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P. L. 119.

Distribution regu. lated.

this state for the advancement of medical science; but no such notice need be 13 June 1993 $ 2. giren, nor shall any such body be delivered, if any person claiming to be, and satisfying the authorities in charge of said body that he or she is, of kindred or is to be used for related by marriage to the deceased, shall claim the said body for burial, but it scientific purposes. shall be surrendered for interment; nor shall the notice be given or body delivered, Exceptions. if such deceased person was a traveller who died suddenly, in which case the said body shall be buried.

3. The said board, or their duly authorized agent, may take and receive such Ibid. $ 3. bodies so delivered as aforesaid, and shall, upon receiving them, distribute and deliver them to and among the schools, colleges, physicians and surgeons aforesaid, in manner following: Those bodies needed for lectures and demonstrations by the said schools and colleges incorporated and unincorporated shall first be supplied, the remaining bodies shall then be distributed proportionately and equitably, preference being given to said schools and colleges; the number assigned to each to be based upon the number of students in each dissecting or operative surgery class, which number shall be reported to the board at such times as it may direct. Instead of receiving and delivering said bodies themselves, or through their agents or servants, the board of distribution may, from time to time, either directly or by their authorized officer or agent, designate physicians and surgeons who shail receive them, and the number which each shall receive: Provided always, however, That schools and colleges, incorporated and unincorporated, and physicians or surgeons of the county where the death of the person or such person described takes place, shall be preferred to all others : And provided also, That for this purpose, such dead body shall be held subject to their order, in the county where the death occurs, for a period not less than twenty-four hours.

4. The said board may employ a carrier or carriers for the conveyance of said Ibid. § 4. bodies, which shall be well enclosed within a suitable encasement, and carefully Carriage of bodies. deposited free from public observation. Said carrier shall obtain receipts by name, or if the person be unknown, by a description of each body delivered by him, and shall deposit said receipt with the secretary of the said board.

5. No school, college, physician or surgeon shall be allowed or permitted to receive Ibid. $ 5. any such body or bodies, until a bond shall have been given to the commonwealth by such physician or surgeon, or by or in behalf of such school or college, to be Schools, &c., to

. approved by the prothonotary of the court of common pleas in and for the county in which such physician or surgeon shall reside, or in which such school or coilege may be situate, and to be filed in the office of said prothonotary; which bond shall be in the penal sun of one thousand dollars, conditioned that all such bodies Condition. which the said physician or surgeon, or the said school or college, shall receive thereafter shall be used only for the promotion of medical science within this state; and whosoever shall sell or buy such body or bodies, or in any way traffic Traffic in deal! in the same, or shall transmit or convey, or cause to procure

be transmitted or

bodies prohibited. conveyed, said body or bodies, to any place outside of this state, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding Penalty. two hundred dollars, or be imprisoned for a term not exceeding one year.

6. Neither the commonwealth nor any county or municipality, nor any officer, Ibid. & 6. agent or servant thereof, shall be at any expense by reason of the delivery or dis

Expenses. tribution of any such body, but all the expenses thereof, and of said board of distribution shall be paid by those receiving the bodies, in such manner as may be specified by said board of distribution, or otherwise agreed upon.

7. Any person having duties enjoined upon him by the provisions of this act who Ibid. $7. shall neglect, refuse or omit to perform the same as hereby required, shall, on con

Penalty for violaviction thereof, be liable to fine of not less than one hundred nor more than five tions of the act. hundred dollars for each offence.





1. To have certificate from and be registered with 12. Carrying on business without certificate forthe state pharmaceutical examining board. Widow bidden. Not to interfere with physicians, nor with or heirs may carry on business.

the sale of patent medicines. 2. State pharmaceutical examining board estab- 13. Penalty. lished. Number and term. Compensation.

14. Not to apply to proprietors or qualified assist3. Secretary.

ants in business at passage of act. But they must be 4. Oath.

registered. 5. Vacancies.

15. Qualified assistant defined. When other as6. To keep book of registration. To advertise. sistants entitled to registration. Apothecaries to register within ninety days and every 16. Penalty for allowing others than qualified asthree years.

sistants to compound prescriptions. 7. Form of application.

17. Adulteration of drugs forbidden. 8. Registration fee. Application. Annual report 18. Penalty. to governor.

19. Poison defined. 9. Druggists may register within ninety days. 20. Retailers of poison to affix label. 10. To meet every three months, and examine ap- 21. To register sales of poisons. plicants. To grant certificates of competency.

22. Not to apply to prescriptions nor to the sale of 11. Proprietors to have had four years' practical insecticides. Penalty. experience. Qualified assistants, two years.

23. Board to investigate all complaints and prosecute offenders.

16 June 1891.

P. L. 318.

certificate, and be

Widow or heirs may carry on

But inust have


P. L. 189.

board established.

