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18. Treasurers to give public notice of the receipt
of the laws. And to account annually for the same.

19. In default, to receive no compensation.
20. Price of pamphlet laws.

abrogated by the revolu

1 of the common and stat

he state treasury.


III. OF THE ENROLMENT TAX. 21. Private acts to pay enrolment tax.

22. Acts incorporating banks. Savings institu-

23. Manufacturing and mining companies.
24. Canal, railroad or insurance companies.
25. Express companies.
26. New counties.
27. Divorces.
28. Other private acts. Exceptions.
29. Enrolment tax to be paid within one year.

2 strictly pursued.
le secretary
strict attorneys to receive
ish statement of number
ice of the receipt thereof.
he prothonotaries. Offi-
be separately published.
additional copies.
ed to prothonotaries.


30. Public notice to be given of applications for
legislation affecting real estate.
31. And of applications for acts of incorporation.

32. How notice of application for special legisla-
tion to be published.

33. Evidence of publication.
34. Legislation for cities and boroughs.

35. Laws from 1700 to 1800 to be compiled.
36. To be printed and published.
37. Commissioners to receive no compensation,
38. Compilation of corporation laws.
39. Who shall make compilation.
40. Copies to be printed, bound and distributed.

[blocks in formation]

je. Treasurers to transne secretary. And the rded to them.

1. Of the statute and common law.

(1.) Of acts before the revolution.
eas, by the unconstitutional power claimed by the British king and par-
er the American colonies, and the cruel and oppressive measures which
ing and parliament have pursued to establish that power, it became
or the colonies to declare themselves free and independent states, which
ingly done, pursuant to a resolve of the continental congress : where
uthority being in any person under the said king consequently ceased,
vs enacted by his representatives here became of no force or effect,()
he same were for the most part suited to the circumstances of the people ;

is absolutely necessary for the well-governing of every state, that laws
lapted to the circumstances of the inhabitants be at all times in force,
each and every one of the laws or acts of general assembly, that were in
inding on the inhabitants of the said province on the 14th day of May
je in force and binding on the inhabitants of this state, from and after
y of February next, as fully and effectually, to all intents and purposes
vid laws, and each of them, had been made or enacted by this general
and all and every person and persons whomsoever are hereby enjoined
d to yield obedience to the said laws, as the case may require

, until the
acts of general assembly, respectively, shall be repealed or altered, or
expire by their own limitation : and the common law(c) and such of the
s of England, as have heretofore been in force in the said province,
ereafter excepted.(d)
ted always, That so much of every law or act of general assembly of the
foresaid, as orders the taking or subscribing any oath, affirmation or

of allegiance or fidelity to the king of Great Britain, or his successors
office; and so much of every law or act of general assembly aforesaid, as
yes any authority in the heirs or devisees of William Penn, Esq., de

(c) The decisions of the British courts prior to the
ely to declare that those
enacted under the author- revolution, are evidence of the common law in our
Jnt, ceased any longer to courts. Clayton v. Clayton, 3 Binn. 490–1.
lidity from that source. (d) For a list of the English statutes in force in

Pennsylvania, see 3 Binn. 599. 1 Sm. 432. Rob. Diga

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6 Sin. 417.

2 March 1927.

9 Sm. 285.

9 Sm. 263.

Prothonotaries' statement.

6 Sm. 417.

How distributed


10 March 1817 § 1. the aldermen of said city; to the prothonotary of the district court of the city and

county of Philadelphia, five copies, one thereof to be delivered to each of the judges of said court; and to the prothonotary of the court of common pleas of each county that now is or may hereafter be erected, such number of copies as shall be equal to the whole number of persons in such county entitled to the same, as hereinafter mentioned, together with an addition of such number of copies as shall be equal to the whole number of persons in such county entitled to the same, as hereinafter mentioned, together with an addition of ten per cent to remain in his office for the purpose of future distribution as occasion may require.(h)

7. The secretary of the commonwealth is hereby authorized and required to

purchase and deliver, in the manner the other pamphlet laws are now delivered, District judges and one copy to each district judge not now authorized by law to receive the same, district attorneys. and one copy to the deputy attorney-general of each county in the commonwealth,

to be delivered to their successors, in the manner provided by law in the case of

other officers. 1 Feb. 1827 $ 2. 8. It shall be the duty of the prothonotary of each county, to forward to the

secretary of the commonwealth, annually, on or before the 1st day of January, a statement of the nuinber of copies of the laws of each session, authorized by law

to be distributed in their respective counties. 10 March 1817 & 2. 9. It shall be the duty of the clerks of the mayors' courts and prothonotaries

respectively, as soon as the said laws shall have been received, to give notice Public notice. thereof in the newspapers, or otherwise, that the same are ready for delivery. Ibid. $ 3.

