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(3) The municipal clerk shall furnish and forward to each surveyor a sufficient number of blank forms of notice in the form "A" in the schedule.

of section 11,

5. Sub-section 2 of section 11 of said chapter is Sub-section repealed and the following substituted therefor:

(2) Any person whose name is contained in any such list, who is permanently or temporarily absent from the road section, may be notified by mailing to him at his usual address, postage prepaid and registered, or by leaving at his last place of abode in the road section, notice in writing of such time and place, at least ten days before the time of such commutation work.

repealed, an

other substituted.

6. (1) Section 14 of said chapter is amended by Section 14, inserting after the words "eight hours" in line four the words "or, as the municipal council determines, of not less than eight hours, nor more than ten hours."

(2) Said section is further amended by inserting after the word "Halifax" in line ten thereof, the words "and the municipalities of the District of Chester and the District of Lunenburg."


7. Section 17 of said chapter is amended by in- Section 17 serting after the word "may" in line three thereof, the words "in the discretion of the surveyor." Said section is further amended by striking out all the words after "September" in line four thereof.

8. Section 20 of said chapter is repealed, and the Section 20 refollowing substituted therefor:

20. It shall be the duty of the surveyor to take such proceedings as may be necessary for the collection of road taxes and penalties, and for the enforcement of any law or regulation in connection with the roads, whether by warrant or summons, and he shall be indemnified by the municipality.

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pealed, another substituted


9. Section 25 of said chapter is amended by insert- Section 25 ing the words "or a surveyor" after the word "clerk in line three thereof.

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pealed, an

Section 29 re- 10. Section 29 of said chapter is repealed and the other substi- following substituted therefor:


Section added.


(29) The poll and property road tax may be sued for and collected as an ordinary debt by the surveyor in the name of the municipality.

11. The said chapter is further amended by adding thereto the following section:

42. The municipal clerk shall, on or before the first day of March in each year, forward to the road commissioner a return shewing,

(a) The total amount separately of poll and property road taxes in the municipality.

(b) The amount paid in cash;

(c) The amount commuted in labour;

(d) The amount uncollected or uncommuted;

(e) The total mileage of roads in each polling district.

12. Form "D" in the schedule to said chapter is struck out and the following substituted therefor:-




"Statement of labour performed, cash collected, cash uncollected, and amount expended and unexpended in road section No... of district

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[blocks in formation]



Number of daysMen.

Number of days Teams.

N. B.-If any portion

of the work


of the contract to be set down in right hand columns.

[blocks in formation]

performed by contract, the date, name of the contractor, and particulars



in the county of


of highways for road section No.. of district No..

cipality of

in the muni-

make oath and say that the foregoing statement is true and correct, and the moneys expended by me have been fairly and honestly applied in carrying out the provisions of the act relating to highways.

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An Act to amend Chapter 8 of the Acts of 1908, entitled "An Act to Consolidate and Amend Chapter 19, Revised Statutes, 1900, 'The Coal Mines Regulation Act,' and Amendments thereto."

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Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assem

bly, as follows:

Chapter 8, Acts

1. Chapter 8 of the Acts of 1908, entitled An Section 28" of Act to consolidate and amend Chapter 19, Revised 1908, added to. Statutes, 1900, 'The Coal Mines Regulation Act,'

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