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Lighthouse Board—President of board, Victor H. Metcalf; chairman. Rear Admiral Benjamin P. Lamberton, U. S. N.; members, CoL. Walter S. Franklin, U. S. A.; CoL Amos Stickney, U. S. A.; Henry

♦INDEPENDENT COMM1 Interstate Commerce Commission,

Commissioners—Martin A Kaapp (1891), N. Y., chairman; Judson C. Clements (1892), Ga,; Charles A Prouty (1806). Vt; Francis M. Cockrell (1906), Mo.; Franklin Lane (1905). Cal.; each, $7,500.

Secretary—Edward A. Maaeley (1887)» Mass., $3,500.

Civil Service Commission.

Commissioners—John a Black (1904}, tlL: Henry F. Greene (1903). Minn.; Alvord W. Oooley (1903). N. Y.; each ♦3,500.

S. Pritchett Capt Albert Ross. U„ S.
N.: lienor Harry F. Hodges. U. S. A.;
Captain Uriel Sebree, U, S."~*N„
naval secretary: Lieut Col. Daniel W.
Lockwood. U» S. A., engineer secretary.


Chief Examiner—Frank M. Kigglns (1903), Tenn., $3,000.

Secretary—John T. Doyle (1880), N. Y., $2,500.

Government Printing Office.

Pnblic Printer—Charles A Stliiings a»05). Mass., $4,500.

Library of Congress.

Librarian — Herbert Putnam (1899), Mass.. $6,000.

Assistant Librarian—A, R. Spofford 089T). Ohio, $4,000.


- The actual strength of the army on June SO, 1905. including the Philippine Scouts ftBd the Porto Rico Regiment, was 3,934 officers and 63,022 enlisted men—total, 66,956. There were lost to the army In the year ended June 30, 1905. 133 officers and 43,592 enlisted men. Of the officers 29 were killed in action or died from wounds or disease. Of the men 488 were killed in action or -died from wounds or disease; the remander representing men discharged for expiration of term of service, for disability, by sentence of court martial, desertions and retirements. There were in the Philippine Scouts on June 30, 1905. 108 officers and 5,039 enlisted men, and in the Porto Rico Regiment 108 officers and 550 enlisted men.


Lieutenant General Adna R, Chaffee, Chief of Staff.
Major General John C Bates. Brigadier General Samuel M. Mills.


Stephen P. Jocelyn, 14th Infantry.

John B. Kerr, 12th Cavalry.

€Snoch HL Crowder, Judge Advocate General's Department.

James T. Kerr. Military Secretary's Department.

nontenant Colonels.

Crosby P. Miller, Quartermaster's Department.

Walter S. Schuyler, 2d Cavalry.

Henry A Greene, 1st Infantry.

John G. D. Knight. Corps of Engineers.

W. W. Wo therepoon. 19th Infantry.

Smith S. Leach, Corps of Engineers.

George W. Goethals, Corps of Engineers.

William A Mann, 14th Infantry.

Montgomery M. Macomb, Artillery Corps.

George F. E. Harrison, Artillery Corps.

"William D. Beach, 10th Cavalry.

John S. Mallory, 12th Infantry.

Samuel Reber, Signal Corps.

Erasmus M. Weaver, Artillery Corps.
Francis J. Kernan, 25 th Infantry.

William W. Gibson. Ordnance Depart-
ment. >
David Du B. Galllard.
Henry L. Ripley, 8th Cavalry.

Charles Lynch, Medical Department
Joseph T. Dickman, 8th Cavalry.
Harry C. Hale, 15 th Infantry.
James K. Thompson, 12th Infantry.
William M. Wright, 2d Infantry.
Charles H.. Muir, 2d Infantry.
Frank DeW. Ramsey, 9th Infantry.
James H. McRae, 3d Infantry.
Gfvorge W. Read, 9Lh Cavalry.
Grote Hutcheson, 6th Cavalry.
Sydney A. Cloman, 23d Infantry.
Robert E. L. Michie. 12th Cavalry.
John J. Pershing, 15th Cavalry.
Charles T. Menoher, Artillery Corps.
Peyton C. March, Artillery Corps.
William G. Haan, Artillery Corps,
Charles D. Rhodes, 6th Cavalry,
Dennis E. Nolan, 30th Infantry.
John C Oakes, Corps of Engineers.


