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(2) The engineer shall not be required to place a meter under the provisions of this section on any service pipe for the supply of water to be used in any building operation, and on an application for a supply of water for such purpose, the engineer shall report to the committee on works, whether it will be more advantageous to the city to place a meter on such pipe or to require the water to be paid for under the provisions of section 456, and the committee on works shall direct a meter to be placed or require the water to be paid for under such section in accordance with such report.

Section 271
(M) amended.


Section 271 (M) is amended as follows:

(a) by striking out in the first and second lines

of sub-section (1) the words “who is permanently appointed, and” and

(b) by striking out sub-section (2) and substitut

ing therefor the following:

(2) Any official or employee who has contributed to the fund for not less than two years, and whose office is abolished by law, or who voluntarily retires or fails to be re-appointed, shall be entitled to receive from the fund an amount equal to the total of his contributions without interest, and the section hereby amended shall be read and construed as if it had originally read as amended.

Subsection added to section 321.

5. Section 321 is amended by adding thereto the following sub-sections:

(2) When the money is borrowed for an expenditure to which the owners of property benefitted by such expenditure are by law required to contribute, such contributions shall, unless it is otherwise provided, be paid into the Sinking fund, and the amount thereof deducted from the sum raised by taxation for the purpose of the sinking fund;

(3) When money is borrowed for the purpose of retiring any stock or debentures previously issued by the city, and new stock or debentures issued for such purpose, it shall not be necessary to add to the rates and taxes any amount to provide a sinking fund in respect thereto.

6. The following section shall be added to the Char-Section added ter to be read and construed as immediately succeed

to section 470. ing section 470:

470A. (1) Subject to the conditions hereinafter provided, the council may make a reduction of the amounts charged to any person for water which has passed through a meter;

(2) No such reduction shall be allowed unless the committee is of the opinion

(a) that the amount of water charged for was

in excess of that which was fairly required by
the owner or occupant of the premises in respect
to which the same is charged, and

(b) that such excess has passed through the

meter by reason of unavoidable accident or
otherwise, without the negligence, default or
failure to use proper care and precaution
on the part of the owner or occupant of such

(3) Any claim for any such reduction shall be made in writing to the committee on works, within one month after the record of water consumed for the month in respect to which the reduction is claimed has been delivered to the owner or occupant of the premises, or the agent of either, and such writing shall set out fully the nature of the accident or other cause on which the claim is founded;

(4) The engineer shall investigate the matter of such claim and report in writing whether the same is well founded, and whether or not the same should be allowed, and the extent of such allowance,

(5) Upon such report the committee may

(a) refuse to allow the claim, or

(b) recommend the allowance of it in whole or

in part and on such terms and conditions as the committee may see fit to impose;

(6) If the committee unanimously resolve not to allow the claim in whole or in part, such resolution shall be final, but if such resolution is not unanimous the matter shall, on the application of the claimant, be referred to the council, and the council may make the reduction asked for in whole or in part;

(7) Any resolution of the committee recommending the allowance of any claim for reduction, in whole or in part, shall be sent by the committee to the council, and the council may confirm the same in whole or in part, or disallow the same, or may attach such terms to any allowance as it deems fit;

(8) Any claim for reduction which might be allowed under this section, but which arose within two years before the passing of the act, may be dealt with and allowed under the section, provided that a claim therefor has been made in writing before the passing of this act, or is made within one month thereafter;

(9) Nothing in this section shall authorize the remission in respect to any premises of the amount rated thereon for fire protection;

(10) Except as is in this section provided, no reduction or allowance in respect to any water rates shall be made or given.

Section 4, chapter 60, Acts 1901 added to.

7. Chapter 60 of the acts of 1901, section 4, is amended by adding at the end thereof the words, “or for the erection of such building.


8. Nothing contained in section 62 of chapter 182 of the acts of 1903, relating to the Bedford Electric Company, Limited, or in any other act of the Legislature shall be considered to grant to the said The Bedford Electric Company, Limited, or to the Halifax and Suburban Electric Company, Limited, or to any other company or person, any right to build, construct or place a line of railway or tramway on any street

Ltd. to be

of the city of Halifax without the consent and approval of the council of the said city being first had and obtained, and such consent and approval shall in all cases be necessary before any such line of railway or tramway is placed on any street of the said city.

9. The city may borrow the sum of twelve hundred Hillis & Sons, dollars ($1200) in order to pay and discharge the paid. contract made by the city with James Hillis & Sons, Limited, for the construction of an embankment and retaining wall on Veith Street, and may secure the same by the issue of three debentures each for the sum of four hundred dollars ($400), and interest on said sum of twelve hundred dollars ($1200.00) from date of completion of contract to issue date of such debentures, and payable with interest respectively in one, two and three years from the date thereof; and the amount of each such debenture and interest shall be included in the amount rated for the year in which the same is payable and collected along therewith. Such debentures shall bear interest at the rate of four per centum per annum.

& Sons to

10. The city may pay to H. Hesslein & Sons, or Hesslein their legal representative, out of any funds available, be paid. the sum of fifty dollars for the storage of Porphry blocks on their property and shall include the sum so paid in the amounts of the estimates for the civic year beginning 1st May, 1910.

11. The city council may to Dalhousie University Dalhousie dispose of the block of land described as follows, or

University any part thereof:

All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being between Carleton, Morris, College and Summer Streets in the city and county of Halifax, the said lot being more particularly described as follows,

Beginning at a point on the south side line of College Street at the intersection of the said south side line with the west line of Summer Street; thence south along the said west line of Summer Street for a distance of three hundred and seventy three feet,

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more or less, or until it meets the north line of Morris Street as shown on section seventeen of the official city plan; thence westerly along said north line of Morris Street for a distance of four hundred and eighty feet, more or less, or until it meets the west line of Carleton Street; thence northerly by the said west line of Carleton Street for a distance of three hundred and sixty-seven feet, more or less, or until it meets the south line of College Street; thence easterly by the said south line of College Street for a distance of four hundred and eighty feet, more or less to the place of beginning; the above described lot including Carleton Street from College Street to Morris Street, by sale, lease or gift, in such a manner as the council

sees fit.


Sub-section 1,

12. Sub-section I of section 41 of chapter 69 of of section 41 Chapter 69, Acts of 1987

, the acts of 1907, “An act to amend the law relating

to the city of Halifax," is amended by striking out the word "may." in the third line of said sub-section and inserting in its place andựstead the word “shall," and by inserting after the words “Assistant Assessor" in the fourth line of said sub-section the words “on or before the first day of August, 1909."


An Act to Amend Chapter 71, Acts of 1907, entitled “An Act to Enable the City of Halifax to

Borrow Money.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Schedule to Chapter 71, Acts

of 1907, amended.
2. Said schedule further amend-


3. City authorized to borrow

balance of $135,000.
4. Act not to affect litigation.

Whereas, by chapter 71 of the acts of 1907, the city of Halifax was authorized to borrow, among other sums for other purposes, a sum not exceeding $50,000 for the construction of new sewers, and also

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