. Of the selection of jurors, 1108.

XVI. Trial by jury in certain counties, 1153.

III. Of writs of venire in the civil courts,

XVII. Criminal jurisdiction in certain coun-


ties, 1154.

IV. Of writs of venire in the criminal courts,



V. Of the execution of writs of venire, 1112.

See Infants ; Slaves.

VI. Of the summoning and attendance of

jurors, 1113.

VII. Of the impanelling of juries, 1113.

Labor, 1158.

See Arbitration ; Capital and Labor; Facto-

VIII. Of challenges, 1115.

IX. Of special juries, 1115.

ries ; Females ; Infants ; Mines ; Railroads ;

X. Of viewers, 1115.


XI. General provisions, 1116,

Labor Day.

XII. Special provisions relating to Philadel-

See Holidays.

phia, 1116.



See Arbitration ; Capital and Labor; Facto-

See Common Pleas; Defaulting Public Officers; ries; Females ; Infants ; Mines; Trades-

Equity ; Justices of the Peace; Mandamus ;

Unions; Wages.

Orphans' Court ; Partition ; Practice; Quar- Labor Statistics.

ter Sessions and Oyer and Terminer ; Quo See Secretary of Internal Affairs.

Warranto ; Real Estate ; Supreme Court.

Landlord and Tenant, 1159.

Jury Fee.

See Execution; Frauds and Perjuries ; Re-

See Costs.


Jury Trials before Justices.

I. Of the distress for rent, 1159.

See Justices of the Peace.

(1) Right of distress, 1159.

Justices of the Peace, 1119.

(2) What may be distrained, 1160.

See Coroners; Criminal Procedure ; Domestic

(3) Distraint of goods fraudulently re-

Attachment; Errors and Appeals; Evi.

moved, 1160.

dence ; Fines and Recognizances; Magis-

(4) Proceedings on a distress, 1161.

trates, Courts; Wages.

(5) Miscellaneous provisions, 1162.

I. Of the election of justices, 1121.

II. Proceedings to recover possession, 1163.

II. Contested elections, 1122.

(1) At the expiration of the term, 1163.

III. Increase of number of justices, 1123.

(a) By jury of inquest, 1163.

IV. Commissions and bonds, 1124.

(6) Proceedings before justices,

V. Seal, 1125.


VI. Removal -- Office - Residence, 1125.

(c) Proceedings on a lost lease,

VII. Their jurisdiction in civil causes, 1126.


(1) In actions on contracts, 1126.

(2) For non-payment of rent, 1167.

(2) In actions for rent, 1128.

(3) In case of fraudulent removal, 1169.

(3) 'In actions for penalties, 1128.

Effect of certiorari, 1169.

(4) In actions on foreign judg- Land-Office, 1171.

ments, 1129.

See County Surveyors.

VIII. Proceedings in civil causes, 1129.

I. Of the land-office, 1173.

(1) Of the process and service, 1129.

(1) Organization of the land-office,

(2) Process in case of non-residents,



(2) Of the board of property, 1174.

(3) Amendments, 1132.

II. Of proprietary grants, 1175.

(4) Amicable actions, 1132.

III. Of lands within the old purchase, 1177.

(5) Judgments by default, 1132.

(1) Of the application and warrant,

(6) Of the trial before the justice,



(2) Of pre-emption rights, 1178.

(7) Of depositions, 1135.

(3) Of the prices of lands, 1179.

(8) Proceedings before referees, IV. Of lands within the new purchase, 1179.


V. Of lands lying north and west of the

IX. Of proceedings by attachment, 1136.

Ohio and Allegheny, 1184.

X. Of the appeal, 1139.

(1) Of the application and warrant,

XI. Proceedings subsequent to the judg-


ment, 1142.

(2) Of the survey, 1185.

(1) Of the stay of execution, 1142.

(3) Of actual settlements, 1186.

(2) Of the transcript to bind real es-

(4) Of the purchase-money, 1192.

tate, 1143.

VI. Of donation lands, 1192.

(3) Of the execution, 1144.

VII. Of lands in navigable rivers, 1193.

Land-Office Continued.

Liquors -- Continued.

