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An Act to Amend an Act of the Present Session en-
titled, “An Act to Enable the Town of Shelburne
to Acquire, Install and Operate an. Electric

Light System.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Section 13 amended.


2. Amendment, how construed.

Be it enacted by the Goyernor, Council and Assembly, as follows:

Section 13, 1. Section thirteen of the acts of this present amended.

session, entitled, “An Act to enable the Town of Shelburne to acquire, install and operate an Electric Light System,” is amended by striking the word “twenty" out of said section and substituting therefor the word

"thirty.” Amendment, how construed.

2. This amendment is to be construed as though the said word “thirty” was contained in the Act hereby amended.

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An Act Relating to Municipal Affairs in the Town of


(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Section 9, Chapter 96, Acts

1903, amended.
2. Section 2, Chapter 108, Acts

1903, amended.
3 Debentures substituted.

4. Debentures to be delivered

Union Bank of Halifax.
5. Poll tax to be paid.
6. Section 1, Chapter 85, Acts

1893, when repealed. 7. Debentures legalized.


Whereas, by chapter 96 of the acts of 1902, the town council of the town of Springhill was authorized and empowered to provide a water supply for the said town, and for the purpose of raising the necessary funds to issue debentures in the form prescribed in

said Act to an amount not exceeding the sum of one hundred and sixty thousand dollars;

And whereas, the said water supply has been obtained by the construction of a gravitation system of supply and distribution completed and equipped at a cost of about one hundred and forty thousand dollars;

Be it therefore enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows :

1. Section 9 of chapter 96 of the acts of 1902, Chapter 96.

9. entitled, “An Act for supplying the Town of Spring-Antend 22.03.

amended hill with water," is hereby amended by striking out the word "sixty," in the twelfth line, and inserting the word "forty.” And the borrowing powers of the town council of the said town, by the issuing of debentureunder said act, is restricted to the sum of one hundred and forty thousand dollars.

2. Section 2 of chapter 108 of the acts of 1903, Section 2,

Chapter 108, entitled, “An Act to enable the Town of Springhill Acts 1903, to borrow money for school purposes,” is hereby amended by striking out the word "four," in line four of said section, and substituting therefor the words “four and one-half.”

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3. The town council of the town of Springhill is Debentures

substituted. hereby authorized to issue, in substitution for the debentures heretofore issued under said chapter, other debentures to like amount and redeemable in like period as authorized by said act, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding four and one-half per cent. per annum. 4. Inasmuch as the debentures heretofore issued Debentures

to be delivered under the said act are all held by the Union Bank of to Union

Bank of Halifax against advances by the said town, the deben- Halifax. tures to be issued hereunder in substitution therefor shall, upon the issue thereof, be delivered to said bank, and upon delivery thereof the said original debentures shall be cancelled.


5. The town council of the town of Springhill Polla tax to mayby by-laws, subject to the approval of the Gover


nor-in-Council, fix the poll-tax to be paid by male residents of the town, between the ages of eighteen and sixty years, and amend the same from time to time (excepting active members of fire protection companies) at a sum not exceeding five dollars, which shall be uniform upon the ratepayers as well as nonrate payers, but there may be discrimination as to the amount between persons under and persons over twenty-one years of age. Such tax shall be payable on the 10th day of January in each year, as provided by the assessment act.

Sectioni, 6. Upon the passing of a by-law in conformity
Chapter 85,
Acts 1893,
when repealed.

with the preceding section of this act, section 1 of
chapter 85 of the acts of 1893, entitled, “An Act
relating to the Town of Springhill,” shall be deemed
to be repealed and of no effect.

Debentures legalized.

7. All debentures heretofore issued by the town of Springhill in pursuance or intended pursuance of chapter 96 of the acts of the legislature of Nova Scotia for the year 1902, chapter 117 of the acts of the said legislature for the year 1906, and chapter 103 of the acts of the said legislature for the year 1908, are hereby declared to be valid and legal obligations of the said town of Springhill, and it is further declared that each and every of such debentures form a valid and effectual lien upon and charge against the properties liable to taxation within the town of Springhill and all the revenues of the said town.


An Act to Enable the City of Sydney to Borrow Money

for Sewerage Purposes.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)

1. City authorized to borrow

for sewerage purposes.
2. Frontage tax payments to

form a sinking fund.

3. Liability upon member of

Council supporting motion

to divert sinking fund.
4. Money to be paid to Treasurer.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

ized borrow


1. The city of Sydney is hereby empowered to City author borrow, on the credit of the city, the sum of fifty-four for sewerage thousand dollars for the purpose of extending the sewer system of the city. Such sum shall be borrowed on debentures to be issued in the form in accordance with the schedule to this act, in sums of one hundred dollars each, or any multiple thereof, from time to time as determined by resolution of the city council, bearing interest at such rate, not exceeding five per centum per annum, and redeemable at such times, not exceeding thirty years, as the council shall from time to time determine, which debentures shall be issued by the mayor under the seal of the city, and sold for such sums as may be obtainable therefor, and shall be a charge on all the property, real and personal, of the city and its inhabitants, and the proceeds of such debentures shall be placed to the credit of the city, and shall be used only for the purposes mentioned in this act. The city council shall annually add to the amount to be assessed and levied upon the real and personal property of the city, for general purposes, a sufficient sum to pay the annual interest on such debentures.

2. All sums derived from payments of the frontage Frontage tax tax, as provided in section 5 of chapter 79 of the acts form a sinking of 1898, shall be held to form a sinking fund for extinguishing the said debentures.


Liability upon


3. Any member of the said city council who shall member of a move, second, put or support, by his vote, any motion, porting motion resolution, or proposal, or in pursuance of which any sinkinig erund.




portion of the whole of the moneys so directed to be held as a sinking fund shall be diverted to any other object, shall be liable to a penalty of four hundred dollars, to be collected at the instance of any ratepayer who may sue therefor, and one-half of said penalty shall be for the benefit of the person so prosecuting, and the other half shall be paid into the treasury of the said city.

Money to be paid to treasurer.

4. The money borrowed under this act shall be paid into the hands of the treasurer of the said city, and shall be by him paid out as the city council thereof shall determine for the purpose mentioned in the first section of this act, and for no other purpose.



City Debentures.



Under the provisions of chapter.....of the acts of the legislature of Nova Scotia for the year A. D. 1909.

The bearer hereof is entitled to receive from the city of Sydney, in the county of Cape Breton, Province of Nova Scotia, the sum of

...dollars, lawful money of Canada, in..

years from the date hereof, and interest for the same from the same date at the rate of ..

per cent. per annum, payable half yearly, as per the interest warrants hereto attached, payable at the office of the city clerk in the said city.

Dated at Sydney, the

A. D. 1909.

day of


.City Clerk.

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