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tenant Colonel" William" W. Wotherspoon, 'directors'; Major Samuel Reber, secretary. MILITARY DIVISIONS AND DEPARTMENTS.

Tn© Atlantic Division.—Embracing the Department of the East and Department of the Gulf. Headquarters. Governor's Island. N. Y. Commander, Major General James F. Wade.

Department of the East.—Embracing the New England States, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Virginia, Porto Rico and islands and keys adjacent thereto. Headquarters, Governor's Island, N. Y. Commander, Brigadier General Frederick D. Grant

*For Philippine and Panama Canal Strip CommissionR, see under "Insular Dependencies."


Department of the Gulf.—Embracing the States of North Carolina, South- Car-: olih'a, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama' ana Mississippi. .Headquarters, Atlanta, Ga. Commander, Major General James F. Wade.

Jca.o iNortlietju kjiviAion.—Embracing the Department of the lakes, Department; of the Missouri, and the Department of Dakota, Headquarters, St. Louis, Md.; Commander, Major General John F. Weston. ■

jut-va^u^cnt ul tiie Lakes.—Embracing the States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Headquarters, Chicago, 111. Commander,' Brigadier General William H. Carter. ;•

*'<-'}>uaintern of tne xi-i*somi.—Embracing the States of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, -Wyoming (except the-Yellowstone National Park), Missouri and Kansas. I-Ieaaquarters at Omaha, Neb. Commander, Brigadier General Theodore J. Wint.'

Department of Dakota.—Embracing the States of Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and so much of Idaho and Wyoming as is included in the Yellowstone' National Park. Headquarters, St. Paul, Minn. Commander, Brigadier General Camiilo C. C. Carr.' .. ■

Txie Southwestern Division.—Embracing the Department of Texas and 'thfe Department of tho Colorado. Headquarters, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Com!-: mander, Brigadier General Frank D. Baldwin, - -:

■ •> i>epai tmtnt- of Texas.—Embracing the States of Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, Indian Territory andX)klahoma. Headquarters; San Antonio, Tex. Commander, Brigidier General Jesse M. Lee. '";

Department of the Colorado.—Embracing the States of Colorado and Utah, an,xl the Territories of Arizona and New-Mexico. Headquarters, Denver, Col. Corrimander, Brigadier General William S. MeCaskey.

ii e Paciiio Division.—^Embracing the Department of California and the De-> 'partment of the-Columbia. Headquarters, San Francisco, Cal. Commander, Major General Samuel'S\ Sumnar. * ,-. >

Department of - California.—Embracing the States of California and Nevada,; and the Territory nf Hawaii. Headquarters, San Francisco, Cal. Commander, Brigadier General Frederick Funston.

jL*ei>aitm*nt of the Columbia.—Embracing the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho (except that part included in the Yellowstone National Park), and the Territory of Alaska. Headquarters, Vancouver Barracks, Wash. Commander, Brigadier General Constant Williams. '•

The Philippines Division.—Embracing the Department of Luzon, Department of the Visayas and Department of Mindanao. Headquarters, Manila, P. I. Coirfmander, Major Gei .?ral Henry C. Corbin. ''

Department of Luzon.—Embracing all that portion of the Philippine Archi" pelago lying, north of a line..passing southeastwardly through the West Pass of Apot~ or" Mindo'ro Strait, to the 12th parallel of north. latitude, thence east along said parallel to the 124th degree 10 minutes east of Greenwich, -but including the entire Island of Masbate', thence north to San Bernardino Strait. Headquarters. Manila, P. T< Commander, Brigadier General Tasker H. Bliss.

