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FRANCE. Treaty with Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia,

and Spain. Duchies of Parma, Placentia, and

Guastalla ..... .... Paris, 10th June, 1817. 75
Annexes. Extract of the Treaty of Aix-la-Cha-
pelle, ....

.1748. 82
Act of Cession of The Empress Queen

of Hungary and Bohemia.... 1748. 82
Act of Cession of the King of Sar-

....1748. 84
Fundy. Islands in the Bay of. Correspondence with the American

Commissioner, under the Treaty of Ghent with Great Bri-
tain, of 1814..

.... 1816, 1817. 805


Gohud. Ranah of. Treaty with Great Britain. Territorial.

Agra, 10th January, 1806. 223
GREAT BRITAIN. Accounts. Finance. Public INCOME.

Great Britain..... 1816. 142

Ireland ...1816, 146
Application of Public

Monies, &c. (United

Kingdom.).....1816. 150
do. (Ireland.) .....1816. 152
Public Funded Debt,

(United Kingdom.)

Ist February, 1817. 154
do.... redeemed. (do.)

1st February, 1817. 162
Unfunded Debt. (Great
Britain.). 5th Jan. 1817, 169 ...(Ireland.)

5th January, 1817. 170
Public Funded Debt,

(Ireland.) 5th Jan. 1817. 166 redeemed.

5th January, 1817. 168
Gross Produce of the Re-
venues of Great Britain.

1797 to 1816. 570
Trade. Great Britain. 1814 to 1816. 171

Ireland ......1814 to 1816. 171
Great Britain and British

West Indies, 1760 to 1816. 769
United States and do., and
American Colonies.

1801 to 1816. 393
Exports from Great Britain
to Foreign Countries.

1792 to 1816. 770 Ireland.

1790 to 1816. 771 to Spanish-Ame-

rican Colonies.

1807 to 18/6. 571



GREAT BRITAIN. Accounts. Navigation. United Kingdom,

1814 to 1816, viz:
Vessels built and regis-

tered, &c. (Great Bri-

172 (Ireland.) 172, 173
Vessels employed, Fo-
reign Trade. (Great

Britain.)........ 1814. 772
Acts of Parliament. Foreign Trade between The

United States and Bernuda.

1812,1813, 1817. 486
Act of Parliament. Convention of Commerce of

1815, with The United States.

11th April, 1816. 549
Duties upon Exports to The
United States.

30th June, 1817. 551
Pensions of certain high and
efficient Civil Officers.

7th July, 1817. 470
Act of the Congress of the United States. Re-

turn of Discriminating Duties upon British

. 3rd March, 1817. 756
Conference between the Plenipotentiaries of the

Five Power8. Passports for Lucien Bonaparte

for The United States. Paris, 13th March, 1817. 956
Correspondence with The United States. Distressed

American Seamen in London,

Nov. Dec. 1815. 739, 741
with do. Restitution of certain
Slaves, captured during the War.

1815, 1816. 268
with do. Islands in the Bay of
Fundy.... ...1816, 1817. 805
with Sicily. Changes to be ef-
fected in the Sicilian Constitution.

Sept. Dec. 1816. 552
with British Naval Officers. Slave

.1816, 1817. 127
Message of the President of The United States to

Congress. Return of Discriminating Duties
levied upon British Vessels .....3rd Feb. 1817. 756
Note of the Four Powers to France. Diminution
of the Army of Occupation in France.

Paris, 10th Feb. 1817. 824
..... of the Five Powers to Portugal. Mediation

between Portugal and Spain. Portuguese
Occupation of Monte Video.

Paris, 16th March, 1817. 954
Notification. (British.) Blockade of Pernambuco

by a Portuguese Squadron. ... 18th May, 1817. 980
Orders in Council. Exportation of Gunpowder,

Arms, &c. to Africa, to the
West Indies, or to certain
Parts of America, prohibited.

1817. 140, 731, 732
Importation of Provisions into
Newfoundland from The
United States. ...1817. 729, 951

GREAT Britain. Order in Council. Trade between Foreign Coun-

tries and the Mauritius.

1st March, 1817. 565
Disposal of, and distribution of

Bounties for, Captured

Slaves.... Jlth July, 1817. 817
Ordinance of the King of France, and Proclama-

tion of the Authorities of Bourbon. Commer-
cial Relations between Bourbon and the Mau-

1817, 1818. 567
Proclamation. Prohibition of British Subjects

from taking part in the Contest between Spain

and Spanisk America....27th November, 1817. 488
Speech of the Prince Regent. Opening of Parlia-

28th January, 1817. 1
of do. Closing of do..... 12th July, 1817. 512
TREATIES, &c. WITH Foreign Powers; viz., with
Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia,

and Spain. Treaty. Duchies
of Parma, Placentia, and

Paris, 10th June, 1817.
Annexes. Extract. Treaty of Aix-

la-Chapelle, 1748.. 82
Act of Cession of the Empress

Queen of Hungary

and Bohemia 1748.. 82
Act of Cession of the King of

Sardinia ......1748. 84
India. Native Princes and States of,

1799 to 1817. See India.
Portugal. Additional Convention,

Slave Trade.
London, 28th July, 1817. 85
Annexes. Form of Pass-

port for Portu-
guese Vessels.

