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(2) All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the town of Pictou aforesaid, in the county aforesaid, and bounded as follows, that is to say :- Beginning on the north line of Faulkland street, at the southwest corner of Mrs. Ann Patterson's garden lot, now owned by James MacLean, and running thence north seventy-six degrees west, by the magnet, along said street one hundred and seventy-five feet to the east line of new street (called Martha street), dedicated to the public by the Reverend Charles Elliott and the said Ann Patterson; thence north six and a half degrees east, by the magnet, along said Martha street, one hundred and seventythree feet or until it comes to a thorne hedge on the south line of another new street (called School street); thence south eighty-two degrees east, by the magnet, along the last mentioned street one hundred and seventy-three feet to another thorne hedge on the western side of the garden lot aforesaid; thence south six and one-half degrees west, by the magnet, along the said last mentioned hedge one hundred and ninety feet to the place of beginning, being the same lot of land conveyed by James Primrose, and Eliza, his wife, to James D. B. Fraser and John Crerar, as trustees of schools, by deed, dated the fifteenth day of November, A. D. 1861, and registered in book fortyeight, at page five hundred and eighty-three of the Registry of Deeds for the county of Pictou.

Ratepayers' 2. No sale of land under the provisions of this meeting to be held. act shall be made until it has been approved by a

meeting of ratepayers, called and held in accordance with sections 143 and 144 of chapter seventy-one, Revised Statutes, 1900, "The Towns' Incorporation Act."

Deeds, how signed.

3. Deeds of said land shall be made in the name of the town and be signed by the mayor and town clerk, and sealed with the corporate seal of the town. The recital in any such deed that section two of this act was complied with shall be conclusive evidence of such compliance.


An Act for the Support of a Pauper by the County

of Richmond.

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Whereas, Bridget McGrath is a pauper within the Preamble. meaning of chapter 50 of the Revised Statutes, 1900, having a settlement within the municipality of the county of Richmond; and whereas, it is a matter of doubt in which of the poor districts of said municipality said Bridget McGrath has her settlement; and whereas, the council of said municipality, in order to prevent the expense of litigation which may be necessary to ascertain which of said poor districts is liable for the support of the said pauper, desire that she be maintained as a charge on the municipality;

Therefore be it enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:

to support a

1. The council of the municipality of the county Power of Richmond is hereby authorized and empowered pauper. to maintain the said Bridget McGrath as a municipal charge from the first day of July, 1909, while she shall remain a pauper within the meaning of said chapter 50.



An Act to Enable the Town of Shelburne to Acquire,
Install and Operate an Electric Power and Light


(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Commencement of Act.
4. Power to provide Electric

Light Plant.
5. Power to enter into contracts.
6. May sell and supply light.
7. System may be extended.
8. May open or obstruct roads.

9. Compensation where damage

10. May enter upon lands.
11. No liability when repairing.
12. Income, how applied.
13. Debentures.
14. Sinking fund.
15. Town assessed for any deficit.
16. Plant, etc., property of Town.
17. By-laws.


WHEREAS, the town council of the town of Shelburne has passed a resolution asking that legislation be procured to enable the town of Shelburne to acquire, install and operate an electric light and power system in the town;

Therefore be it enacted as follows, by the Governor, Council, and Assembly :



1. That this act be cited as the Shelburne Electric Light and Power Act, 1909.


2. In this act, unless the context otherwise requires

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(a) “Town” means the town of Shelburne;

(b) “Council” means the town council of the

town of Shelburne.


Commencement of Act.

3. This act shall not go into operation or effect until authority to borrow the amount specified in the thirteenth section of this act is given by vote of the ratepayers of the town, called and held under the one hundred and forty-third and one hundred and fortyfourth sections of the Towns' Incorporation Act.


4. Subject to the provisions of this act, the council Power to is hereby authorized and empowered to acquire and Electric provide for the town a suitable and sufficient power

Light Plant. plant and system, and to operate the same for supplying and furnishing a good and sufficient electric light plant for the purpose of lighting the streets and thoroughfares of the town of Shelburne, and supplying and furnishing electric light for use in shops, dwelling houses, public buildings or otherwise in the said town and vicinity, and supplying and furnishing electric power for the purpose of heat and motive power to any person, firm or coporation within the town of Shelburne, or in the municipality of Shelburne, and for such purpose to generate or purchase electricity as above mentioned, and to sell and supply electric power or energy to any person, firm or corporation for the purposes aforesaid, as may be required as deemed by the council expedient, and to keep, sell and supply to any person, firm or corporation obtaining electric power, light or motive power or energy from the town all suitable fittings or electric supplies for the installing or use of electric power, light or energy, as above mentioned, in buildings or premises.

5. It shall be lawful for the council for the purposes Power to aforesaid and for the purposes of purchasing, equip- contracts. ping and installing such plant and system in the town of Shelburne and in the said municipality of Shelburne, and of operating the same, and for the purchase of electric power therefor to enter into any contract that may by the council be deemed expedient or necessary, and to erect or purchase buildings, construct works, acquire lands, and do all other things necessary or expedient in the premises, and for that purpose to do or provide or cause to be done or provided, any and all works and materials deemed necessary or expedient for the proper carrying out of the purposes of this act, either by tender or contract or by days' work or otherwise.

6. (1) (1) The council shall have power to sell and May, sell and

light supply electric power, light or energy for the purposes


mentioned in section 4 of this act, to any person, firm or corporation within the town of Shelburne, or within the said municipality of Shelburne, and to determine the amount supplied by meter if deemed expedient, and to collect all moneys due on account of supplying any such electric power, light or energy so supplied or sold, and all sums of money due or to accrue due to the town for power, light or energy supplied or to be supplied from the said system, shall constitute a debt from the applicant or person, body corporate or persons whomsoever supplied or who shall have been supplied with such power, light or energy by the town, but not so as to affect any other remedy which the town may have in regard thereto, and may be collected in a civil action with costs of the suit of the town before the stipendiary magistrate of the town, or any justice of the peace in and for the municipality of Shelburne having jurisdiction in the premises;

(2) The expense of carrying the electric current for supplying such power, light or energy, as mentioned in this act, to buildings or premises from the main, and the wiring thereof, shall be borne by the owner or the town and to such an extent in either case as the council deems proper.

System may be extended.

7. The council may from time to time, within the limits aforesaid as it seems expedient, improve, extend or enlarge the plant and system.

May open or 8. It shall be lawful for the council from time to obstruct roads.

time, for the purposes of this act, to open or obstruct the roads, streets or highways anywhere within the said town or the said municipality of Shelburne, and to keep any such road, street or highway open or obstructed for such time as may be necessary in that behalf, and to erect, construct or lay lines of wires and pipes along the streets or roads, highways, lanes, sidewalks, squares and thoroughfares of the municipality, locality or town in which the company carries on its business of supplying electricity for the purpose of heat, light, and motive power, and to open and break up the soil of said streets, roads, highways,

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