Department of the Visayas.—Includes all islands south of the southern line of the Department of Luzon and east of longitude 121 degrees 45 minutes east of Greenwich and ncth. of the 9th parallel of latitude, excepting the islands of Mindanao, Pa'ragua, and all islands east of the Strait of Surigao. Headquarters, Iloilb, P. I. Commander, Brigadier General James A. Buchanan.

Department of foinuanao.—Includes all tho remaining islands of the Philippine Archipelago. Headquarters, Zamboanga, P. I. Commander, Major General Leonard Wood.



Date of appointment. Date of retirement.

Adna R. Chaffee... , Jan. 9, 1904 April 14, 1906


Aithur MacArthur ...Feb. 5, 1901 Jure 2, 1909

John C. Bates July 15,1002 Aug. 12,1906

James F. Wade April 33, 1903 April 14, 1907

Samuel S, Sumner .... July 2G, 1903 Feb. 0, 1906

Leonard Wood Aug. 8, 1903 Oct. 9, 1924

John F. W7eston Oct. 8, 7905 Nov. 13, 1909


Frederick D. Grant Feb. 18, 1901 May 30, 1914

J. Franklin Bell Feb. 19, 1901 Jan. 9. 1920

Frederick Funpton .April 1, 1901 Nov. 9, 1929

Frank D. Baldwin.... June , 9, 1902 June 20, 1900

Theodore J. Wint • June 9, 1902 Mar. G, 1909

Jesse M. Lee .June 17, .1902 Jan. 2,1907

William I-I. Carter July 15, 1902 Nov. 19, 1-910

Camiilo C. C. Carr Aug. 17, 1903 Mar. 23, 1906

Thomas H. Barry..... Aug. 18, 1903 Oct. 13, 1919

William S. McCaskey Jan. 24, 1904 Oct. 2. 1907

A Pert L. Mills May 7,1904 Mav 7,11)18

Constant Williams Julv 12. 1904 May 25, 1907

James A. Buchanan... April 14, 1905 _

Winfiela &,• Edgerly.. . June S3, 1905 May 29, 19l£


Officers marked thus * are detailed from the line, under Section 26, act of Feb. 2, 1901.


HENRY C. CORBIN, adjutant general (major general, June 6, 1900), commanding

the Philippines Division.


FRED C. AINSWORTH, the Military Secretary (rank of major gen.)..April 23, 04

WILLIAM P. HALL, Military Secretary (rank of brigadier gen.) April 23, 04

Colonels. | Name. Date app't'd. j Name. Date app't'd.

Name. Date app't'd. | *Robinson, H. E...Apr. f, 04! * Frederick. D. A.Jan.: SI.- 02

Heistand. H.O.S.. July 22, 02| *Hickey, J. R.. .Nov. 30. 04j Liggett, Runl-i-.. .May 5.'i)2

Andrews, George. ,Au0'. 7, 0.3^ Rradie, Alex. O.. June 10. 05|*WilIiams. J. R. .. JunelS. 02

Simpson. W. A. .Aug. IS. 031 Alvord, Benj June 17, 05l*Todd. Albert Nov; 0, t)2

McCain, H. P Apr. 23, 04! Majors. |*Dunning S. W. .Mar. 19, 03

Kerr. Jas, T June 17, 05|*Evans. Wm. P.. .Feb. 2. 01!*White, John V Aug.. 3, 03

Lieutenant Colonels. *Guilfoyle, J. F. .Feb. 28, 01|*Noycs, C R Aug. 12, 03

♦Davis, T. F Aug. 14, 03|*Finley, W. L. . .Feb. 2S, 011 Ladd. Eugene F.. June 23, 05

•Crane. C. J Aug. 21, 93| *Starr. Chas. G. . .Mar. 4, 01S

♦Wood. Oliver B.Jan. 21, 04|*Waltz. M. F July 5. 01!


