Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Exchequer & Exchequer Chamber: From Hilary Term, 6 Will. IV. to [Easter Term, 10 Vict.] Both Inclusive; with Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters. [1836-1847], Volume 11

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Halaman 290 - interest or no interest," or "without further proof of interest than the policy itself," or "without benefit of salvage to the insurer...
Halaman 922 - ... that the action was really brought to try a right besides the mere right to recover damages for the trespass or grievance for which the action shall have been brought, or that the trespass or grievance in respect of which the action was brought was wilful and malicious.
Halaman 287 - ... beginning the adventure upon the said goods and merchandises from the loading thereof aboard the said ship, upon the said ship, &c. and so shall continue and endure, during her abode there, upon the said ship, &c. And further, until the said ship, with all her ordnance, tackle, apparel, &c., and goods and...
Halaman 99 - Martin afterwards obtained a rule calling on the plaintiff to shew cause why the...
Halaman 491 - Butt obtained a rule to shew cause why the verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial had on the ground of misdirection, or for arresting the judgment.
Halaman 127 - Attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done in or about the premises by virtue of these presents...
Halaman 853 - The first count of the declaration, upon which alone the question arises, stated that, in consideration that the plaintiff, at the request of the defendant, had bought of the defendant a horse for the sum of 30, the defendant promised that it was sound and free from vice.
Halaman 179 - ... leave being reserved to the plaintiff to move to enter a verdict for him, if the court should be of opinion that neither of the avowries was sustained by the evidence.
Halaman 922 - I find to be due from the plaintiff to the defendant;" and he further awarded that each party should pay his own costs of the reference, and a moiety of the costs of the award...
Halaman 668 - ... held guilty of maintenance. Bro. Tit. Maintenance 7.14.17. &c. Nay, if he officiously gave evidence, it was maintenance ; so that he must have had a subpoena, or suppress the truth. That such doctrine repugnant to every honest feeling of the human heart should be soon laid aside must be expected.

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