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Halaman 93 - Fortifications are at all times expensive; they become more so, when the artificers are suffered to while away their time. Your carpenters must therefore begin to work at day-light, and work until sun-set, allowing an hour for breakfast, and an hour and a half for dinner. No sitting down to
Halaman 8 - Resolved, That Albany, Ticonderoga, Fort Stanwix, and their dependencies, be henceforward considered as forming the Northern Department. That Major General Schuyler be directed forthwith to proceed to the Northern Department, and take upon him the command there. Resolved, That the resolution passed the 6th of March, 1776, directing General Schuyler to establish his Head-Quarters at Albany, be repealed.
Halaman 120 - trust we shall still be able to put every thing in such order as to give the enemy a good reception, and, I hope, a repulse, should they attempt a real attack, which I conjecture will not be soon, if at all, although / expect they will approach with their fleet, to keep us in alarm, and to draw
Halaman 123 - I wish you therefore to keep a small scout on the east side of the lake, near the road leading from St. John's to New Hampshire, and others as far west as the road leading to the north branch of Hudson's river. I have dispatched an express to Congress
Halaman 179 - *By PHILIP SCHUYLER, Esq; Major General in the Army of the United States of America, and Commander in Chief of the Northern Department. To the Inhabitants of
Halaman 181 - I AM exceedingly chagrined at the pusillanimous spirit which prevails in the county of Tryon. I apprehend much of it is to be imputed to the timidity of the leading persons in that quarter. They want a fillup, which I humbly conceive can only be given them by sending two or three persons
Halaman 19 - they are either in full force, or very weak, and hope by letting loose the Indians to intimidate us. I incline to believe the last, but have as yet no certain rule to go by. However, we must know soon, and it is said they have marked to-morrow to attack. I beg leave to refer you
Halaman 7 - but that nevertheless both posts ought to be maintained as long as possible, consistent with the safety of the troops and stores, and that the fortifications and lines on Mount Independence were very deficient, and that the repairs and additions to them ought to claim immediate attention, yet General Schuyler made no stay at Ticonderoga, to expedite the
Halaman 193 - IT gives me great satisfaction that you have offered to go and conduct the military operations in Tryon county. You will please to repair thither with all convenient speed, and take upon you the command of all the continental troops, and such of the militia as you can prevail upon to join your troops. Fort Schuyler
Halaman 33 - government, to visit that extensive dominion. Consider ! that the road to glory is seldom strewed with flowers, and that, when the black and bloody standard of tyranny is erected in a land possessed by freemen, patriots cease to remain inactive spectators of their country's