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Record holder.
Standing high..

5 feet 574

inches.. R. C. Ewry. Running high... 6 fect


inches.. |M. F. Sweeney Pole vault..

12 feet 1 32-100 inches.. Norman Dole. Pole leap. | 27 feet 714 inches..) William Baird.

.. Standing broad..] 11 feet 478 inches.. TR. C. Ewry Running broad.. 24 feet

inches.. |M. Prinstein. THROWING WEIGHTS.

1 Date, Sept. 7, 1901 Sept. 21, 1890 April 23, 1904 Dec, 30, 1901 | Aug. 29, 1901 April 28, 1900

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16-ID, hammer...'172 feet 11
inches. . J. Flanagan

July 31, 1904 12-1), hammer. 1187 feet 9

inches., T. I. Shevlin.

May 31, 1902 12-Ib. shot.. | 115 feet 2

inches.. (G. R. Gray.

Juno 11. 1992 16-lb. shot

49 feet 6
inches.. W. W. Coe.

5, 1905 24-1b. shot. 38 fent 234 inches.. Ralph Rose.

Dec. 30, 1904 Discus 133 fcet 612 inches., M, J. Sheridan.

Sept. 24, 1904 56-1. Teight. | 38 feet 734 inches.. J. Flanagan

Sept. 10, 1904 Championship Games of 1905.

Throwing sixteen-pound hammer-A, D. The National Championship games of

Plaw, San Francisco, Cal.. 163 ft 4 in. the Amateur Athletic Union were held Throwing the discus-Ralph Rose, ChiAug. 4 and 5 at at Portland, Ore., in con- cago, Ill., 117 ft. 5 in. nection with the Lewis and Claik Expo- Throwing fifty-six-pound weight - J. sition. The winners and their per

Mitchel, New-York, N. Y., 33 ft 112 in formances vere as follows:


One-hundred-yard dash--Chas, L.' ParOne-hundred-yard dashChas. L. Par sons, San Francisco, Cal., Time, 0:10. sons, San Francisco, Cal., Time 0:0915. Eight-hundred-and-eighty-yard run-W.

Eight-hundred-and-eighty - yard sur- R. Garcia, San Francisco, Cal., Time, , J. D. Lightbody, Chicago, nl., Time, 2:07%. 2:033/5

One-hundred-and-twenty-yard hurdle On-hundred-and-twenty-yard hurdle V. Lig'da, San Frıncisco, Cal., Time, 0:18. Hugo Triend, Chicago, Ill., Time, 0:1615. One-mile run-A. A. Glarner, San Fran

One-mile run-J. D. Lightbody, Chi cisco, Cai., Time, 5:0945. cago, Ill., Time 4:4845.

Four-hundred-and-forty-yard rin - A Four-hundred-and - forty - yard nun Rose, Chicago, Ill., Time 0:551/5. Frank Waller, Milwaukee, Wis., Time, Two-hundred and twenty-yard dash-H. 0:1945.

Groman, Chicago, Ill., Time, 0:2235. Two - hundred - and - twenty yard

Two-mile run-Sam

Mays, Portland, Archie Hahn, Milwaukee,


Time, Ore., Time, 14:0345. 0:2242.

Two-hundred-and-twenty-yard hurdle Two-nile run-Sanford A. Lyon, Chl- F. Friesell, Portland, Ore., Time, 0:2745. cago, Ill., Time, 11:2876.

Running high jump-Oscar Kerrigan, Two-rired-and-lienty-yard hurdle- | Portland, Ore., 5 st. 1 in. Frank Taller, Milwaukee, Wis., Time, Running broad jump-D. J, Kelly, Port0:2516

land, Ore., 21 It. 994 in. Five-mile run-Frank Verner, Chicago, Pcle vault-A. C. Gilbert, Portland, Ill.. 23:57%.

Ore., 11 ft. 1 in. Running high jump-7. W. Kerrigan, Putting sixteen-pound shot-M, B. Portland, Ore., 6 st. 12 in,

James, Portland, Ore., 37 ft 4 in. Running brad jump-Hugo Friend, Chi- Throwing sixteen-pound hammer-W. A. cago, Ill., 2 st. 1018 in.

Baker, Portland, Ore., 121 ft. 274 in. Pole vault-Roy Heater, Portland, Ore., Throwing the discus-A. Johnson, Port11 ft. 6 in.

land, Ore., 90 ft. 9 in. Putting sixieen-pound shot-W. W. Coe Throwing fifty-six-pound weight-D. A. (unattachod), 49 ft 6 in.

Sullivan, Anaconda, Mont., 21 ft. 414 in.

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Chicago, 79; Illinois, 47; Chicago, May a Senior Dair pared shells Won by Sea

Prlaceton, 6542; Columbia, 384; New- wanhaka B C., of Brooklyn; Argonaut York, May 20,

R. C., of Toronto, second. Chicago, 70%; Michigan, 0546; Ann Ar

Time, 10:19.

Senior four-oared shells-Won by Seabor, May 20.

wanhaka B, C., of Brooklyn; Argonaut California, 72%; Stanford, 49%; Berker R. Co. of Toronto, second. Time, 9:38. ley, April 15.

International four oared shells-Won by Chicago, 1042; Wisconsin, 2142; Madi- Sea wanbaka B. C., of Brooklyn; Mound son, May 13.

