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26. None of the officers of the town of North Town's officers Sydney shall be interested, directly or indirectly, ested in tax in the purchase of any real property sold for the payment of taxes, or for water rates or sewer frontage tax or sewerage rates, as the case may be, under a penalty of four hundred dollars, and forfeiture of office.


An Act to Legalize Certain Debentures of the

Town of Parrsboro.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D, 1909.)

Preamble. SECTION 1. Debentures legalized.

WHEREAS, the town council of the town of Parrsboro Preamble. have, under the provisions of the last paragraph of section 35 of chapter 63 of the acts of 1897, issued further debentures of said town of Parrsboro under the provisions and for the purposes contemplated in said act to the amount of ten thousand dollars;

And whereas, certain omissions, informalities or irregularities may have occurred in the resolutions or meetings of the said town council and ratepayers, or otherwise, in connection with said issue of debentures;

Be it therefore enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly as follows;

1. The said debentures so issued by the said town Debentures of Parrsborro to the said amount of ten thousand legalized dollars, and bearing date the first day of December, A. D. 1897, are hereby declared to be legal and valid debentures of the said town of Parrsboro, notwithstanding any such omissions, informalities, irregularities, or other matters or things whatsoever.



An Act in Respect to the Municipality of the County

of Pictou.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)

SECTION 1. Council authorized to enter into agreement.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

Council authorized to enter into agreement.

1. The council of the municipality of the county of Pictou is hereby authorized and empowered to enter into and carry into effect any agreement with any person, firm or corporation having the right to sell and supply electric power or electric lighting, within the whole or any part of the county of Pictou, for the furnishing of electric power or electric lighting to any of the buildings or public institutions under the control of the said council, and situate within said county, and any corporation having any franchise or right to supply electric power or electric light within any part of the said county, shall have the franchise or right to furnish electric power or electric lighting to any of said buildings and institutions, and to enter into and carry out any agreement with the said council in ference thereto.



An Act to Enable the Town of Pictou to Construct

Permanent Sidewalks.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909..)

1. Council by resolution divide

streets, etc.
2. Expense, how borne.
3. Surveys to be made.
4. Owners may petition, etc.
5. Notice of hearing necessary.
6. Form of notice, and time, etc.
7. May adjourn.
8. Evidence to be heard.
9. Powers of Council.
10. Alteration, how made.
11. Resolution approving plan.

12. Construction of

13. Power to borrow, etc.
14. No resolution to be amended.

Frontage tax a debt, and

how recovered.
16. Debentures to be lien,

17. Streets may be altered for

sidewalk repair.
18. Sinking fund.


Be it enacted by the Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:



1. For the purpose of the construction of perma- Council by nent sidewalks in the streets of the town of Pictou, divide streets, the council of the said town may, from time to time, by resolution, divide any street, or portion of a street, into sidewalk sections, and set off, alter, subdivide, define and constitute such sections. 2. (1) The expense of the construction of side - Expense,

how borne. walks, including interest on moneys borrowed under this act, and also including the cost of surveys and plans, shall be borne as follows:-Fifty per cent of such expenses shall be borne by the owners of land abutting on the street, or portion of street on which a sidewalk is constructed, according to the actual cost (not including street intersections) of the work done per lineal foot of frontage; and the balance shall be borne by the town;

(2) The total amounts to be borne by every owner (in this act called "frontage tax") shall be divided by the council into ten equal instalments, and each of such instalments, together with interest on the unpaid principal sum of frontage tax, up to the 31st December in each year, at the rate of five per centum per annum, shall be due and payable by such owners on the 31st December in each year, until the whole principal sum and interest thereon has been paid;

(3) Any owner may at any time pay the whole of the frontage tax chargeable against him, with the interest at said rate until the date of such payment; and the receipt of the town clerk thereof, countersigned by the mayor, shall be deemed to be sufficient evidence of the extinguishment of the lien created by this act against the land of such owner.

Surveys to be made.

3. The council may cause surveys and plans to be made of sidewalk sections, and estimates of the cost of constructing sidewalks in any sections. Every plan shall show the names of owners of lands which abut on the portion of street included in such section as far as such names can, by reasonable inquiry, be ascertained, and also the lineal frontage of each lot which so abuts.

Owners may petition, etc.

4. A majority of owners of lots which abut on any sidewalk section and who, according to the assessment roll of the town for the then current year, represent at least one-half of the assessed value of all the lots which abut on such section, mav petition the council for the constructon in such section of a permanent sidewalk,

Notice of hearing necessary.

5. When such a petition has been presented the council may by resolution fix a time and place for hearing all persons interested ; and there shall be at least twenty days' notice of such hearing.

Form of notice and time, etc.

6. Notice may be in the form "A" in the scheduleto this act. It shall be printed in at least three issues of a newspaper published in the town, and a copy of such notice, written or printed, shall be mailed, postpaid and registered, addressed to each person whose name appears in the plan of the section as owner of a lot. It shall be sufficient to address such notice to Pictou; provided, that if any of the persons whose names appear on said plan are, according to the assessment roll of the town for the then current year, not a resident of the town, the notice shall be addressed to such person at the place of residence stated in such assessment roll, if a place of residence be therein stated.

7. The council may before beginning a hearing May adjourn. and during and after the close of a hearing, as often as may be deemed advisable, adjourn the matter. It shall not be necessary to give notice of such adjournment, but a motion of adjournment adopted in the usual way, stating the time and place to which the matter is adjourned, when recorded in the minutes of council, shall be sufficient notice of adjournment to all persons.

be heard.

8. The council shall hear the statements and Evidence to evidence of all persons who appear before it and ask to be heard, alleging interest in any lot involved in the proposed improvement, and of any ratepayer of the town; and shall hear the evidence of all-witnesses produced by such persons. The council may require all such statements and evidence to be given on oath. The mayor or councillor presiding shall administer the oath.

9. At a convenient time after such hearing the powers of council may by resolution


(a) approve of the plan of such side-walk sec


(b) extend, change or alter the boundaries or

limits of such side-walk section;

(c) direct that the owners of lots which do not

appear on such plan be placed thereon, either
in substitution for or in addition to the names
appearing on such plan; and

(d) direct that all other necessary additions, cor

rections and changes be made in such plan;
and for said purposes or for any of them, may
from time to time direct that a new plan be

10. In case it is directed that any alteration men- Alteration,

how made. tioned in section nine of this act be made, or that any additions, corrections or changes be made in a plan, or that a new plan be made, the council may, as soon as

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