1. Hereafter no person whomsoever, shall open or carry on, as manager(s) in

the state of Pennsylvania any retail drug or chemical store, nor engage in the Druggists to have business of compounding or dispensing medicines or prescriptions of physicians,

or of selling at retail any drugs, chemicals, poisons or medicines without having duly registered.

obtained a certificate of competency and qualification so to do from the state pharmaceutical examining board, and having been duly registered as herein provided; but it shall be lawful for the widow or legal representatives of a

deceased person, who was a manager and registered pharmacist, to carry on or business.

continue the business of such deceased pharmacist : Provided, That the actual retailing, dispensing or compounding of medicines or poisons to be done only

by an assistant, qualified and registered as herein provided. Any person who qualified assists

shall violate or fail to comply with the provisions of this section, shall be guilty of

a misdemeanor, and on conviction before any court shall be punished by a fine not Penalty. exceeding one hundred dollars.(t) 24 May 1987 $ 2. 2. There shall be established in the state of Pennsylvania a board, to be styled

the “state pharmaceutical examining board,” to consist of five persons, three of State pharmaceu- whom shall constitute a quorum, who shall be appointed by the governor from tical examining

among the most skilful retail apothecaries actually engaged in said business in

the state of Pennsylvania, and who must have had ten years' practical experience Number and term. in the same, one to serve five years, one four years, one three years, one two See amendment years, and one one year, in the first instance, and thereafter annually the governor 25 June 1895, shall appoint one person to serve as a member of said board for the term of five

years. The said persons so appointed shall be and constitute the said the state Supp. 2516. pharmaceutical examining board, and shall hold the office for the term for which

they were appointed, or until their successors are duly appointed and qualified, Compensation. and shall receive as a compensation for their services five dollars for each day

actually engaged in this service, and all legitimate and necessary expenses incurred in attending the meetings of said board under the provisions of this act, and no part of the salary of said board or expenses thereof shall be paid out of the state treasury:

3. The said board shall organize by electing one of its members secretary, who,

in addition to his compensation as a member of said board, shall receive a further Secretary.

sum not to exceed one hundred dollars annually for his services as secretary.

4. They the said board and each of them shall, within ten days after their appointment or being apprised of the same, take or subscribe an oath or affirmation, before a properly qualified officer of the county in which they reside, that they will faithfully and impartially perform the duties of their office.

5. Any vacancies occurring in said board shall be filled by the governor of the state of Pennsylvania from among such only as are eligible for original appoint

ment. Ibid. $ 3.

6. The said pharmaceutical examining board shall keep a book of registration Book of registra- open at some convenient place, of which due notice shall be given by advertiseto

ment in at least four newspapers of the state, and so divided as to reach as nearly

P. L. 277,







(8) Where the owner of a drug store takes no part (t) This is an amendment of the act 24 May 1887, in conducting the same, but employs a duly certified § 1, P. L. 189. pharmacist, he is not subject to indictment under this act. Commonwealth v. Johnson, 144 P. S. 377.

P. L. 159.

P. L. 159.


4 Mav 1889.

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as practicable all parts thereof, in which book shall be registered the name and 24 May 1857 $ 2.
address of each and every person duly qualified under this act to conduct and
carry on the retail drug and apothecary business, or to hold the position of quali- To advertise.
fied assistant therein. And it shall be the duty of all persons now conducting or
who shall hereafter conduct the business of retail apothecaries, or those acting in Duty to reg ter.
the capacity of qualified assistants therein, in said state, to apply to said board to
be registered as such within ninety days after such notice, and thereafter every
three years; application for registration only may be sent by mail to the secretary
of the examining board, after being properly attested before a notary public or any
other person authorized to administer an oath or affirmation in the county in which
the applicant resides.

7. The form of application shall be subject to such regulations as the board may 24 May 1997 $ 3.
see proper to adopt, but in no case shall the applicant be put to any unnecessary
expenses in order to secure registration.

Form of applica-
8. The said board shall be entitled to demand and receive from each applicant tion.
for examination and registration and for the certificate hereinafter provided, a fee

Ibid. $ 4. not to exceed two dollars, and for registration only a fee not to exceed one dollar Fees. See amendment in the first instance, and for renewing the same every three years, a fee not to

25 June 1895, exceed one dollar; and the amount derived from this source shall be held by said


P. L. 276, board and be applied to the expenses and salaries herein provided, and such as

Supp. 2516. may arise under the provisions of this act; and they, the said board, shall report

Annual report to annually to the governor of the state of Pennsylvania all moneys received and disbursed under the provisions of this act, together with the number of pharmacists registered under this act. 9. Any person who was entitled to registration as a pharmacist, as provided in

P. L. 50. section three of the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the practice of pharmacy and sale of poisons, and to prevent adulterations in drugs and medicinal prep- Druggists may arations, in the state of Pennsylvania,” approved May twenty-fourth, one thou- register within sand eight hundred and eighty-seven,(u) and who failed to apply for registration ninety days. within the ninety days as provided in said act, may make such application at any time within ninety days after the passage of this act, with the same force and effect as if such application had been made within the ninety days provided in the act of May twenty-fourth, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven. 10. It shall be the duty of said board to meet once every three months the 24 May 1987 $ 5.

