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and such sum shall be rated and collected as a part of the annual assessment.

(a) All such sums when so collected shall be

deposited by the town treasurer in some char-
tered bank in Nova Scotia to the credit of an
account to be called “The Town of Glace
Bay Sinking Fund Account, 1909,” and shall,
with the interest thereon, be used for payment
of the debentures issued under the authority
of this act, and for no other purpose or pur-

poses whatsoever. 7. This act shall not take effect until the same meeting to be

Ratepayers, is adopted by a meeting of the ratepayers of the held. town, duly convened in accordance with the provisions of sections 143 and 144 of chapter 71, Revised Statutes, 1900, “The Towns' Incorporation Act.” And it shall be lawful for the said meeting to direct the town council, by resolution, to borrow the whole or, from time to time, any part of the sums set out in sub-sections "a," "b, 'c," "d," and "e" of section "1" of this act.

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Evidence of A certificate under the hand of the mayor adoption of and town clerk, and under the corporate seal of the Act. town, of a resolution passed under the next preceding section of this act, shall be conclusive evidence of the adoption of this act, and of the passing of the resolution provided for in said section.

Amount to be

9. Upon approval, by vote of the ratepayers Sorrowed. in accordance with the provisions of sections 143 and 144 of "The Towns' Incorporation Act," the town council of the said town is authorized to borrow the sum of thirty-five thousand two hundred dollars, in whole or in part, or in such amounts from year to year, as the council, by resolution, declares to be necessary and expedient, but such resolution of council shall not conflict with any resolution passed at said meeting of ratepayers mentioned in paragraph 7 of this act, and so that the amount so borrowed shall not, in aggregate, exceed the said sum of thirty-five thousand two hundred dollars.



An Act Empowering the Town of Glace Bay to Pay

its Mayor an Annual Salary.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909).

1. Town authorized

mayor a salary.




2. Sum that may be paid. 3. Ratepayers meeting.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

Town authorized to


1. The town council of the town of Glace Bay mayor a salary. is hereby authorized, from time to time, and at all

times hereafter, to pay to the mayor of the town for the time being, such salary or compensation for his services as such council shall deem proper, and shall annually add to the amount to be levied and assessed upon the real and personal property of the town for general purposes, a sufficient sum to pay such salary or compensation.

Sum that may be paid.

2. The salary or compensation to be paid to the mayor of the said town shall not exceed the sum of eight hundred dollars in any one year.

Ratepayers, meeting.

3. No payment shall be made under the authority of this act unless and until the proposed expenditure is approved by a meeting of ratepayers duly called under the provisions of section 143 of "The Towns Incorporation Act."


An Act to Incorporate the City of Glace Bay

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)

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1. Corporation.
2. Succession and seal.
3 City of Sydney.
4. Wards and limits.
5. Constitution of city council.
6. Administration vested in

mayor and city council.
7. Mayor and councillors to

continue to hold office. 8. Qualification of mayor. 9. Qualification of alderman. 10. Oath of allegiance and of

office. Persons disqualified as mayor

or aldermen. 12. Other persons disqualified for

office. 13. Officials disqualified. 14. Effect of disqualification. 15. Penalty for refusing to act

or absence, 16. Resignation of mayor or

alderman. 17. Persons exempt from serving

under city council. 18. Penalty for refusing to act

after election. 19. Term of office of mayor. 20. Term of office of alderman, 21. Elections to fill vacancies. 22. Elections, when held. 23. Civic elections, how conducted 24. Presiding officers and poll

clerks. 25. Refusal to act, penalty, sub

stitutes. 26. Notice of nomination, how

given. 27. Candidates, how nominated. 28. Proceedings where one candi

date nominated. 29. Proceedings where several

are nominated. 30. Qualification of voters. 31. Where yote may be polled. 32. Oath. 33. Special elections. 34. Presiding officers and poll

clerks' votes. 35. Proceedings on poll being

granted. 36. Duties of city clerk. 37. Polling day, hours for voting. 38. Compartment in

39. Who may be present.
40. Oath of candidate's agent.
41. Presiding officer to exhibit

ballot boxes.
42. Oath of officer.
43. Number in polling room.

(1) of presiding officer.

(2) Ballot papers. 45. Duty of voter. 46. Only voter allowed in com

47. Penalty for abstracting ballot.
48. Voters incapacitated by blind-

ness, etc.
49. Tendered ballots
50. Cancelled ballots.


