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1802. Nathan Smith, George Widrig, Samuel Merry, Jr.

1803. Samuel Wright, George Widrig, Stephen Miller.

1804. Evans Wharry, Samuel Wright, George Widrig.

1805. Same.

1806. George Widrig, Samuel Wright, Eldad Corbit.

1807. George Widrig, John Kennedy, Samuel Wright.

1808. Westel Willoughby, Jr., John M. Petrie, Aaron Budlong.

1809. Same.

1810. Thomas Manly, Christopher P. Bellinger, Rudolph Devendorff.

1811. Christopher P. Bellinger, Robert Burch, Hosea Nelson.

1812. Robert Burch, Rudolph J. Shoemaker, Samuel Woodworth.

1813. Rudolph I. Shoemaker, Hosea Nelson, John Graves.

1814. Aaron Hackley, Jr., Jonas Cleland, Christopher P. Bellinger.

1815. Aaron Hackley, Jr., Jonas Cleland, John McCombs.

1816. John McCombs, Henry Hopkins, William D. Ford.

1817. Abijah Beckwith, George Rosecrantz, William D. Ford.

1818. Aaron Hackley, Jr., Nichol Fosdick, George Rosecrantz.

1819. Nichol Fosdick, Jonas Cleland, Henry Gros.

1820. James Orton, Jacob Markell, Philo M. Hackley.

1821. Simeon Ford, Thomas Manly, Daniel Van Horn.

1822. Simeon Ford, Stephen Todd, Robert Shoemaker.

1823. John Dygert, Abijah Beckwith, Henry Tillinghast.

1824. Christopher P. Bellinger, John Graves, Caleb Budlong.

1825. Samuel Dexter, Jr., Warner Folts, Jacob Wire.

1826. Jonas Cleland, Nicholas Schuyler, Edmund Varney.

1827. Frederick P. Bellinger, Richard Smith, 2d, Daniel C. Henderson.

1828. David R. Currier, Abijah Mann, Jr., John P. Snell.

1829. Abijah Mann, Jr., John B. Dygert, Cornelius Sloughter.

1830. Frederick P. Bellinger, Abijah Mann, Jr., Russell Hopkins.

1831. Atwater Cook, Jr., Nicholas Lawyer, Olmstead Hough.

1832. William C. Crain, David Thorp, Daniel Dygert.

1833. Sherman Wooster, Dudley Burwell, Joseph M. Prendergast.

1834. Charles Dyer, Augustus Beardslee, Timothy J. Campbell.

1835. Henry Tillinghast, Peter P. Murphy, Charles Gray.

1836. Stephen Ayres, Frederick Bellinger, Thomas Hawks.

1837. Aaron Hackley, Henry L. East on.

1838. Abijah Mann, Jr., Volney Owen.

1839. Atwater Cook, Jr., Benjamin Carver.

1840. Daniel Bellinger, George Burch.

1841. Michael Hoffman, Arphaxed Loomis.

1842. Same.

1843. John T. Hall, Walter Booth.

1844. Michael Hoffman, Peter H. Warren.

1845. William C. Crain, Alexander H. Buell.

1846. William C. Crain, Henry Eysaman.

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In 1777-8, Michael Edic and Abraham Van Horne were Members of Assembly from Tryon county. In 1778-9, George Henry Bell and Abraham Van Horne.

1781-2, William Petry.

1782- 3, William Petry and Andrew Frinck.

1786, Abraham Van Horne was a member from Montgomery county.

1788-9, Henry Staring.

1789-90-91, Michael Myers.

The persons bearing the above names have been noticed in this work. It is therefore proper to append the information contained in this note. * The numeral figures designate the number of the assembly district.


Albany county, extent of, until

1772, 64

Affairs in Tryon county, 70

Arnold, General, arrives at Fort

Dayton 81

Arnold, Gener'l,his proclamation, 81
Andrustown, destroyed by Brant, 85

Aspect of affairs in 1782, 105

Asiatic cholera, 117

Attainder of Sir John Johnson,
Guy Johnson, Daniel Claus,
John Butler and John Joost

Herkimer 120

Alexander, Rev. Caleb, 231

Academy at Little Falls, 233

Agricultural society of county,... 254
Anti-Federalism of German popu-
lation, 258

Aspect of political affairs previ-
ous to 1846, 277

Allen, John, trial and acquital of, 291
Ayers, Stephen, biography of,. .. 294

Alfred, Asahel, notice of, 390

Alexander, William, notice of,... 419

Arnold, Edward, notice of, 419

Attorneys and counselors, list of, 485

Assembly, members of, 488

Appendix No. 1, Palatine Grant, 473
"No. 2, List of Patents,. 475
"No. 3, Royal Grant,... 479"No. 4, County Medical
Society, 481

Appendix No. 5, Sheriffs, Clerks,
Judges, etc., 483

Appendix No. 6, Electors, of Pre-
sident and Vice President,
Members of Congress, State
Conventions, State Senate and
of Assembly, 486

Additional note, 490

Boundaries of Mohawks' hunting

grounds, 16

Bravery of Mohawk Indians,.... 17
Bellomont, Lord,and Capt. Kidd, 38
Burnet, Governor, first arrival of, 38

