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except such portion of the general rate as may be imposed to meet the cost of like works and improvements opposite real property which is exempt from such special assessment.

4. The sum of $....

shall be raised by loan by this corporation on the security of the special rate hereby imposed, and on that security only; and debentures amounting to the sum of $....

.. shall be issued by the said corporation therefor.

(If the debentures are to be guaranteed by the city, add after the word “issued" in the first column, “guaranteed by the city," and after the word “only in the second column, “and further guaranteed by the city at large.”)

5. The said debentures shall be made payable at the expiration of....

..years from the date of issue of the same, and bear interest at a rate not exceeding ..

per cent. per annum,

6. The debentures may, both as to principal and interest, be payable in any place in Great Britain, in the United States of America, or Canada, and may be expressed in Sterling money or in any other currency, and may be made payable in gold, and the amount to be raised thereon shall be paid out and expended in paying off and discharging any temporary loans heretofore obtained on account of the said improvement and works, and in no other way and for no other purpose whatsoever.

7. If at any time any of the owners of the said real property hereinbefore described, or any part thereof, desire to commute the assessment imposed by this by-law by the payment of his, her or their proportionate share or shares of the cost thereof as a principal sum in lieu thereof, he, she or they may so commute by the payment of..

. per foot on his, her or their property on.. Street aforesaid, at any time during the first year after the passing of this by-law, or in any subsequent year by the payment of such sum as may be necessary to realize at the end of the currency of such debentures a sum equivalent to the balance then unpaid of the said annual special rate thereon.


8. All moneys arising out of the said annual special rate, and all moneys received in commutation thereof under the next preceding section of this by-law, shall be invested by the treasurer of this city from time to time, as the law directs.

9. Every debenture to be issued hereunder shall contain a provision in the following words: “This debenture, or any interest herein, shall not, after a certificate of ownership has been endorsed thereon by the treasurer of this corporation, be transferable except by entry by the treasurer or his deputy in the debenture register book of the said corporation of the city of Glace Bay.” (or to the like effect.)

10. The amount of the debentures authorized to be issued under this by-law is subject to consolidation by including the same in a collective or cumulative by-law, to be hereafter passed, consolidating the same with other amounts authorized, or to be authorized, by other local improvement by-laws, and under which consolidating by-law the required debentures to provide for the amounts to be raised under this and said other individual by-laws, shall be issued in a consecutive issue, as shall in said consolidating by-law be more particularly enacted in that. behalf.

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11. This by-law shall come into operation and take effect on the day of the passing thereof.



An Act to Amend Chapter 97, Acts of 1899, entitled An Act to Enable the Municipality of the District of Guysborough to Borrow


(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)

1. Municipality authorized to

borrow $4000 for certain

2. Municipal Debentures Act

to apply.


3. Interest to be provided.
4. Money, how to be paid.
5. Sinking fund.
6. Debentures to form a lien.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly as follows:


1. The municipality of the District of Guysboro Municipality is hereby authorized to borrow, from time to time, on to borrow the credit of said municipality a sum of money not Serta in for to exceed four thousand dollars, in addition to the purposes sum borrowed under the provisions of chapter 97 of the acts of 1899, for the purpose of paying current expenses and claims against said municipality.

2. For the purpose of effecting any loans under Municipal

Debentures the authority of this act, the municipal council of the Act to District of Guysboro is empowered to make and issue apply. debentures subject to the provisions of the Municipal Debentures Act, 1902, from time to time as said council may deem expedient, each in the sum of one hundred dollars or multiples thereof, bearing interest at such rate as the said council shall determine, not exceeding, however, five per centum per annum, said debentures to be redeemable within such periods, not exceeding thirty years from the date thereof, as said council may determine.

3. The council of said municipality shall annually interest to add to the amount to be rated each year upon the be provided. municipality for general purposes, a sum sufficient to pay the annual interest accruing upon the moneys borrowed under the authority of this act, and such sums shall be rated and collected in the same manner and with the same remedies as the other rates and taxes in said municipality.

Money, how to be paid.

4. The money so borrowed shall be deposited with the treasurer of the said municipality and shall be paid out by him on the written order of the clerk of said municipality, and solely for the purposes mentioned in section one of this act, and for no other purposes.

Sink ng fund.

5. (1) In order to provide a sinking fund for the payment of the debentures authorized to be issued under this act, the municipal council of said municipality shall annually include in the estimates of the sums required for the purposes of the said municipality, such sum as may by resolution be determined by the said council, not, however, to be less than one per cent of the amount borrowed under the provisions of this act, and such sum shall be rated and collected in the same manner and with the same remedies as other rates and taxes in said town are rated and collected;

(2) Such sums, when collected, shall be deposited in some chartered bank in the province of Nova Scotia, to the credit of an account to be called the “Municipality of the District of Guysborough Sinking Fund Account,” on deposit, bearing interest, and such sums shall be used for payment of the debentures issued under the provisions of this act, and for no other purpose.

Debentures to form a lien.

6. Such debentures shall form a lien upon and be a charge against the properties liable to taxation within said municipality of the District of Guysborough, and all the revenues of said municipality.


An act to Amend the Law Relating to the City of Hali


(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)!


1. Interpretation.
12. Section 505 amended.
3. Section 466 repealed; another

4. Section 271 (M) amended.
5. Subsection added to section

6. Section added to section 470.

7. Section 4, Chapter 60, Acts

1901, added to.
8. Bedford Electric Tramway,
9. Hillis & Sons Limited, to be

10. Hesslein & Sons to be paid.
11. Dalhousie - University,
12. Sub-section 1 of section 41,

Chapter 69, Acts 1907,

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. In this act the expression “City” means the InterpretaCity of Halifax; the expression "Council" means the city council of that city, and any committee or official herein mentioned by name means the committee or official of that name of the said council or city; the expression “the Charter" means the Halifax City Charter brought into force on the first day of March, 1907, by proclamation of the Governor-in-Council, dated the twentieth day of February, 1907; and any sections here in referred to by number without other reference, are the sections of the said City Charter so numbered; and this act shall relate exclusively to the city of Halifax and the said Charter thereof.


2. Section 505 is amended by adding in the fourth Section 505 line after the word "money" the words "or in which money is charged for participation in any exhibition or other entertainment."

3. Section 466 is hereby repealed and the following Section 466

repealed, section substituted therefor:

another sub

stituted. 466. (1) Except as is hereinafter provided, the city engineer shall, whenever requested by the owner of any property, place a water meter on any service pipe supplying water to such property, and for such purpose the committee on works shall keep on hand a sufficient number of such meters;

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