City RC, or St. Louis, second Corneli, 66; University of Pennsylvania,


8:21 %. 51; Philadelphia, May 13.

Senior eight oared shells-Won by ArCornell, 74; Princeton, 43; Ithaca, May 6. gonaut R. C. of Toronto; Detroit B. C.. New-York University, 79; Lehigh, 29 second. Time 7:2245. New-York, May 6.

Senior eight oared sculls ("Octopeds"'). Illinois, 84; Wisconsin, 42; Champaigal, Won by Harlem Regatta Association, of May 20.

New-York; Schuylkili Navy, Philadelphia, Oxford beat Cambridge, by GV to 32, second. Time 7:16. at London, March 31.


Best American Records.
Principal Races of 1905.

April 1-Oxford-Cambridge race on the Distance Time,

Holder and Date, Thames River, London:

25 yds.. 0:1245... Harry Le Moyne, 1904. Won by Oxford by three lengths. Time, 50 yds.. 0:26%...J. W. Lawrence, 1905. 20:35 (44 miles).

100 yds.. 1:01%...Harry Le Moyne, 1903. June 28-Intercollegiate regatta on the 220 yds.. 2:3675.,.Francis Gailey. 1904.

Hudson River, at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; 410 yds.. 5:5434 ...M. J. Handy, 1905. "Varsity raco won by Cornell, Syracuse, 880 yds..12:3945 ...H. F. Brewer, 1902. second; Georgetown, third; Columbia, Mlle.....26:1946...H. F. Brewer, 1898. fourth; Pennsylvania, fifth; Wisconsin,

OPEN WATER RECORDS. sixth. Time, 20:39% (four miles). Four

50 yds.. 0:2745...T. E. Kitching, 1905. oared race Ton by Syracuse;

100 yds.. 1:00 ...J. S, Leary, 1905. Cornell, second; Pennsylvania, third; Co

220 yds.. 2:44%...C. M Daniels, 1901 lumbia, fourth; Wisconsin, fifth. Time

440 yds.. 6:13%...C, M. Daniels, 1905. 10:15% (two miles).

880 yds., 13:1135 ... Emil Rausch, 1904, Freshman racewon by Cornell: Syra

Mile.....26:416...C. M, Daniels, 1905, cuse, second; Columbia, third: Pennsylvania, fourth. Time, 9:3935 (two miles).

Championship Races of 1905. J10 29Yale-Harvard


The annual championship races of the Thames River, at New-London, Conn.: A. A. U

held in sections during Varsity race-Won by

Yale (time, August and September in open salt water 22:33%; four miles); Harvard (22:36). by the New-York Athletic Club, at Travers

Tour oarcd race-Won by Harvard (time, Island, N. Y. Results: 11:22; two miles); Yale (11:27).

100 yards-Won by C. M. Daniels, of Freshman racem-Won by Harvard (time, N. Y, A, C.; Time 1:0345. 9:59; two miles); Yale (10:04).

220 yards-Won by C. M. Daniels, of July 3 to 7--Henley Regatta on


N. Y. A. C.; Time Thames River, near London, England: 880 yards-Won by C. M. Daniels, of Eight oared crew of the Vesper Rowing N. Y. A. C.; Time 12:57. Club, of Philadelphia, entered for the

One mile-Won by C. M. Daniels, of Grand National Challenge Cup. In the N. Y. A. C.; Time 25:414. first round, July 4, the American Crew The Metropolitan championship races of beat Christ College crew by one length, the A. A. U. were held in the tank of in 7:12 In the semi-final round, July 5, the New-York Athletic Club March 18. Leander R C. crew beat the Vespers by Results: one length in 7:01. Leander

Leander also won in 50 yards-Won by I. W. Lawrence; the finals the next day from a Belgian Time 2845 crew by two and a hall lengths, in 6:56. 100 yards--Won by L. J. Goodwin;

There were no American entries. for the Time 1:0435 Diamond Sculls, which were won again 250 yards-Won by J. W. Spencer; Time by Kelley, who made a new record of 8:10 3:204. in the final heat,

500 yards-Won by T. E. Kitching, Jr.; August 11 and 12-National Champion- Time 7:24".

ship Regatta, on the Patapsco River, The Intercollegiate Championship races at Baltimore, Md. Course, one and were held in a tank hy the University of one-half miles. Results:

Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, March 17. Intermediate single sculls--Won by Wal- Results: ter Stokes, Philadelphia; I. W. Cralg. De- 100

feet-Won by C. D. Trubenbach, troit, second: J. A. Ten Lyck, Worcester, Columbia third. Time, 10:27%.

100 yards.Won by C. D. Trubenbach. Association single scullsWon by Fred Columbia. Shepheara, Brooklyn: Fred Fuessell. New

300 yards-Won by F. Pearce, Univ. of York, second; Frank Veseley, New-York,

Penn. third. Tima, 10:326.

Under water-Won by J. Reid, Yale; Senior single sculls-Won by

by F. B. distance 267 feet. Greer, Boston; Fred Shepheard, Brooklyn, Relay Race (five men to team) Won second; Frank Veselcy, New-York, third. by Univ. of Pennsylvania; Columbia sea Time. 0:47 15.

ond; Yale third; Time 3:38 45. Senior double sculls-Won by Philadel- Water Polo Championship Won by Col phia B. C.; Nonpareil R. C, of New- umbia, which beat Union of Pennsylvania, York, second. Time, 10:25

by 3 goals to 0.


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