(1) Of islands, 1193.

X. Penal offences, 1229.

(2) Of the beds of navigable rivers, XI. Selling to intemperate persons, 1231.


XII. Sale near encampments, 1232.

VIII. General provisions relating to the land- XIII. Intoxication, 1233.

office, 1196.

XIV. Adulteration, 1233,

(1) In reference to warrants, 1196.

XV. Local option, 1234.

(2) In reference to surveys, 1198.

XVI. Wholesale licenses, 1235.

(3) In reference to patents, 1199.

XVII. Domestic wines, &c., 1237.

(4) In reference to unpaid purchase-

Livery Stables.

money, 1200.

See Crimes; Inns and Taverns.

(5) Duties of officers, 1204.

Loan Companies.


See Banks.

See Crimes; Dogs and Sheep; Horse-Stealing.


Lard, 1205.

See Crimes; Inns and Taverns.


Lost Deeds.

See Deeds and Mortgages; Landlord and See deeds and mortgages.


Lost Mortgages.


See Deeds and Mortgages.

See Decedents' Estates ; Dower.

Lost Policies.

Legislation, 1206.

See Insurance.

See Constitution.

Legislative Expression.


See Appendix.

See Crimes.

Letters of Attorney.

Love Potions.

See Attorneys in Fact; Deeds and Mortgages.

See Crimes.

Letters Testamentary.

Lumber, 1238.

See Decedents' Estates.

See Corporations; Wages.


I. Lumber companies, 1239.

See Crimes ; Limitation of Actions.

II. Of floating lumber, 1239.

(1) In the Susquehanna and Lehigh,

Libraries, 1207.


See Common Schools; State Library.

(2) In the Ohio, Allegheny and Mo-

Liens, 1207.

nongahela, 1244.

See Common Carriers; Factors; Inns and

(3) In the Delaware, 1246.

Taverns; Judgment; Verdict.

(4) In the Schuylkill, 1247.

Lighting Companies.

III. Boom companies, 1248.

See Gas and Water Companies ; Gas, Light, IV. Lumbering over unimproved lands, 1249.

Heat and Fuel Companies.

V. Defacing brands, 1250.


VI. Measurement, 1250.

See Weights and Measures.

Lunatic Asylums, 1251.

Limitation of Actions, 1208.

1. General provisions, 1252.

See Corporations ; Mining Rights; Slander.

II. Supervisions of lunatic asylums, 1254.

I. Actions for the recovery of real estate,

III. Right of eminent domain, 1259.


IV. Pennsylvania state lunatic hospital, 1260.

II. Road cases, 1213.

V. Western Pennsylvania hospital, 1263.

III. Personal actions, 1213.

VI. Asylum for chronic insane, 1267.

IV. Actions on official bonds, 1216.

Lunatics and Habitual Drunkards, 1269.

V. Penal actions and crimes, 1217.

See Lunatic Asylums.

Limited Partnership, 1219.

I. Of the commission and inquisition, 1270.

See Joint-Stock Companies; Partnership.

II. Of the traverse of the inquisition, 1272.

Liquors, 1224.

III. Of the appointment of a committee, 1272.

See Amusements; Bottles and Barrels ; Con-

IV. Powers and duties of the committee,


stables ; Corporations ; Crimes; Inns and

Taverns; Jails; Lunatics and Habitual

V. Of the sale of the real estate of a luna.

Drunkards; Restaurants and Eating-

tic, 1274.

Houses ; Sunday ; Trade-Marks.

VI. 'Of the contracts of a lunatic, 1276.

I. Retail licenses, 1225.

VII. Proceedings in civil actions against lu-

II. Petition to obtain, 1226.

natics, 1276.

III. Cost of license, 1227.

VIII. Criminal proceedings against lunatics,

IV. Bond, 1227.


V. Duties of licensee, 1228.

IX. Of superseding a commission in lunacy,

VI. Duties of mercantile appraisers, 1228.


VII. Duties of constables, 1228.

X. Miscellaneous provisions, 1280.

VIII. Transfer of license, 1229.

Lying-In Hospitals.

IX. Apothecaries, 1229.

See als.


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