P. L. 159. city of Harrisburg, or at such other place as they may deem expedient, and examine all persons who shall desire to carry on the business of a retail apothecary, Meetings of the or that of retailing drugs, chemicals or poisons, or of compounding physicians' board. prescriptions, touching their competency and qualifications; and they, the said Examination. board, or a majority of them, shall grant to such persons as may be qualified, certificates of competency or qualification, which shall entitle the holders thereof Certificates of comeither to conduct or carry on the business, or to act as a qualified assistant therein, potency to be as may be expressed upon the said certificate, and such certificate, together with its renewals, shall be good and sufficient evidence of registration under this

11. All persons applying for examination for certificate to entitle them to conduct and carry on the retail drug or apothecary business, must produce satisfac

Druggists must tory evidence of having had not less than four years' practical experience in the have had four business; and those applying for examination for certificates as qualified assistants years' experience. therein must produce evidence of having not less than two years' experience in Assistants two said business. 12. No person shall hereafter engage as manager in the business of an apothe

Ibid. $ 6. cary, or pharmacist, or of retailing drugs, chemicals and poisons, or of compounding and dispensing the prescriptions of physicians, either directly or indirectly, ager without cerwithout having obtained such certificate as aforesaid. But nothing contained in tificate. this act shall in any manner whatever interfere with the business of any practitioner of medicine, nor prevent him from administering or supplying to his Not to apply to patients such articles as to him may seem fit and proper, nor shall it interfere practitioners of with the making and dealing in proprietary remedies, popularly called patent medicines, nor prevent storekeepers from dealing in and selling the commonly Nor to makers used medicines and poisons, if such medicines and poisons conform in all respects - patent medito the requirements of section nine:(u) Provided, The provisions of section ten of cines.” this act be fully complied with.(v)

13. Any person who shall violate or fail to comply with the provisions of this section, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction before any court shall

Penalty. be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail of the proper county for a term not exceeding one year, or either, or both, at the discretion of the court.

Ibid. $7. 14. The foregoing provisions of this act shall not apply to or affect any person who shall be engaged in the retail drug and apothecary business as proprietor of Except as to registhe same, or as qualified assistant therein, at the passage of this act, except only tration, act not to in so far as relates to registration and fees provided in sections three and four of apply to persons

now engaged in





this act.


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When other assist-
ants entitled to

Adulteration of


24 May 1887 $ 7.

15. A qualified assistant engaged in the business at the passage of this act, P. L. 169.

is one who has had not less than two years' practical experience in the retail The term “quali drug and apothecary business. All other assistants actually engaged in the fied assistant” de- business at the passage of this act shall, upon the completion of a like term of

two years' experience, be entitled to registration as qualified assistants without

examination. registration with- 16. No person shall be allowed, by the proprietor or manager of any store or out examination. place where prescriptions are compounded, to compound or dispense the prescripIbid. $ 8.

tions of physicians, except under the immediate supervision of said proprietor or Penalty for allow- his qualified assistant, unless holding a properly certified certificate of registration ing others than the or competency from the state pharmaceutical examining board, as herein provided; proprietor or his qualitied assistant, and any person violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a to compound pre-' misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a tine not exceeding scriptions. one hundred dollars. Ibid. $ 9.

17. No person shall knowingly, wilfully or fraudulently falsify or adulterate, or

cause to be falsified or adulterated, any drug or medical substance, or any prepadrugs probibited. ration authorized or recognized by the pharmacopoeia of the United States, or used

or intended to be used in medicinal practice, nor mix or cause to be mixed with any such drug or medicinal substance any foreign or inert substance whatsoever,

for the purpose of destroying or weakening its medicinal power and effect, and Sale prohibited. wilfully, knowingly or fraudulently sell or cause the same to be sold for medicinal


18. Any person who shall violate this section shall be deemed guilty of a misde

meanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding tive Penalty.

hundred dollars, and shall forfeit to the commonwealth all articles so adulterated. Ibid. § 10. 19. Poisons. A poison in the meaning of this act shall be any drug, chemical or

preparation, which, according to standard works on medicine or materia medica, is poison" defined. liable to be destructive to adult human life, in quantities of six grains or less.

