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Halaman 34 - Houses, to proceed to the election of a Senator to represent this State in the Congress of the United States, for the term of six years from the 4th of March next.
Halaman 324 - Council, to wait upon his Excellency the Governor and inform him that the two Houses are organized and ready to receive any communication he may have to make to them; Which was agreed to.
Halaman 273 - That no part of the Constitution of the United States ought to be construed, or shall be construed to authorize the importation or ingress of any person of color into any one of the United States, contrary to the laws of such State.
Halaman 271 - That his Excellency, the Governor, be, and he is hereby, requested...
Halaman 79 - Michigan to appear before said court, at a time and place to be named in said summons, not less than twenty nor more than forty days from the date of the same, and show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of said petition should not be granted.
Halaman 274 - Resolved, That his excellency the Governor be requested to forward a copy of the foregoing resolutions to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress, and to each of the Executives of the several States, with a request that the same may be laid before the respective Legislatures of said States.
Halaman 105 - An Act to incorporate sundry persons by the name of the President, Directors and Company of the Concord Bank.
Halaman 29 - Representatives shall appoint such committee), to wait on His Excellency the Governor, and inform him that the General Assembly is organized and ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.
Halaman 274 - Resolved, by the council and general assembly of this state, that the consideration of a system providing for the gradual emancipation of the people of color, held in servitude in the United States...
Halaman 40 - State in the Congress of the United States for six years from and after the...

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