51. Proceedings after close of poll.
52. Void and rejected ballots.
53. Duty of poll clerk.
54. Presiding officer to return

55. Ballot boxes remain with

city clerk. 56. Proceedings in case of tie. 57. Casting vote of retiring mayor. 58. Declaration of election. 59. Report to city clerk. 60. Penalty for offences by officers 81. Penalty for offences against

election act.
62. Recount.
63. Notice of recount by city

64. City clerk

may summon
65. Persons present at recount.
66. Recount before city clerk.
67. Declaration after recount.
68. Duties and powers of mayor.
69. Duties and powers of council,
70. What city property,
71. Standing and special com-

mittees. 72. Board of fire escapes. 73. Auditors. 74. Financial year of city. 75. City clerk. 76. City treasurer, 77. City engineer. 78. City solicitor. 79. Other city officials. 80. Meetings of city council. 81. Notice of meetings. 82. Annual meeting of council. 83. Quorum of council. 84. Meeting to be public. 85. Mayor or deputy to preside 86. Majority may compel a vote. 87. Expenditure of appropria

tions. 88.

Moneys paid by warrant only. 89. Unadjusted accounts to be

certified. 90. Council empowered to borrow

money. 91. Council may borrow to meet

current expenses. 92. City assessor and his duties. 93. Assistant assessors. 94. Oath and term of office of

assessors. 95. Appointing of temporary as

sessors. 96. Salary of city assessor. 97. Assessor shall keep complete

register. 98. Property liable to taxation, 99. Property exempt from taxa.

tion. 100. Poll tax. 101. List of poll tax payers 102. Other poll tax payers. 103. Statement by ratable persons

of assessment. 104. Penalty for false statement, 105. Failure to return statement, 106. Statement not to bind city, SECTION. 107. Assessor to prepare assess

ment roll. 108. Form of assessment roll. 109. Rules for making up assess

ment roll. 110. Clerk to give notice of assess

ment. 111. Notice by per sons commenc

ing business. 112. Omissions from assessment

roll. 113. License fee of insurance

companies, etc. 114. License fee of building society.

etc. 115. Annual license fee of banks. 116. Assessment of joint stock

companies. 117.

Sworn statement of manager. 118. Assessors proceed without

statement. 119. Local agents liable for rates. 120. Assessment appeal court. 121. Appeals to court. 122. Notice of appeal. 123. Meetings of court. 124. Adjournmentof court. 125. Subpænas. 126. Penalty for disobeying sub

penas. 127. Clerk to prepare list of ap

peals. 128. Clerk shall serve copies. 129. Decisions of court final. 130. Powers of appeal court. 131. Additional powers of court. 132. Changes written in red ink. 133. Court may proceed ex parte. 134. May not hear parties except

when necessary. 135. Payment of witnesses fees. 136. Duty, &c., of chairman of

137. Decision of court to be final.
138. Assessment roll to be certified.
139. Assessment roll laid before

140. Council shall fix rates

141. Rate book.
142. Council fixes date for pay-

ment of rates. 143. Notice of rating. 144. Warrant for collection of

rates. 145. Form of warrants for cor

porations. 146. Form of warrants for persons,

etc. 147. General warrants. 148. Warrants may issue within

three years. 149. Fees payable on warrants. 150. City treasurer may sue for

unpaid taxes. 151. Capias for taxes. 152. Evidence in suits for taxes. 153. Absent or absconding debtors'

taxes. 154. Property of deceased person

liable. 155. Executors shall pay taxes. 156. Property of insolvent lien. 157.

Lien on personal property. 158. Payment of balance. 159. Lien on persons removed

from city. 160. Lien under execution or

legal process 161. Evidence in actions to en

force poll tax


162. Remission of taxes by council.
163. Interest on overdue taxes.
164. Annual assessment roll.
165. Transfers of assessment by

appeal court.
166. Rate book.
167. Rates and taxes a lien on

real estate. 168. Lien continue three years. 169. Extension of lien in case of

proceedings, 170.

Lien not affected by registry. 171. Treasurer to prepare schedule

of overdue rates. 172. Copy to registrar of deeds. 173. Registrar of deeds to furnish

certificate annually. 174. Omissions by registrar. 175. City treasurer to give notice

of arrears. 176. Notices by registered letter. 177. Special liens. 178. Appropriation of payments

on account. 179. Distraint by landlord. 180. Payment by mortgagee and

others. 181. Sale of lands for taxes in

arrears. 182. Levy and notice of sale. 183. Sale by pub ic auction. 184. Adjournment of sale. 185. Appropriation of purchase

money. 186. Another sale if money not

paid. 187. Certificate of sale for taxes. 188. Where balance is not paid. 189. Purchaser to be first mort

gagee. 190. Redemption of property, and

receipt. 191. Effect of receipt, and lieu. 192. Purchaser's right, when to

cease. 193. Rights of incumbrancers. 194. Deed of lands. 195. Effect of deed. 196. Where sale set aside. 197. No city officers shall purchase. 198. Fees payable on sale of lands. 199. Assessment of the lands. 200. Return to clerk by registrar

of voters. 201. Supplementary rate-book. 202. Penalty for frauds in assess

ments. 203.