Instructions for

Ships of War. 98
Regulation for
the Mixed

Commissions. 104
.. Separate Article to Convention.

London, 1lth Sept. 1917. 115
Declaration, Molembo and

London, 3rd April, 1819. 116
Spain. Treaty. Slave Trade.

Madrid, 23rd Sept. 1817. 33
Annexes. Form of Passport for

Spanish Vessels... 43
Instructions for Ships
of War

Regulation for the

Mixed Commissions. 51
Tunis. Declaration of the Bey. Ex-

ception of Tunisian Ships from
the British Channel.

Bardo, 19th October, 1817. 819



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Great Britain. Treaties, &c. continued; viz.-with

Wirtemberg. Treaty. Marriage of

the Princess Royal
with the Hereditary
Prince of Wirtem-


London, 3rd May, 1797. 369
Additional Articles to do.

London, 22nd May, 1817. 365
Guiana. Limits of. Convention between Franre and Portugal.

Paris, 28th August, 1817. 818

(Extracts.) Treaties, do....1713, 1809, 1815. 818
Gunpowder, &c. Exportation of

, 10 Africa, to the West Indies, or
to certain Parts of America, prohibited. Bri.
tish Orders in Council...... .1917. 110, 731, 732

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INDIANS. (American.) Treaties between The United States and

various Nations and Tribes of.


STATES OF. 1799 to 1817; viz.—with the
Rajah of Mysore. Friendship and Alliance.

Nazzerbah, 8th July, 1799. 175
The Nizam. Defensive Alliance.

Hydrabad, 12th October, 1800. 180

Separate and Secret Articles. 263
The Peshwa. Defensive Alliance.

Bassein, 31st December, 1802. 186
.... Rajah of Bhurtpore. Friendship and Alliance.

29th September, 1803. 194
Rajah of Macherry Friendship and Alliance.

14th November, 1803. 194
The Peshwa. Supplementary Articles.

Poona, 16th December, 1803, 195
.... Rajah of Berar: Peace and Friendship.

Deogaum, 17th December, 1803. 198
Dowlut Rao Scindia. Peace.

Serjee Anjemgaum, 30th December, 1803. 200
Rajah of Travancore. Friendship and Alliance.

Jeroovanaporam, 12th January, 1805. 203


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INDIA. Treaties. (British.) Continued.-viz. with the
Rajah of Bhurtpore. Amity and Alliance.

Bhurtpore, 17th April, 1805. 207
Anund Row Guicowar. Defensive Alliance.

Baroda, 21st April, 1805. 209
... Dowlut Rao Scindia. Amity and Alliance.

Mustafapoor, 22nd November, 1805. 216 Declaratory Articles.

Illahabad, 3rd December, 1805. 219
.. Jeswunt Rao Holkar. Peace and Amity.

Raipoor Ghaut, 24th Dec. 1805. 220

Declaratory Articles.

River Ganges, 2nd February, 1806. 222
Ranah of Gohud. Territorial.

Agra, 10th January, 1806. 223
Bungha Sing. Territorial.. .Ist April, 1806, 225
Rajah of Berar. Territorial. 24th August, 1806. 226
Rajah of Mysore. Additional Articles.

29th January, 1807. 227
Rajah of Lahore. Friendship.

Umritsur, 25th April, 1809. 229
...... Rajah of Cochin. Friendship and Subsidy.

Anjekanall, 6th May, 1809, 229
King of Caubul. Alliance against France and

Persia....17th June, 1809, 233
Ameers of Scind. Friendship.

Hyderabad, 22nd August, 1809. 234
Futteh Mahomed, of Cutch. Friendship. Sup-

pression of Piracy..1809. 234
Dewan Hansraj, of Mandavie. Friendship.

Suppression of Piracy..28th Oct. 1809. 235
Rujah of Macherry. Friendship. 16th July, 1811. 236
Vizier of Oude. Boundaries.

Lucknow, 14th January, 1812, 236
Rajah of Colapore. Peace and Friendship.

Curveer, 1st October, 1812. 238
Dessye of Sawunt Warree. Peace and Friend-

ship.. Mardoor, 3rd October, 1812.241
Rajah of T'ehree. Friendship and Alliance.

23rd December, 1812. 243
Rajah of Rewah and Mookundpore. Friendship

and Alliance. .Banda, 5th October, 1812. 245
Rajah of Rewah. Peace and Alliance.

Badderah, 2nd June, 1813. 248 Territorial.

Kurwahee, 11th March, 1814. 252
Vizier of Oude. Friendship and Alliance.

Lucknow, 12th July, 1814. 254
Rajah of Nepaul. Peace.

Segowley, 2nd December, 1815. 255
Rao of Cutch. Alliance.

Bhooj, 16th January, 1816. 257
Vizier of Oude. Territorial.

Lucknow, Ist May, 1816. 260
Rajah of Siccim. Alliunce and Commerce.

Titalya, 10th February, 1817. 262
Inheritances. Foreign. Abolition of Duties upon. See Droits.

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