GEORGE H. BURTON, inspector general (rank of brigadier general).. .April 12. 1903

Colonels. I*West. Frank Mar. 2. 03| *Gre§ham. J. C. .Sept. 17-. 01

Garllngton. B. A. .Mar. 1. Oil *Pratt, Sedgwick.Aug. 10. 03|*Nichols, Wm. A...Oct. 5, 01

Mills; Stephen C. .Apr. 12, 03|*Brush, D. H Aug. 15, 03l*Wisser. J. P Nov. 4. 01

Chamberlain, J. L., i Majors. | *Gale. G. H. C.Dec. 0,-01

Nov. 21, 04| Wood. Wm. T...Feb. 2, 01|B*Blo»iisom. A. P.. L«"eh. 17. 03

Lioat^aant Colonels. |*Febiger, Lea Feb.'28, 01! *Galbrailh. J. G. . Apr. 18. 03

♦Revnolds. Alf. ..Feb. 23, 031 *French. F. H.. .Feb. 28, 011


GEO. B. DAVIS, Judge advocate general .(rank of brigadier general) May 24, 1901

Colonels. |HuU. John A . .. .Apr. 10, 03j.Goodier, Lewis E.June IS 01

Crowder, E.H. (g.s.)Ap,16,03| Dunn, George M.Nov. 22, 031 Morrow. Henry M.Jan. 27, ,03

Dudlev. Edgar S.Nov. 22, 03! -Majors. I Bethel. W. A July 13. 03

Lieutenant Colonels. iDodds. Frank L. .May 22. 011 Winship, Blanton. . Jan. 4, 04 Carbaugh, H. C. .Dec. 18, 02) Porter. John B. . .May 27. 01 j


CHAP F. HUMPHREY, quartermaster general (rank of brigadier gen.).April 12 1903 Colonels. !Jones. S. R Aug. 11, 03 j Cruse, Thomas July 5, 02

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FRANCIS S. DODGE, paymaster general (rank of brigadier general; . -Jan. 23, 1904

Colonels. I Rogers, Harry L.. May L\ <.)S\ Smith. Robert S.. .Feb. 19, 03

Towar, Albert S...Feb. 2, 01 f Vinson, Webster. ..Apr. ?,. 99! Hollowav. G. T. ..Nov. 30. 03

Sniffen, Culver C. .May 3, 011 Wallace, H. S Sept. 9. 99: Gambrill. W. G. ..Jan. 23, 04

Whipple. C. H. . .Jan. 25, 04; Pavson, F. L Mar. 5, 001 Keleher. T. D Jan. 25. 04

Lieutenant Colonels. Downev, .Geo. F. . .Feb. 2. 01 < Schofield. W. B.. .Mar. 3,04

Comegys, W. H. ..Feb. 20, 02| Goodman. T. C.. .Mav 3. 01: Pickett, Geo. E . . .Sept. 6, 04

Tucker. Wm. F. .Feb. 19, 031 Houston. Jas. B. . .Mav ?.. 011 Curry. M. B .Apr. 13, 05

Muhlenberg. J. C.Jan. 23. 04jRaV. Beecher B..Nov. 12, 011 Dawes, J. W Aug. 12. 05

Smith'. Geo. R Jan. 25, 04J Lord, Herbert M.Feb. 20, 02|Canby. Jas Oct. 4,05

Majors. - | Rochester,. W. B., jr. I

Halford. E. W. . .Jan. 10, 93! July 24, 02} - .