20. No person shall sell at retail any poisons, except as herein provided, without

atlixing to the bottle, box, vessel or package containing the same, a label, printed Bottle, box, &c., containing poison, or plainly written, containing the name of the article, the word “ - poison,” and the to be labelled. name and place of business of the seller, nor shall he deliver poison to any person

without satisfying himself that such poison is to be used for legitimate purposes:

21. It shall be the further duty of any one selling or dispensing poisons, which

are known to be destructive to adult human life in quantities of five grains or less, poisonis to be regis- seller, the name and residence of the buyer, the name of the article, quantity sold

before delivering them, to enter in a book kept for this purpose the name of the

or disposed of, and the purpose for which it is said to be intended, which book of

for two years and be registry shall be preserved for at least two years, and shall at all times be open to open to inspection. the inspection of the coroner or courts of the county in which the same may be


22. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the dispensing of physi

cians' prescriptions, specifying poisonous articles, nor to the sale to agriculturalists way be cold with- of such articles as are commonly used by them as insecticides. Any person failing

to comply with the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdeInsecticides.

and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than Penalty.

five nor more than fifty dollars for each and every offence. Ibid. $ 12.

23. It shall be the duty of the state pharmaceutical examining board to investiComplaints and gate all complaints and charges of non-compliance or violation of the provisions of charges to be investigated, and

this act, and prosecute all persons so offending, whenever there shall appear to the prosecuted.

board reasonable ground for such action.(w).

The word



Sales of certain


out a record.


APPEAL. See Boroughs; COUNTIES AND Townships; Damages ; DIVORCE; Eminent DOMAIN; EQUITY;



See Actions PERSONAL; Actions REAL.

(1) Section 11 of this act was repealed by the act 14 March 1893, P. L. 6.


I. CONGRESSIONAL. 1. State divided into twenty-eight districts. 2. District return-judges.

III. REPRESENTATIVE. 5. House to consist of two hundred and four members.

6. Philadelphia divided into twenty-eight districts, with thirty-nine members.

7. Other districts defined.
8. When and how chosen.

II. SENATORIAL. 3. Senate to consist of fifty members. 4. Meeting of return-judges.

P. L. 136.

I. Congressional. 1. For the purpose of electing representative the people of Pennsylvania to 19 May 1887 $ 1. serve in the house of representatives in the congress of the United States, this state shall be divided into twenty-eight districts, as follows:

Congressional disThe first district shall consist of the first, second, seventh, twenty-sixth and tricts defined. thirtieth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

The second district shall consist of the eighth, ninth, tenth, thirteenth, fourteenth and twentieth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

The third district shall consist of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, eleventh, twelfth, sixteenth and seventeenth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

The fourth district shall consist of the fifteenth, twenty-first, twenty-fourth, twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

The fifth district shall consist of the eighteenth, nineteenth, twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-fifth and thirty-first wards of the city of Philadelphia.

The sixth district shall consist of the counties of Chester and Delaware.
The seventh district shall consist of the counties of Bucks and Montgomery.

The eighth district shall consist of the counties of Northampton, Monroe, Pike and Carbon.

The ninth district shall consist of the counties of Berks and Lehigh.
The tenth district shall consist of the county of Lancaster.
The eleventh district shall consist of the county of Lackawanna.
The twelfth district shall consist of the county of Luzerne.
The thirteenth district shall consist of the county of Schuylkill.
The fourteenth district shall consist of the counties of Lebanon, Dauphin and

The fifteenth district shall consist of the counties of Bradford, Susquehanna,
Wayne and Wyoming,

The sixteenth district shall consist of the counties of Tioga, Potter, Lycoming and Clinton.

The seventeenth district shall consist of the counties of Northumberland, Columbia, Montour and Sullivan.

The eighteenth district shall consist of the counties of Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, Snyder and Union.

The nineteenth district shall consist of the counties of Cumberland, Adams and

The twentieth district shall consist of the counties of Cambria, Blair, Somerset and Bedford.

The twenty-first district shall consist of the counties of Westmoreland, Armstrong, Indiana and Jefferson.

The twenty-second district shall consist of the city of Pittsburgh, and all townships and boroughs lying between the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers, except the borough of McKeesport and the boroughs and townships lying between the Youghiogheny and Monongahela rivers, in the county of Allegheny.

The twenty-third district shall consist of the city of Allegheny, and all the townships and boroughs lying north of the Allegheny and Ohio rivers, in the county of Allegheny.

The twenty-fourth district shall consist of the counties of Fayette, Greene and
Washington, and all boroughs and townships lying south of the Monongahela and
Ohio rivers, and the boroughs and townships lying between the Youghiogheny
and Monongahela rivers, and the borough of McKeesport in the county of

The twenty-fifth district shall consist of Beaver, Lawrence, Mercer and Butler.
The twenty-sixth district shall consist of the counties of Crawford and Erie.
The twenty-seventh district shall consist of the counties of Venango, Warren,
McKean and Cameron.

The twentyeighth district shall consist of the counties of Clarion, Forest, Elk,
Clearfield and Centre.

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