10. The prothonotaries of the respective counties shall distribute the said laws

in the following manner, that is to say, one copy to the clerks of the different by the prothono

courts, and the register and recorder (if the ottices are divided), one to each of the associate judges, one to the board of commissioners, and one copy to each justice of the peace, sheriff and deputy-surveyor : Provided, That before any such prothonotary shall deliver any copy as aforesaid, he shall take a receipt, in a book

be kept for that purpose, from the person receiving the same, enjoining it upon

such person to deliver the same to his successor in office. 11 Feb. 1851 $ 1. 11. It shall be the duty of the secretary of the commonwealth, in the publica

tion of the pamphlet laws, immediately after the adjournment of each legislature, Public general to select all acts and parts of acts which are of a general nature and applicable to laws to be sepa- the entire state, and cause one thousand copies thereof to be published in pamphlet rately published. form, as speedily as possible, under and in accordance with the existing laws reg

ulating the public printing.) Ibid. & 2. 12. Immediately after the publication as aforesaid, the secretary shall forward

by mail one copy of the said pamphlet to each law and associate judge, each pro How distributed. tħonotary and each district attorney in the state, and five copies to each member

of the legislature, for distribution, retaining such number, not exceeding one

hundred, as may be deemed necessary for the use of the officers of government. Ibid. & 3. 13. It shall be lawful for the state printer to publish and sell such additional

number of copies of said pamphlet as he may deem proper : Provided, That no seater painter may such sale shall be made until the copies published for the state are delivered to the copies.

secretary, and distributed. 18 May 1893 & 1. 14. It shall be the duty of the secretary of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

within ten days after the signing of any bill by the governor whereby it becomes Copies to be trans- a law, to transmit by mail one copy of said law to the prothonotary of each court mitted to prothon- of common pleas in the state, said laws to be in uniform unbound leaves and consec

utively numbered. Ibid. $ 2. 15. It shall be the duty of the prothonotaries of said courts to file and keep in To be kept on file. their respective offices such copies of the laws for a period of one year from the

date of the reception of the first of the said laws enacted in one year in such manner that they shall be accessible to the public during the office hours of the said prothonotaries : Provided, That this act shall not effect existing laws relative to the printing and distribution of the pamphlet laws.

P. L. 124.

P. L. 102.


P. L. 434.

(2.) of subscriptions for the laws by citizens. 10 April 1835. 16. The treasurers of the several counties within this commonwealth are hereby

directed to advertise in one or more newspapers, published in the respective county, County treasurers during the three first weeks of December, in every year, that they will receive

subscriptions for the pamphlet laws of this commonwealth : Provided, The laws so subscriptions to

subscribed for, shall be distributed agreeably to the provisions of the resolution, passed the 2d day of March 1827, entitled " A resolution for the further distribution of the pamphlet laws of this commonwealth.”

to advertise for

the laws.

(h) By resolution of 27th March 1819, one copy to the legislature. P. L. 277. By act 5th February 1820, be presented to each of the judges and clerks of the five copies to the state department of the United circuit and district courts of the United States, for States. 7 Sm. 241. And by resolution 23 March 1819, the districts of Pennsylvania. P. L. 288. By act 24th one copy to the Philadelphia Athenæum. P. L. 287. March 1818, three copies to the executives of each (i) See tit. “ Public Printing." state and territory; and one copy to each member of

2 March 1827.

9 Sm. 285.

tion-lists to the secretary

warded to them.

