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peace of our republican form of government, and we counties incomplete, and estimated on the basis therefore favor the most liberal system of public free of 1870, with the percentage of gain in the disschools that is consistent with the financial condition

trict added. The population in 1870 was 984,of the State.

215. The Republican State Convention met at AMERICA. A new difficulty between the Selma, May 20th. George Turner, ex-United United States and British Governments reStates Marshal, was appointed President. A specting the interpretation of the fishery large majority of the delegates appointed to clauses of the Washington Treaty arose from the Chicago Convention favored General Grant. an act of violence committed by some NewA stormy debate on the report of the commit- foundland fishermen upon a party of Ameritee on credentials disturbed the meeting.

cans who were seining for herring in Fortune The State election took place on the first Bay in January, 1878. A demand for indemMonday in August, 1880. Govornor Cobb was nification of the American fishermen for the elected by a majority of 92,515 over Mr. Pick- loss sustained was presented to the late Britens, the Greenback candidate. All the candi- ish Government, but was curtly dismissed by dates on the State ticket received about the Lord Salisbury. Measures were initiated in samo vote. At the election the Democrats had Congress with reference to the possible failure no regular Republican ticket to oppose. The to come to a common understanding of the Executive Committee of that party advised the meaning of the treaty, and a strong disposition support of thy Greenback ticket, but in several was inanifested in Congress and among the connties, where there were many negroes, not public to renounce altogether the privileges a Greenback State ticket was seen. A Demo- and obligations Howing from the treaty with cratic ticket alone was voted. The only real respect to the fisheries, on account of the frecontest made for the Greenback ticket was in quently recurring misunderstandings and disthe counties of the First District, where about putes regarding the fishery rights. The dilaone third of the vote for Mr. Pickens was cast. tory answer of the British Foreign Office proEven there the Democrats had a handsome ma tracted the controversy until it devolved upon jority. At this election the Democratic vote the present British Government. Mr. Evarts was the largest ever cast, which was attributed repeated his demands and the reasons on which to the intense interest attaching to contests for they are based to the new Government, and local offices, as many as ten Democrats in some found Lord Granville disposed to view the counties running for the same office. Each question as a debatable issue, admitting of disof these men was supporting the Democratic cussion and perhaps of arbitration. (See CanState ticket, and the colored voters obtained Ada and UNITED States.). by them voted, in nine out of ten cases, the In the Canadian Dominion the construction whole ticket from Governor down. This ac of the Pacific Railroad has for a second time counted largely for the increased vote for the been intrusted to the hands of a syndicate. Democratic State ticket over previous elec- A contract has been concluded, on the basis of tions; and even should the vote of those coun extensive land grants and money subsidies, ties where it is urged that fraud was perp3- which is strenuously opposed by the party out trated be thrown out, there would still be il of power. The question of the ratification of majority for the Democratic State ticket of the bargain is the first business to be considover 60,000. IIancock electors received moro ered by the Dominion Parliament in its winter than 80,000 majority over the Republican can- session of 1880–81. The contract is of a simididate for Governor.

lar nature to those under which the United The vacancy in the Supreme Court, caused States transcontinental roads were built. by the death of Judge Manning, was supplied The quadrennial election in the United by the appointinent of Ilenderson Michael States, resulting in the election of James A. Somerville—a selection highly approved by the Garfield for President over Major-General State at large.

Winfield S. Hancock, was characterized by an At the session of the Legislature which com unusual degree of partisan fervor; yet so vigmenced in November, James L. Pugh was orous has been the commercial revival, so elected to the United States Senate during the strong the consumptire demand and the prounexpired term of the late Senator Houston. ductive impulse, that the usual disturbance Mr. Pugh was born in Georgia, on December and interruption of mercantile affairs attend12, 1819. He was a candidate for Presidential ing a Presidential contest were scarcely felt in Elector on the Taylor and Fillmore ticket in any part of the Union. 1848, and on the Buchanan ticket in 1856, and The harassing, irregular wars which have was chosen. In 1859 he was a member of been carried on against the United States GovCongress. During the war he was in the Con- ernment by Sitting Bull and liis Sioux, and federate army and Congress.

Victoria with his murderous band of Apaches, No acts of general importance were passed have ceased ; and no organized force of turby the State Legislature previous to its recess bulent Indians now menaces the settlements in December.

of the far West. The returns of the census show the popu

The interoceanic canal at Panama has not lation of the State to be 1,253,069, with four yet been begun, but the capital has all been

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