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lations established by the board of supervising inspectors with the approval of
the Secretary of Commerce and Labor."

Section four provided that Section 4,136 of the Revised Statutes of the United
States, as amended by act of January 18, 1897, be, and it is hereby, further
amended to read as follows: ".Sec. 4,120. The hull and boilers of every ferry-
boat, canal boat, yacht, or other small craft of like character propelled by stean,
shall be inspected under the provisions of this title. Such other provisions of
law for the better security of life as may be applicable to such Fessels shall, by
the regulations of the board of supervising inspectors, also be required to be
complied with before a certificate of inspection Sliall he granted, and no such
vessel shall be navigated without a licenseil engineer and a licensed pilot: Tro-
vided, however, that in open stean launches of ten tons burden and under, one
person, if duiy qualified, may serve in the double capacity of pilot and engineer.
All vessels of above fifteen tuns burden Carrying freight or passengurs for hire,
propelled by gas, fuid, naplitha, or electric inotors, shall be, and are hereby, .
mude subject to all the provisions of Section 4.420 of the Revised Statutes of the
United States relating to the inspection of hulls and boilers and requiring (118i-
neers and pilots, and for any violation of the provisions of this title applicable
to such vessels, or of rules or regulations lawfully estal)lished thereunder, and to
the extent to which such provisions of law ani regulations are so applicable, thie
said vessels, their masters, officers and owners shall be subject to the provisions
of Sections 4,496, 4,197. 4,498, 4,499 and 1,700, relating to the impesition and
enforcement of penalties and the enforcement of law."

şection five arnended Sectiori 7,449, Revised Silutes, to reail as follows: "I any licensed office Sliall, to the hindrance of


11n reasonably refuse to serve in his official capacity on any vessel as authorizeil Revocations by ile ierms of his certificate of license, or shall fail to deliver to and

the applicant for such Service at the time of such refusai, 'if the Suspensione. same huill be demandcu, a statement in priiing assigning goud and

sufficient reasons therefor, or if any pilot or engineer shall refuise to admit into the piloi liouse or engine 101 any jerson whorn the mastir or owner ol the vessel may desire to place there for the purpose of learning the profession, hly license shall be revoked or suspended upon the sanie procedings os are provided in other cases oť revocation or suspension of such licenses."

Section six provided tliat Section 4,45% of the Revised Statutes of the United States be, and it is hereby, amnended to read as jo!WS: "Sec. 4,15%. Thronever any board of local inspectory refuses in graut License to any person applying for the saine, or Suspends or revokes Choliniline uf ill: master', maie, engineer; or pilot, any person leaning hinist if wrungeel by such rofusai, Suspension or revocacion may, within thirty days Mirror, on application to the supervising inspector of the district, have his things wxarained anew by such supervising inspector; and the local hoard shall full to the supervising inspector, in writing. the reasons for ics duings in the premises; and such supervising inspector shall cxamine the case aneir, and lié Sliai liave the same powers to summon witnesses and compel their attendance and to releninister paths that are conferred on local inspectors; and such witnesses and thic Marshai shall be paid in the samne manner as provided for by ihe preceding rtion, and sucit supervising inspector may revoke, change or modify the decision of such local board; anci like proceedings mas

be had by un master or on ne i of any sicam vessel in relation to the inspection of such Vessel, or her buil-is or machinery, hy any such local board; and in case of repairs, anil in any futestixaiiou or inspection, where there shall

i disagreeraent Detve tile luci inspectors, the supervising inspector, tren

roquested; siiall investigate aliel decide the filse. In cases of trials for the Tatuition or suspension of an orfer's lircase, where vither the license has been revoked or suspension for mure than six months las bren made anů such action has been affirméū bija iho Super is:115 inspector,. the Oflicer those onde is in question may hate the casc examined unev by the supervising instimetrie general. who sha!! have the same polars co summut: witnesses, tv. compel choir attiindance, and cu administer oachs os are conferred on local inspectors, and the supervising inspector general roay revoke, change, or modify saill decisions. Application for such re-examinativii of the case shail top made to the supervising inspecioli general within thirty ilay's ufier ariil diristori buy the supervising inspector."

Séutivli'seven proideu cliat Secliun 1.170 of ie Tarised Siatutes of tile liniital Stales Les all it is hereby, amended to read as follows: "Sec. 4,470, Every stoner carrying passengers or freight shall be provided with suitable pipes and Salves ariachieci to the builer to convey steam into the hold and to the difcrent conpartients thereol to extinguish fire. or such other suitable apparatus ( may be prescribrilijny the regulations of the board of supervisin inspectors, with the approval or the Secretary of Commerce and Tabor, for extinguishing tìre in the hold and compariments thereof by the introduktion throughi pipes into such hold anti compattiinents of caricric acid gas or other fire extinguishing gas ur vapor: and very store used on board of any such Vessel shall be well and securely fasteiled, so as to prevent it frrizn being morpel or overthroinni, and isil woodwork or other ignitible substances about the boilers, chimneys, cook houses ant slovepipes, exposedi tú igniiion, shall be thoroughly shielued by sume incombustible materjal in such a mänuer as to ieave the air to circulate freely between such material and woodwork or other ignitiblo substance; and before granting a certificate or inspection the inspector shall require all other necessary provisions to be made throughout such vessel to guard againsa loss or danger from fire."

Section eighc provided thai Section 4,472 of the rised Statutes of the United

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