17. Any citizen of this commonwealth, who may be desirous of purchasing a copy of the pamphlet laws, passed at the present or any succeeding sessions of the legislature, half bound, shall, upon payment of fifty cents, enter his name in a Citizens may subbook to be kept for that purpose, with the treasurer of the proper county; and it scribe. shall be the duty of each of the treasurers of the respective counties, to transmit Treasurers to true copies of the lists of such applicants for the pamphlet laws of the present transinit subscripsession, to the secretary of the commonwealth, on or before the 1st day of April 1827, and true copies of such lists on or before the 1st Monday in January, annually thereafter ; and the secretary of the commonwealth is hereby required to forward to the respective treasurers of the counties, the number of the copies of the And the requisite laws, half bound, subscribed for with the respective treasurers, at the price of fifty number to be forcents per copy, for printing and binding; the total amount of which to be paid for by warrants on the treasury, drawn by the governor in the usual manner.

18. On the receipt of the said copies of the laws, by each county treasurer, he Treasurers to give shall give notice thereof in one newspaper printed in the place nearest his resi- public notice of dence, and shall, on being applied to, deliver the copies to the persons who shall laws and to achave subscribed for the same. And the county treasurers respectively shall, on count annually for or before the 2d Tuesday of December, in each year, render an account, under oath or affirmation, to the auditor-general of the number of copies of the laws distributed by them, in conformity hereto, and pay over to the state treasurer, all moneys received by them respectively, from the sales thereof, deducting therefrom a commission of five per cent and the costs of publication.

19. If any treasurer shall neglect or refuse to render his account to the auditor- In default to regeneral for settlement, and pay over the full amount of the money received by ceixe no compenhim to the state treasurer, and to perform all the other duties enjoined on each of the said treasurers, he shall not be allowed any compensation or commission.

20. The price to be received by the secretary of the commonwealth, for the vol. 16 May 1878 $ 1. umes of pamphlet laws of this commonwealth by him sold, as now provided by law, shall hereafter be as follows, viz. :

Price of pamphlet For volumes of less than one hundred and fifty pages, forty cents each ;

For volumes exceeding one hundred and fifty pages, and less than three hundred pages, sixty cents each;

For volumes exceeding three hundred pages, one dollar each and so much of any act as is inconsistent herewith, is hereby repealed.

the same.

P. L. 54.


P. L, 106.

enrolment tax.


III. Of the enrolment tax.(k) 21. No private act of assembly(1) hereinafter described and taxed, shall be 1 May 1868 $ 1. enrolled in the office of the secretary of the commonwealth, or published, or have the force and effect of law, until the party asking or requiring the same shall have Private acts to pay paid into the treasury of the commonwealth the following sums, to wit:

22. On every act incorporating, or extending or renewing the charter of any Acts incorporating bank, with a capital not exceeding two hundred thousand dollars, the sum of two hundred dollars.

With a capital over two hundred thousand dollars, and not exceeding four hundred thousand dollars, four hundred dollars.

With a capital over four hundred thousand dollars, and not exceeding six hundred thousand dollars, the sum of five hundred dollars.

With a capital over six hundred thousand dollars, and not exceeding one million dollars, eight hundred dollars.

With a capital over one million dollars, the sum of one thousand dollars.

On every act chartering, or renewing or extending the charter of any savings Savings instituinstitution, bank of deposit or safe-deposit company, the sum of one hundred tions, &c. dollars.

23. On every act incorporating or rechartering any iron, coal, manufacturing, Manufacturing and mining, warehousing or oil company, or conferring any of these rights or privi- mining companies. leges upon any existing corporation, the sum of two hundred dollars; and in all cases heretofore enumerated, where the chartered privileges are given for a longer period than twenty years, the amounts respectively shall be double the rates above specified.

24. On every act for the incorporation of any canal, railroad, transportation, Canal and railroad telegraph, boom, general express, steam-vessel, lumber or exploring company, or for insurance, except mutual insurance companies, the sum of one hundred dollars; and the like sum on every bill conferring any of these powers or privileges on any existing corporation; and in all cases hereinbefore mentioned, where the same act confers the necessary powers or privileges of two or more of said corporations, the same taxes shall be imposed as if such powers or privileges had been conferred by separate enactments: Provided, That authority to construct a railroad

(k) See Const. of 1874, art. 3, § 7, prohibiting should be enrolled and published, notwithstanding special and local legislation.

the non-payment of the enrolment tax. Peterman v. ( If an enactment of a public nature be incorpo- Huling, 31 P. S. 432. rated in a private statute, the part which is public

New counties.

