Gambar halaman


The reader is requested to note the following corrections: Pago 25, line 3, after the word of there should be a —.

"25, 5th line from top, for Theidelburgh read HcidcUmrgh.

"31, last line, for navigated read immigrated.

"40, 3d line from bottom, for interest read influence.

"121, 2d par., line 6, for affairs read offences.

"124, 2d par. line 7, for retaining- read exerting.

"161, 162 and 193, Col. Gansevoort's name is misprinted.

"204, 5th par. line 2, read law of attainder.

"246, 14th line from bottom, for portion read fraction.

"271, 12th line from bottom, for states read state.

"320, 2d par. line 11, for county read country.

"361, 3d par. 1st line, for cause read care.

"369, 2d par. for Edward read Edmund.

"377, 2d par. 12th line, for Merray read Merry.

"407, note, for John Spinner read John P. Spinner.

"437, first line, for Klacks read Klocks.

The letter J frequently occurs in proper names for I; the reader familiar with the names will be able to make the correction.

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