Oath of court of appeal and

city assessors. 204. Errors not to invalidate as

sessment. 205. Council to provide for local

improvements. 206. Special rates for such pur

207. Not to apply to ordinary

208. Council may

pass general
209. Council's action on petition

for improvements. 210. If majority of owners petition

against. 211. By-laws for improvements. 212. By-laws relating to improve.

ments. 213. Temporary advances from

banks. 214. Cost of construction of branch


SECTION. 215. Assessment of lands bene

fitted. 216. Special legislation not re

quired. 217. By-laws may not be repealed;

218. By-law providing for deben-

219. Special assessments and

special rates.
220. Debts for local improvements.

May limit debentures to 30

years. 222. Council may guarantee debt. 223. Borrow money only on

authority of legislature. 224. Sinking fund. 225. Sinking fund to be deposited. 226. A separate school section. 227. Constitution of school board. 228. School commissioners. 229. Town school commissioners to

vacate office. 230. Mayor to appoint certain

members of board. 231. No member of council to be

appointed. 232. Vacancies to be filled by

mayor 233. Powers and duties of school

board. 234. Board may appoint clerk and

treasurer. 235. Board shall submit estimates. 236. Not to include extraordinary

expenditures. 237. Payments by treasurer. 238. Council to approve extraor

dinary expenditures. 239. City to be a separate poor

district. 240. City medical officer. 241 Salary of medical officer. 242. Duties of city medical officer. 243. Board of health. 244. Sanitary superintendent. 245. Duties, &c., of board of health. 246. Estimates for purposes

public health.
247. Compensation to

suffering damages.
248. Legal title to streets, &c.

Repair of streets.
250. Power to lay out new streets,

&c. 251

Plan of city to be prepared. 252 City engineer layout new

streets. 253 City council to confirm plan. 254. Owner or occupier to main

tain fence. 255. Penalty for neglect. 256. Board may erect fence. 257 Council can contract for

lighting. 258. No action can be maintained. 259.. May cut away streets, 260. Council can pass by-laws. 261. Building close to line. 262. Can by resolution close up

street. 263 Duty of council prior to

resolution. 264. New road inust be construct

ed. 265. Power as to control of streets.

etc. 266. Ordinances regarding sewers. 267. Lands to construct sewers. 268. Sewers to empty into Sydney


SECTION. 269. Special sewer rates and assess.

inents. 270. Payment of sewer rates. 271. Release of lien for sewer rates. 272. Cess-pits or privies. 273. City may construct water

274. City may acquire rights of

275. Penalty for obstruction.
276. By-laws regarding water

works and water supply.
277. Separate service pipes.
278. Nothing offensive allowed ad-

jacent to reservoir. 279. Entry on lands for cleaning. 280. Water works to be approved

by Governor-in-Council. 281. Annual income of water

works. 282. Lands required for city pur

poses. 283. Offer and refusals thereof. 284. Expropriation of land by

city. 285. City empowered to make

surveys. 286. Plan of lands and approval

thereof. 287. Notice to owners, agents, and

others. 288. Advertisement where parties

are unknown. 289. Expropriation after notice, &c. 290. Arbitration in case of dispute. 291. Payment out of court. 292. Payment of arbitrators. 293. Appraisement of lands taken

for streets. 294. City to be a revisal section. 295. Registrar of voters. 296. City may appoint deputy

registrar. 297. Salary of registrar, 298. Office of registrar. 299. Applications to registrar. 300. Declaration before registrar. 301. Registration of persons under

disability. 302. Powers and duties of registrar. 303. Sheriff to be at office. 304. Registrar shall prepare lists. 305. Stipendiary magistrate, tenure

and salary.
306. Deputy stipendiary magis-

307. City solicitor.
308. Stipendiary magistrate's

309. Board of police commissioners.
310. Police force.
311. Oath of police.
312. Powers of board.
313. Right of appeal.
314. Commissioners may examine

on oath. 315

May pass by-laws. 316. Proof of by-laws. 317. Penalties may be recovered

in city court. 318. Licenses discretionary with

board. 319. Powers of police officers. 320. Officer may prevent disorder

in shops, &c.
321. Officer inay enter gambling

houses, &c.
322. Duties of police.
323. Chief of police.

Duties of chief, oath and


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