1 May 1868 $ 1. not exceeding ten miles in length, when necessary to the enjoyment of other P. L. 106.

privileges conferred, shall not subject such act to any additional tax. Express compe- 25. On every act for the incorporation of any local express, transfer, ferry,

improvement, navigation, land or market company, the sum of fifty dollars.

26. On every act for the erection of a new county, the sum of five hundred dollars ; but in case the question of the erection of such new county shall be submitted to a popular vote, and decided against the same, said tax shall be refunded

by the state treasurer to the person or persons who shall have paid it.(m) Divorce.

27. On every act for divorce from the bonds of matrimony, passed on the application of the husband, the sum of one hundred dollars; if on the application of the

wife, the sum of fifty dollars. Other private acts. 28. On every private act not hereinbefore enumerated or described, except for

the incorporation of or relating to churches, colleges, schools, school-districts, library associations, pensions, gratuities, soldiers' monuments, cemeteries, private claims not exceeding one hundred dollars, turnpike and plank-road companies, agricultural societies, soldiers' homes, hospitals or other charitable or benevolent associations,

the sum of twenty dollars. Tax to be paid 29. On every private act of assembly heretofore passed or which shall hereafter

be passed, and which shall be subject to enrolment tax as herein provided, said tax shall be paid within one year after the approval thereof by the governor, or his

failure to return the same to the legislature as required by the last clause of the Otherwise act to be twenty-third section of the first article of the constitution; and in default of pay

ment as aforesaid, every such enactment shall thereafter be null and void; and the time for paying the enrolment tax upon all acts heretofore passed, upon which the enrolment tax has not been paid, is hereby extended for the period of one year from the passage of this act.(n)

within one year.


P. L. 499.


P. L. 610.

tions for acts of

IV. Applications for private acts. 18 May 1807 § 1. 30. When any person or persons, either in their own right or in the right of

others, any bodies corporate or association of persons for any purpose whatsoever, Public notice to be who are interested in the title, sale, rents, issues or profits of lands in this commongiven of applica: wealth, shall apply to the legislature for the passage of any law relating thereto, tions for legislation such person or persons, bodies corporate or association of persons, shall give notice

of the nature of such intended application, by six publications in one newspaper published in the county or city where such lands lie, the last of which shall be at least ten days previous to such application, and shall file with the bills or petitions the evidence of such publication : Provided, That if there is no paper published in the county where such lands lie, then the publication required shall be made in an

adjoining county: 2 April 1860 $ 1. 31. Every application to the legislature for any act of incorporation, shall be

preceded by a public notice or advertisement of the same in two newspapers in the And of applica- city or county for which the legislation is demanded, or in which the parties apply

ing for it reside, if two newspapers are published in said city or county, and if there incorporation.

be not two newspapers published therein, then in one newspaper, if one is published therein ; which said public notice or advertisement shall set forth the names of the commissioners or corporators to the bill or proposed legislation, and its title; and the same shall be published or advertised in said papers before the bill or pro

posed law shall be presented to either branch of the legislature. 12 Feb. 1874 $ 1. 32. No local or special bill, either to repeal or enact a law, shall be passed by

the legislature, unless notice of the intention to apply therefor, shall be published

in the locality where the matter or thing to be affected may be situated, which application for notice shall state specifically the title and objects of the bill, and shall be published, special legislation to be published.

by not less than four insertions, in at least two daily or weekly newspapers, one of which may be in a language other than English, once a week, for four consecutive weeks, printed in the county, or in each of the several counties, where such matter or thing to be affected may be situated; the first insertion to be at least thirty days prior to, and within three months immediately preceding, the introduction of such bill into the general assembly, and be signed by at least one of the parties applying therefor : Provided, That the publication in one newspaper

shall be deemed sufficient, where but one is published in the county or counties Ibid. & 2. aforesaid. Evidence of pub

33. The evidence of the publication aforesaid shall be, by attaching to a bill a copy or copies, as the case may be, of said notice, verified by the affidavit of the

P. L. 43.

How notice of


(m) One who voluntarily pays the enrolment tax from the 1st May 1870; and its provisions extended to on an act erecting a new county, cannot recover it all acts passed prior to 1st May 1869. By act 3d May back from the county, when organized. Meylert's 1871, P. L. 249, the time was further extended for one Executors v. Sullivan County, 19 P. S. 181.

