Letters of the Late Rev. Mr. Laurence Sterne, to His Most Intimate Friends: With a Fragment in the Manner of Rabelais, Volume 1

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F. Becket, 1776

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Halaman 49 - tis, in fact, my hobbyhorse ; and so much am I delighted with my uncle Toby's imaginary character, that I am become an enthusiast. My Lydia helps to copy for me, and my wife knits, and listens as I read her chapters.
Halaman 202 - tis a land of plenty. I sit down alone to venison, fish, and wild fowl, or a couple of fowls or ducks, with, curds, and strawberries, and cream, and all the simple plenty which a rich valley (under Hamilton Hills) can produce ; with a clean cloth on my table, and a, bottle of wine on my right hand to drink your health. I have a hundred hens and chickens about my yard, and not a parishioner catches a hare, or a rabbit, or a trout, but he brings it as an offering to me.
Halaman 228 - tis true that an author must feel himself, or his reader will not — but I have torn my whole frame into pieces by my feelings — I believe the brain stands as much in need of recruiting as the body — therefore I shall set out for town the twentieth of next month, after having recruited myself a week at York.
Halaman 12 - December — some friendly wall has sheltered it from the biting wind. No planetary influence shall reach us, but that which presides and cherishes the sweetest flowers.
Halaman 197 - Now be a good dear woman, my H , and execute these commissions well ; — and when I see you, I will give you a kiss. — There's for you ! — But I have something else for you which I am fabricating at a great rate, and that is my Sentimental Journey...
Halaman 5 - It was in this parish, during our stay, that I had that wonderful escape in falling through a mill-race whilst the mill was going, and of being taken up unhurt ; the story is incredible, but known for truth in all that part of Ireland, where hundreds of the common people flocked to see me.
Halaman 226 - I can answer for those two. It is a subject which works well, and suits the frame of mind I have been in for some time past — I told you my design in it was to teach us to love the world and our fellow-creatures better than we do — so it runs most upon those gentler passions and affections, which aid so much to it.
Halaman 12 - The gloomy family of care and distrust- shall be banished from our dwelling, guarded by thy kind and tutelar deity. We will sing our choral songs of gratitude and rejoice to the end of our pilgrimage. Adieu, my L. Return to one who languishes for thy society ! — As I take up my pen, my poor pulse quickens, my pale face glows, and tears are trickling down on my paper as I trace the word L.
Halaman 189 - The first part of my life was rather unlucky, as I was placed in a family who judged ignorance the best and only security for obedience. A little reading and writing I got by unwearied application.
Halaman 244 - Dearest, kindest, gentlest, and best of women! may health, peace, and happiness prove your handmaids. If I die, cherish the remembrance of me, and forget the follies which you so often condemn'd — which my heart, not my head, betray'd me into.

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