Burnetsfield Patent, 42

"names of patentees

of, 46, 45, 44

Belletre, M. de, his account of the
destruction of the German Flats

in 1757, 53,52, 51

British forces assemble at Oswego, 75
Butler, Walter N., an account of

his death, 102, 97

British propositions for peace, 108,106
Biographical sketches of Palatine

families, 129

the Bell family, 131

Bellinger family, 132

Casler" 142

Editch" 145

Folts" 146

Fox -' 147

Biographical sketches of the Hel-

mer family, 147

Herkimer family, 149

Herter" 172

Hess" 174

Kast •' 175

Petrie" 175

Reelle" 180

Shoemaker" 181

Smith" 183

Staring" 184

Teymouth" 193

Wolleaver" 195

Weaver" 197

Bell, George Henry, 131

Bellinger, Christopher P., 134

Bellinger, Frederick, 139

Bucktail and Clintonian parties,. 207
Bowman, John, conviction of,... 286
Bennett, Samuel, conviction of,. 286
Biographical sketches of the lives of Stephen Ayres, 294

Alexander H. Buell 295

Robert Burch, 298

Stephen W. Brown, 300

Benjamin Brown, 301

Dan Chapman 302

Atwater Cook, 303

William H. Cook 305

Rufus Craine, 305

Henry Ellison, 308

John Frank, 309

Simeon Ford, 311

David V. W. Golden 313

Gaylord Griswold, 314

Joab Griswold 316

F.lihu Griswold, 317

John Graves, 320

David Holt 321

Michael Hoffman, 323

Stephen Hallett, 336

Philo M. Hackley 337

Henry Hopkins 339

Sanders Lansing, 340

JohnMahon 342

Biographical Sketches of the lives of Thomas Manley. 344

Jacob Markell, 346

John Mills, 34>

Michael Myers 349

William Petry, 352

George Rosecrantz, 356

Nathan Smith, 357

Ephraiin Snow, .' 361

Henry Tillinghast, 362

Stephen Todd 364

Abijah Tombling,... 36$

Edmund Varney, 369

Richard Van Horne, 370

Evans Wharry, 373

George Widrig, 377

Westel Willoughby, 378

Chauncy Woodruff, 379

Sherman Wooster, 380

Samuel Wright, 385

Beardslee, John, notice of, 435 Brown, John, notice of, 468

Castle, Upper Mohawk in Danube, 17
Clarendon, Earl of, his opinion of

R. Livingston, 47

Croghan, George, Deputy Indian

agent, 55

Colonial wars from 1689 to 1760, 60
Commercial prosperity of the

colonies, 60

Causes of the rupture with Great

Britain, 61

Congress, colonial, assembling of, 66
Convention, provincial, meeting

of, 66

Committees of safety of Tryon

county, 67

Close of the Revolution, 105

County Clerk's office burned,... 115
Condition of county at the close

of the war of 1812, 116

Court House burned, 117

County, when erected, 198

Counties erected from Herkimer, 19S

Counties, list of first in the state, 199

Canals in the County, 212

Clinton, Gov. George, 258

Conduct of the Federal party in

1810, 264

Clintonian and Bucktail parties,. 267

Convention of 1821, 268

Convention of 1846, 280

Clark, Aaron R., conviction of,.. 285
Chapman, Dan., biography of,... 302
Cook, Atwater, biography of, ... 303
Cook, William H., biography of, 305

Crain, Rufus, biography of 305

Columbia, town of, 389

County clerks, list of, 483

Congress, members of, 487

Conventions, state, members of,. 487
Corrections to be made by the

reader, 6

Drnsus, the Roman general, 31

Daine, Mr., his opinion of M. de
Belletre'sacco'nt of the expedi-
tion against the German Flats, 53 De Lancey,Gov., his statement in
regard to the French attack on
the German Flats, 53

Districts in Tryon county,... . 66, 67 Declaration of Independence how
received, 73

Disturbances on account of Mr.
Adams's stamp act, 114

Danube, town of, 391

District Attorneys, names of,.... 486

Enemy approach Fort Schuyler,
Stanwix, 76

Estates forfeited, reflections in re-
gard to, 119, 128

Election of delegates to conven-
tion of 1821, 269

Election, first after new constitu-
tion was adopted, 270

Ellison, Henry, biography of,.. . 308

Eysaman family, murder of,.... 403

Electors of President and Vice

President, names of, 487

Errata, 6

Frederick, Prince Palatine, 28

Fort Herkimer, when erected,... 54
Frontenac fort captured in 1758,. 59
Fort Dayton, when erected and

where located, 87

Fort Schuyler destroyed and

abandoned, 91

Fairfield Medical College, 225

Fairfield Academy, 228

Federal party in the county pre-
dominant, 259

Financial policy of the Democratic

party, 279

Foster, Nathaniel, trial and ac-

quital of, 288

Frank, John, biography of, 309

Ford, Simeon, biography of, 311

Fairfield, town of, 395

Frankfort, town of, 400

Feeter, William, notice of, 420

Garangula, the Onondaga Indian,
speech of, 19

German tribes, early his-
tory of, 27, 26, 25

Germany, religious questions in,
adjusted, 28

German tribes originated from
Asia, 31

German Flats, when first settled, 41
"destr'd by French
and Indians in 1757, 61

Germans informed of the French
attack, 53

German population of county
Anti-Federal, 261

Golden, David V. W., biography
of, 313

Griswold, Gaylord, biography of,. 314

Griswold, Joab. " 316

Griswold, Elihu, " 317

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