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5. Notice of such election shall be given in the same manner as may be required by the provisions of the Halifax City Charter relative to the holding of elections for mayor and aldermen.

6. At the election to be held under the authority of this act, the city of Halifax shall provide a suitable place in each ward in which the vote upon such question shall be taken, and appoint one or more officials to receive and conduct the voting in such place, and any official so appointed shall be entitled to the same remuneration as that paid to the corresponding official in the case of an election for mayor or aldermen, and be possessed of the like powers and privileges.


No person shall vote more than once on the said question.

8. The ballot papers for the voting upon such question shall be in the form "A" in the schedule of this act, and shall be furnished by the city of Halifax to the presiding officer appointed for the said election or under this act.

9. It shall be the duty of every such presiding officer to ask every elector voting at his polling station for mayor or alderman if he wishes to vote upon such question, and to tender him a ballot paper for that purpose.

10. Every polling station at such election shall be provided with a place, screened from observation, in which the voter may mark his ballot paper, and with pencils for that purpose.

11. The presiding officer shall, upon the request of any voter, explain to such voter the mode of marking his ballot paper.

12. Any voter who is unable, through blindness or illiteracy, or other cause, may, upon making oath to such inability, which oath may be in the form "B" in the schedule, have his ballot paper marked for him by the presiding officer.

Ballot paper,

when nat

13. If any voter places on the ballot paper more than one mark, or any mark by which he may be counted. identified, his ballot paper shall be void and shall

not be counted.

ballot box to

14. The City of Halifax shall furnish each presid-Separate ing officer with a separate ballot box, in which the be provided. ballots cast upon the question hereby submitted to a voter shall be deposited.

close of poll.

15. At the close of the poll the presiding officer Proceedings at shall count the ballots cast, and the number marked in the affirmative, and the number marked in the negative and the ballots, when counted, shall be placed in the ballot box and returned to the city clerk of the city of Halifax.

make return

16. Immediately upon such vote having been taken city Clerk to the city clerk shall make a return to the Provincial of vote to Secretary showing

(a) The total number of persons entitled to
vote for mayor or alderman.

(b) The total number of ballots cast,

(c) The number who have voted in the affirm-
ative, and

(d) The number who have voted in the negative.


Secretary, publish

17. If it appears from such return that a majority Provincial of the persons voting have answered the question in when to the affirmative, the Provincial Secretary shall forth-proclamation. with make and publish in the Royal Gazette a proclamation declaring this act to be in force.

[blocks in formation]

If in favor, mark a cross "X" in the column "Yes;" if against, in the column "No."

Form "B".


..of the

I,... City of Halifax, make oath and say that I am unable (through blindness, inability to read and write, or other cause, as the case may be), to mark my own ballot, and require the assistance of the presiding officer for that purpose. So help me God.


An Act Relating to the Polling Districts of the
City of Halifax.

[blocks in formation]

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

may be ap

raise, revise,


1. The Governor-in-Council may appoint a com-Commissioner missioner to revise and alter the boundaries of the poll-pointed to ing districts and to establish polling districts in the city of Halifax, to conform to existing conditions, and to report on the same to the Provincial Secretary, who shall submit the same to the Governor-in-Council.

of report

2. Upon receipt of such report so to be made the Upon receipt Governor-in-Council may, by proclamation in the proclamation Royal Gazette, alter the existing boundaries of the to be issued. said polling districts and fix new boundaries, and the said divisions so to be fixed in the said proclamation shall be deemed thereafter to be the boundaries of the polling districts and the polling districts of the said city of Halifax.

of Commis

3. The remuneration of such commissioner, in- Remuneration cluding any clerical assistance necessary in connection sioner how with the preparation of such report, shall be deter-apportioned. mined by the Governor-in-Council, who may apportion the respective portions thereof to be borne and paid from time to time by the Province of Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax, respectively.

Acts repealed.

4. All acts or parts of acts inconsistant with this Inconsistent act are hereby repealed in so far as the same may be construed to render void the intention or effect of this act.

Power to

grant $500.00



An Act Relating to Statute Labor in District 31,
Municipality of the County of Halifax.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)

SECTION 1. Power to grant $500.00 to District 31, etc.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. Pursuant to a resolution passed by the county to District 31, Council of the Municipality of Halifax, dated the 8th day of April, A. D. 1908, the said municipality of the County of Halifax, through its warden, is hereby authorized and empowered to grant unto the road surveyor of road section 14, in District 31, in the said municipality, and his successors in office, the sum of five hundred dollars per year for the period of nine years, the said sum to be payable out of the road taxes collected in said section, and to be expended on the roads of said section.


An Act to Amend Chapter 76, Acts of 1906, entitled, "An Act to Incorporate the Children's Aid Society, of Halifax County, and the Acts

in Amendment Thereof."

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Section 4 amended.


2. Section 5 amended.

Section 4, amended.

Section 5 amended.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. Section 4 of chapter 76 of the acts of 1906 is amended by striking out the word "twenty "in line two thereof, and inserting in lieu thereof the word “fifty.”

2. Section 5 of the said chapter is amended by inserting after the word "them" in line three thereof, the words "or for the object provided for in section one of chapter 78 of the acts of 1907. "

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