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a system of street lighting, and that the inhabitants within the territorial limits hereinafter described be empowered to assess themselves for such amounts from time to time as may be necessary to furnish such system of lighting;

Be it therefore enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows;


1. The territorial area comprised within the limits Territorial of the Bear River School Section, number twentyfour, Annapolis West, so called (which extends into the county of Digby), is hereby constituted a district for street lighting purposes, and hereby referred to as "the district.

a poll.

2. Upon receipt by the Sheriff of the county of Sheriff to hold Annapolis of a requisition signed by at least twenty ratepayers of the district, requiring that a poll be taken of the voters of said district, the said Sheriff shall proceed in the manner hereinafter provided, to hold a poll to determine whether a system of street lighting shall be installed and maintained in the district under the provisions of this act.


3. Public notice of such poll shall be given by said Notice to be Sheriff, by hand bills posted up in ten of the most public places in said district, for at least ten days before the day on which the poll is held.


4. The voting shall be by ballot in the form as Votinglin form set out in the Schedule to this act, and said ballot shall be printed on white paper.

clerks to


5. The clerks of the municipalities within which Municipal the district, or a portion thereof, is situated, shall, furnish lists, upon application, furnish said Sheriff with the list of voters qualified to vote for members of the Provincial Assembly within the respective polling districts of which the district forms a part, and the Sheriff shall provide himself with a book in which the names of those who vote at said poll shall be entered, and the necessary clerks and equipment with which to hold the said poll.


Poll, how conducted.

Date of operation of Act.

Street lighting commissioners


6. The poll shall be kept open from nine o'clock in the forenoon until four o'clock in the afternoon, within which time the vote shall be taken, and the names entered in said book, to be called the poll book. The hand bills shall give notice of the hours during which the polls shall be kept open as aforesaid. At the close of the poll the Sheriff shall count the ballots and declare the result of the voting.


If the majority of the votes is in favor of this act, the same shall come into operation on the 30th day of September, 1909.

8. For the purposes of this act and the carrying to be appoint-out of the same, the council for the municipality of the district of Digby and the council for the municipality of the county of Annapolis, shall each appoint a commissioner of street lighting, who shall hold office for one year, or until his successor is appointed; such appointments shall be made at the annual meetings of the council of the respective municipalities each year.

Provisional commissioners.




9. The first commissioners under this act shall be, V. T. Hardwick and B. C. Clarke, who shall hold office until the annual meetings of the councils make the appointments as above provided.

10. The said commissioners shall appoint a secretary-treasurer, who shall give security by sufficient bonds to the commissioners for the faithful performance of his duties in such amount as they shall determine. The salary of the secretary-treasurer shall be fixed by the commissioners.

11. The commissioners appointed under the proto be a body visions of this act shall be a body corporate for the prosecution and defence of all actions or suits in respect to the system of street lighting within the district, and other necessary purposes for the carrying out of the objects of this act under the name of "The Commissioners for street lighting of the district of Bear River."

ente intor an

12. The commissioners are hereby authorized and Empowered to empowered to enter into a contract with any Electric agreement. Light Company or any person or persons supplying electric light or electric current, and so provide the inhabitants of the district with a good and sufficient system of street lighting by electricity, and to do all things necessary to regulate and maintain the system so provided.


13. The amount of money required for providing, Necessary installing and maintaining said street lighting system assessed. shall be annually determined by said commissioners, and shall be assessed by them upon all the property within the district on the same basis as assessments are made for county purposes.

to be

to prepare

14. The commissioners shall prepare a rate roll Commissioners showing the assessments made for the purposes of rate-roll, etc. this act, and shall furnish the same to the clerk of each of the above mentioned municipalities, on or before the first day of April in each year, and the amounts rated therein upon each ratepayer of said district shall be added by said clerks to the amounts rated on each ratepayer for municipal purposes, and shall be collected as a part of the municipal rates and taxes, with the same remedies for non-payment.

ed, to


15. The moneys so collected shall be paid over by Money collectthe respective treasurers of the municipalities to the paid. secretary-treasurer of the commissioners, on or before the first day of December in each year, and shall be expended by the commissioners in providing and maintaining street lights within the district as aforesaid. The commissioners shall render an account of the expenditure of said moneys, accompanied with proper vouchers therefor, to the respective treasurers of said municipalities at least one week before the annual meetings of said councils.



16. The said commissioners may make, alter or By-laws to be amend such by-laws, rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary for the control and management of the said corporation, as are not inconsistent with the laws of the Province; but such by-laws, rules and


regulations, and all alterations or amendments thereto, shall be subject to the approval of the Governor-inCouncil.



Are you "for" or "against" the inhabitants of Bear River providing themselves with a system of Street Lighting?

For. Against.

If for, mark a cross "X" in the column marked "for," and if against, in column marked "against.

Section 1, amended.


An Act to Amend Chapter 125, Acts of 1907, entitled
"An Act to Enable the Town of Bridgewater to
Borrow Money for the Improvement of its
Electric Light Supply."

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Section 1 amended.


2. Town meeting not necessary.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. Section 1 of chapter 125 of the acts of 1907, entitled "An Act to Enable the Town of Bridgewater

to Borrow Money for the Improvement of its Electric Light Supply" is amended by inserting between the words "four" and "per cent." in the fifth line of said section, the words "and one-half."

not necessary

2. Inasmuch as the ratepayers of the said town Town meeting have, as provided by and in accordance with section 8 of said chapter 125 of the acts of 1907, adopted said chapter 125, and authorized the borrowing of the money, and the issuing and selling of the debentures therein referred to, it shall not be necessary to convene any additional meeting of the said ratepayers to approve of the said change in rate of interest, or as a condition precedent to the issuing or selling of said debentures or the borrowing of money thereon, or the doing of any matter or thing authorized by said chapter 125 or by this act.


An Act to Amend Chapter 117, Acts of 1908, entitled
"An Act to enable the Town of Bridgewater to
Borrow Money for Extending its Water and
. Sewerage Systems," and to Confirm

Certain Proceedings Thereunder.

(Passed the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1909.)


1. Section 8 amended.


2. Town meeting not necessary.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. Section 8 of chapter 117 of the acts of 1908, Section 8 entitled "An Act to Enable the Town of Bridgewater to Borrow Money for Extending its Water and Sewerage Systems," is hereby amended by striking out Number "4" in the fourth line of the said section and substituting therefor the Number "7".

2. Inasmuch as the ratepayers of said town have, Town meeting at a meeting held as provided by and in accordance

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