ALEXANDER MACKENZIE; chief of engineers (rank of brig. gen.). .Jan. 23, 1904

Colonels. (Bixbv. Wm. H. .. Apr. 23. 04J Beach. D. H Feb. 20. 03

Suter, Chas. 11...Oct. 12. 95 Rossell, Wm. T..Apr. 23, 04 |Zinn,-George A Apr. 13. 03

Lvdeeker. G. J... Apr. 30, 01] Svmons, T.. W.. .June 11, 04! Langntt. -W. C Apr. 21,. 03

Sticknpy, Amos... .May 2, OlJLeacti, S. S vSept. 14. 04!Sam3ford, 3. C. . ..Jan. 22, 04

Ernst O. H Feb. 20, 03! Kingman. D. C. .Feb. 10. 0r>: Chittenden. .II. M..Jan.23. 04

Adams, M. B Apr. 23, 041 Black, W. M June 2(i, 051 Fitch. G-. D .^ Apr. 23, 04

Livermore. ~W. R. Apr. 23. 041 Fisk, Walter L.. .Oct. 1" "~

Heuer. W. H June 11, 041 Majors.

Stanton. W. S. .Sept. 14, 04| Roessler, S. .W...July

Adams, H. M.. . .June 20, 05

Davis, C. E. D..Oct. 15, 05

Lieutenant Colonels.

Quinn, James B..Jan. 29, 03
Lockwood,-D. W.Feb. 20. 03
Ruffner. E. H. . .Apr. 13, 03
Sears." Clinton B..Apr. 21. 03

Powell, C. F Jan. 22, 04

.Knight. J. G. D..Jan. 23, 04

Hoxie. R. Ii Apr. 23, 04

Marshal!. W. L..Apr. 23, 04
Willan1.. J. H " "'"

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Taylor, Harry
Sibert, W. L.. .

Kuhn. J. E.

Craighill. W. E
Newcomer, H. C
Patrick. M. M..

Riche, O. S

Rees, T. PI



01! Lucas,E-.W. Van C.June 26, 05

>,. 01,'Jervey. Henry Oct. 15. 05"

.Apr. 23. 041 Burr. Edward Jan. 29, 031


WILLIAM CROZIER, chief of ordnance (rank M* brigadier general* Nov. 22. 1901

Colonels. i Lvle, D. A Jan. 21. 04 i Bruff, Lawrence L.Apr. 5.03

Phipps, Frank H.Feb. 17, 031 Rockwell. James, jr... | Clark, Charles H. .Aug. 1,03

Greer. John E...Jan. 19, 04 i S*f»t. 17, 041 Hobby. Frank E..Aug." 16, 03

Pitman. John.... .Jan. 21, 04] Russell. A. H Jan. 19, 0\>,Benet. J. W.. ~

Smith. Chas. S-.Jan. 19, 051 Majors. '(Gibson, W. W

Lieutenant Colonels. iBirnie, Rogers; ... .Feb. 7. 01)Babbitt, E. B.

Blunt, S. E Aug. 1. 03|MaeNult. Ira OcC. 15. 01 |Lissak, O. M.,

Heath. Frank Aug. 16, 031 Bakfr. Frank Juno 14. 02i Durn, B. W..

Taylor, D. M Jan. 19. 04|Mi*eham, Orin B.Fco. 1", 03J


■ADOLPIirS W. GREELY, chief signal officer (rank of brigadier get..). 3. 1S&7

Colonel. I Name. Date app't'd. I N.-urve. . Dote app't'd.

Name. Date app't'd. | Scriven, Geo. P. .. July G. 041 R^ber, 3. (g. staff).Mar. 2. .03

Allen. James July 0, 041 Majors, j Squler. Geo,. O Mar. -2. 03

Lieutenant Colonels. IGlassford, W. A. .Feb. 2. 01; Russel. Edgar.
Thompson. R. E. .Mar. 2, 03j Greene. Frank. . .Mar. 2. OSjFechet, E. O,.

Rank of Major.
Allensworth, A. .June 14, 04| Swift, Henry. . . .June "14. 041 Pierce, C. C...

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.June 14. 04


Tillman, 9. E... .Dec. 21. SOjFiebeger, G. J... .May 4, 96]"' June ^, 04

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