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The Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 20402, is authorized by law to sell copies of government publications. The Superintendent of Documents currently sells 21,000 titles, which are only a small portion of the publications that have been issued by the Federal Government. Not every title that is listed in the Monthly Catalog is sold by GPO.

The prices of all U.S. Government publications sold by the Superintendent of Documents are established by the Public Printer in accordance with Title 44 of the United States Code. Prices are subject to change without notice. The prices charged on your order will be those in effect at the time your order is processed, with the exception of prices quoted from the GPO order desk. (A telephone quote number will be provided at that time which guarantees the price for 90 days.) As it is not feasible to manually correct the prices in the publications affected by price changes, the prices charged on your order may differ from those printed in the publications and in the Monthly Catalog.


A 25 percent price discount is allowed for purchases of 100 or more copies of a single publication that are mailed to one address. Bookdealers buying for the purpose of resale will receive the same 25 percent discount, regardless of quantity, if the publications are mailed to their place of business. No discount is allowed when the publications are mailed to a third party unless the order is for 100 or more copies of a single publication. Also no discount is allowed on several periodicals or groups of publications which fall into a special pricing category.


The GPO Sales Publications Reference File (PRF) is a 48x microfiche catalog of publications sold by the Superintendent of Documents. The PRF is issued on a bi-monthly subscription basis and lists all publications and subscription services currently for sale by the Superintendent of Documents. Forthcoming sales items and items that have been exhausted (out-of-print) for up to two years are also included in the PRF.

Each PRF issue consists of approximately 300 microfiche and is sent to subscribers and depository libraries six times a year in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Monthly supplements to the PRF, entitled GPO New Sales Publications, consists of one or two microfiche. Each supplement lists all new publications added to the active sales inventory during the preceding month.

The PRF is arranged in three sequences:

1. By Government Printing Office stock numbers

2. By Superintendent of Documents classification numbers

3. By alphabetical arrangement of subjects, titles, agency series and report numbers, key words and phrases, and individual authors.

The PRF may be purchased as a subscription service, or by single issue.

At the beginning of each year, a number of exhausted (out-of-print) titles are removed from the GPO Sales Publications Reference File and merged into a separate index of exhausted titles, called the Exhausted GPO Publications Reference File (EPRF). First created in January of 1980, the EPRF contains references to more than 25,000 U.S. Government documents formerly sold by the Superintendent of Documents.

The EPRF provides a ready reference file of historical bibliographic information that will be helpful in identifying older publications. Beginning with the 1981 edition, each annual EPRF will cumulate all titles exhausted since the basic 1980 edition. Current price and ordering information about the PRF and the EPRF may be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents by calling the order desk at (202) 783–3238.

Copies of exhausted publications listed on the EPRF may be found in regional Federal depository library collections. Copies of certain technical publications no longer sold by the Superintendent of Documents may usually be obtained by writing to:

National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161


At present the Superintendent of Documents does not publish a complete hardcopy listing of all titles that are for sale. Most of the available titles appear in the more than 250 subject bibliographies that are prepared by this Office. The subject bibliographies list publications and subscriptions on a single subject, or on a specific field of interest. Each entry is listed by title, GPO stock number, and price. The bibliographies also provide a brief description of some of the publications and subscriptions listed, and ordering information. The Superintendent of Documents has also prepared a Subject Bibliography Index to assist customers in selecting the subject bibliography that most closely relates to their needs. Prices of publications listed in the subject bibliographies are subject to change without notice.

The Subject Bibliography Index and the subject bibliographies are free and may be obtained by writing to:

Superintendent of Documents
U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C. 20402


Government Periodicals and Subscription Services, Price List 36 is a free catalog available upon request from the Superintendent of Documents. This catalog lists over 500 subscription services that are published by more than 40 Federal agencies and sold by the Superintendent of Documents. Each issue also lists the changes in subscription services that have occurred since the last edition of Price List 36 was published. These revisions include new subscription services, subscriptions that have been discontinued, changes in subscription titles and the latest prices. All changes are listed under “General Information” in the preliminary pages. A subscription order form and ordering information are provided on the last two pages. Retention information (the number of available back issues retained for single copy sale) is included in the text entries of Price List 36 following the single copy price. Price List 36 is revised and issued quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). Prices of all subscription services are subject to change without advance notice. To obtain a copy of Price List 36, write to:

Superintendent of Documents
U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C. 20402


The Consumer Information Center was established in 1970 by presidential order to increase public awareness of consumer information released by Federal agencies. A catalog of consumer publications, published four times a year by the Center, lists booklets from nearly 30 agencies of the Federal Government. More than half of these publications are free upon request.

The Consumer Information Center does not maintain a mailing list for individual copies of the Consumer Information Catalog. However, the center does maintain a bulk mailing list for educators, libraries, consumer and non-profit groups who wish to receive 25 or more copies of the catalog quarterly. A Spanish-language edition of the catalog is also available, by individual copy or by bulk. To obtain a copy of the catalog or an application to be placed on the bulk list, write to:

Consumer Information Center
Pueblo, Colorado 81009


The Consumers Guide to Federal Publications is a free pamphlet published by the Superintendent of Documents. The guide is designed to assist customers in locating the proper source for publications relating to their interests. It gives a general overview of the Document Sales Program and describes the numerous services that the Superintendent of Documents offers. The guide also provides ordering information and lists some other sources where Federal publications are available. The guide may be obtained by writing to:

Superintendent of Documents
U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C. 20402


Certain publications or series of publications that are published annually are now available on a standing order basis. Customers who wish to use this service must maintain a Superintendent of Documents deposit account, or a VISA or MasterCard account. Under the standing order service, customers will be placed on a specific standing order list upon request and will receive publications associated with the list as they become available. GPO mails these publications to customers and charges their accounts. If funds are not available at the time of shipment, the customer is notified that no shipment will be made. Subscription services are not offered on a standing order basis. To receive a publication on standing order, customers must submit GPO Form 3468, “Authorization for Standing Order Service.” This form and a list of standing order titles are available free of charge from the Superintendent of Documents. For more information on standing orders, Write:

Department 40
Superintendent of Documents
U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C. 20402


The following Congressional materials are available from the Superintendent of Documents on a subscription basis: House and Senate Hearings, Public Bills, Reports on Public Bills, Private Bills, Reports on Private Bills, House and Senate Documents, Private Laws, Public Laws.

In most cases, single copies of these publications are not sold. Items which are not available for sale, may be obtained from the House and Senate Documents Rooms at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., 20515 (House) and 20510 (Senate) or from the issuing congressional committee. Sales items, including some committee prints, are identified with price and stock number in the individual entries in the Monthly Catalog. Prices on sales items are subject to change without notice. Current price information is available from the Superintendent of Documents.

To help fulfill its responsibility to inform the public on the policies and programs of the Federal Government, Congress has established the Depository Library Program. Chapter 19 of title 44 of the U.S. Code is the authority for the establishment and operation of the depository program. Under this program, government publications are made available to designated depository libraries. In order to provide the general public with greater access to government publications, these libraries are located in each state and congressional district. There are currently over 1,350 depository libraries. Of this number, 49 have been designated as regional depositories. The regional libraries assume the responsibility of retaining depository material permanently and of providing interlibrary loan and reference service in their regions. They also assist selective depository libraries with the disposal of unwanted material. Copies of documents no longer available through the GPO Sales Program can usually be found in regional Federal depository library collections. See the following page for a list of regional Federal depository libraries. To obtain a complete list of the depository libraries, write to:

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