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cannot grant a pardon to your sister but you shall not want my warm intercession with his Majesty. Take this housewife-ease,! she continued, putting a small embroidered needle-case into Jeanie's hands ; «do not open it now, but at your leisure you will find something in it which will remind you that you

have had an interview with Queen Caroline."

Jeanie, having her suspicions thus iconfirmed, dropped on her knees, and would have expanded herself in gratitude; but the Duke, who was upon thorns "lest she should say more or less than just enough, touched his chin once more. Sist sup, insan

« Our business is, I think, ended for the present, my Lord Duke," said the Queen, "fland, I trust, to your satisfaction. Here. after I hope to see your Grace more fre. quently, both at Richmond and St James's. Come, Lady Suffolk, we must wish his Grace good morning."

They exchanged their parting reverences,


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and the Duke, so soon as the ladies had turned their backs, assisted Jeanie to rise from the ground, and conducted her back through the avenue, which she trod with the feeling of one who walks in her sleep.


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