year from the 1st May 1871, and its provisions extended (n) By act 17th April 1869, P. L. 69, the time was to acts passed prior to 1st May 1870; and by act 3d extended for one year from the 1st May 1868; and the April 1872, P. L. 39, the time was further extended for provisions of this section were extended to all acts one year from the 1st May 1872, and its provisions passed prior to 1st May 1868. By act 14th April 1870, extended to acts passed prior to 27th May 1872. P. L. 75, the time was further extended for one year

P. L. 43.

P. L. 129,

owner, publisher, editor or foreman of each of the several newspapers in which 12 Feb. 1574 $ 2. said notice is by this act required to be published, of due compliance with the preceding section. 34. When such local or special bill shall affect any matter or things situated in

Ibid. & 8. any city or borough, said publication shall be in two of the newspapers published Legislation for in said city or borough, if so many there be; and if there be but one, a publication cities and in that one shall be deemed sufficient; if there be no newspaper published in said borouglas. city or borough, then by publication in the newspaper or newspapers of the county in which said city or borough is located, as provided in the first section of this act.

V. Compilations of Laws. 35. The commissioners appointed under the authority of the resolution of Jan. 19 May 1857 $ 1. uary twenty-third, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three, be and they are hereby authorized to prepare for publication the text of the statutes passed, Commissioners general and special, from the year one thousand seven hundred to the year authorized to preeighteen hundred, with such of the opinions of the attorneys-general of Great this townsform Britain, orders of the privy council, in relation to the repeal of acts passed by the publication. colonial assembly, and such other illustrative matter as to the said commissioners may seem appropriate. For the purposes of this act, the commissioners shall To have access to have access to and temporary possession of the books of record and other material records. in the possession of the commonwealth, necessary to the performance of their duties.

36. l'pon notification by the commissioners that the text of said laws is pre- Ibid. $ 2. pared, the secretary of the commonwealth is authorized and directed to cause

Secretary of the the said laws to be printed and published by the state printer, under the direction commonwealth to and supervision of the commissioners, in the same general style as to paper, print, print and publish. et cetera, as the edition of the laws of Maryland, published by that state under Style, &c. the supervision of the historical society, in one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one. There shall be printed of each volume (if more than one volume shall Number of copies. be required), five thousand copies, which shall be distributed as follows: Five Distribution. copies to each member of the senate and house of representatives and the clerks thereof; five copies to the governor and to the heads of the several state departments; five copies to each of the commissioners ; ten copies to the state library, and five copies to the historical society of Pennsylvania; the remaining copies shall be sold, under the direction of the secretary of the commonwealth, and the proceeds go into the state treasury, and be applied to meet in part the expenses of said publication.

37. The said commissioners shall receive no compensation for their own services, but are authorized to employ such clerical aid as may be necessary, and the sum of four thousand five hundred dollars a year, for a period not exceeding four years Commissioners to from and after the passage of this act, is hereby appropriated for clerk hire and receive no com

pensation. travelling expenses, provided that the same shall complete the work, the sums to be paid by the state treasurer, from time to time upon warrants drawn by the auditor-general upon certificates of the commissioners of the services performed, Clerical aid. approved by the secretary of the commonwealth, and filed in the office of the auditor-general.(o)

38. The sum of one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, 29 May 1893 & 1. be and the same is hereby specifically appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the compilation, revising, proof-reading, copy- Compilation of ing, classifying, indexing and digesting, of all the general corporation laws of corporation laws. Pennsylvania, from one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four to one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three, inclusive. Said compilation also to include the act regulating railroad companies, approved February nineteenth, one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, and all subsequent acts of assembly, and from that time to the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three which refer to such corporations.

39. That said compilation shall be made by the corporation department of the Ibid. § 2. state department, and the sum hereby appropriated shall be settled by the auditor- Who shall make general and state treasurer on the presentation of the proper specifically itemized compilation. vouchers upon the completion of the work. 40. That three thousand copies of said compilation shall be printed and bound

Ibid. $ 3. in cloth, and the head of each department of the state, each member of the present Copies to be senate and each member of the present house of representatives, shall be entitled printed, bound to a copy of the same, and the balance shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of the commonwealth and sold for one doslar a copy, and the proceeds thereof turned into the state treasury.


3 June 1993. P. L. 23.

P. L. 179.

and distributed.

(0) This is an amendment of act 19 May 1887, § 3, P. L. 129.


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