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Biddeford & Saco Railroad, page 69, Dividends declared, for the year, deficit. $65.64 ; 1888, surplus, $1.883.25.



To the Governor :

The Board of Railroad Commissioners respectfully submit this, their thirty-first annual report, for the year ending November 30th 1889:

RAILROADS IN MAINE. It is gratifying to be able to state that, while for certain causes the earnings of railroads in many státes have fallen off and their stocks depreciated in value, the returns, made to the Board, from railroad corporations operating railroads in Maine, for the year ending September 30th 1889, show a general and more than ordinary increase in earnings over former years. This result has been accomplished, while all needed repairs and renewals have been made in maintaining the physical condition of each, and much in value added to such properties.

NEW RAILROADS. Nearly two hundred miles of railroad have been completed and added to the system in the State during the past year. The Canadian Pacific, formerly known as the International Railroad, a portion of which was opened to travel late in the fall of 1888, is now fully completed and regular trains have been running thereon, since the first day of June last. The construction of this one hundred and forty-five miles of railroad through our State, completes the great system of the Canadian Pacific, extending from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Though the building of this road is not an enterprise of our own people, (the object of its construction being, undoubtedly, to more closely unite the lower with the upper provinces of the Canadian Dominion), still we trust and believe that the construction and operation of this system through our State, will greatly tend to develop our resources and cement friendly relations with our Provincial neighbors.

SOMERSET RAILROAD EXTENSION. Work on the extension of the Somerset Railroad has been continued during the year and said road is now completed to Carratunk Falls, and across the Kennebec River at that point, to Solon Village ; and permission to run passenger trains to the station in Solon, was granted by the Board, December 21 1889.

LIME ROCK RAILROAD. The construction of the Lime Rock Railroad, which is intended mainly for the transportation of lime-rock from the quarries near Rockland, around that city, to the kilns situated on the water front, has been continued during the past year, and though not fully completed, about four miles of main and side tracks, have been added to said system, since our last report.

DEXTER & PISCATAQUIS RAILROAD. The Dexter & Piscataquis Railroad Company, a corporation organized under the laws of the State, mention of which was made in our last annual report, has, during the past year, substantially completed the construction of its railroad, a distance of about sixteen miles. Said railroad, as we are informed, has been leased to the Maine Central Railroad Company, and we presume it will hereafter be included in and become a part of that system.

BANGOR STREET RAILROAD. A charter was granted to the Bangor Street Railway Company, during the session of the Legislature of 1887. During the Summer and Fall of 1888, a portion of its line was constructed, and in the Spring of 1889, about three miles of track were completed, upon which cars have been run regularly, since the early part of the season.

ORGANIZATION OF RAILROAD CORPORATIONS. Two railroad corporations have been organized during the past year, viz:

1-Kennebec Central Railroad Company.

Articles of association of the above named company were approved by the Board, September 12th 1889. This company was organized for the purpose of constructing and operating a narrow gauge railroad from the village of Randolph, opposite the city of Gardiner, to the National Home for disabled volunteer soldiers, in the the town of Chelsea, a distance of about five miles. A

survey of the route was afterward made and the location of said road was, after notice and hearing, approved by the Board, September 27th 1889. Since said approval, as we are informed, a large portion of the grading of same has been done. (See Part III.)

2—The Georges Valley Railroad Company.

This corporation is organized for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad from the station of the Knox & Lincoln railroad in the town of Warren, up and along the valley of the Georges river to Union Common or village, a distance of about eight miles. Articles of association, for the purpose of forming said company, were approved by this board October 4th, 1889. Since which, a survey of the route has been made, and a plan and profile of the location submitted, which, after notice and hearing by the Board, was approved November 30, 1889. (See Part III.)

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