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sence from the press, would have rendered him altogether unequal.

He hath only to add, that the revisal and publishing of these discourses was undertaken at the instance of fome of the most respectable names in the list of his subscribers, under whose kind patronage, and in hopes of every indulgence

from the candour of the publick, he now ventures to send them abroad.

Hampstead, Sept. 1, 1779.


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SIS Grace the DUKE Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart.

Raveningham, Norfolk
Sir Edward Astley, Bart. Lady Bacon

of Melton, Norfolk Lady Blois Hugh Ackland, Esq. Bath Sir George Bromley, Bart. M. Aspden, Esq.

of Stoke, NottinghamHammond Alpe, Esq. of shire

Francham, Norfolk Hon. Mrs. Boscawen Rev. Mr. Saltier Ashton, Mr. Biggs, Bath Eflex

William Brocket, Esq. M. Allison, Esq.

Bolton, Esq. CounCapt. Alnright, Greenwich sellor at Law Capt. Anderson, ditto Joseph Bunney, Esq. Rich. Aldridge, Esq. Bristol Mrs. Bunney Mr. Wm. Aldridge, ditto Rev. Dr. Backhouse, ArchMiss Aldridge of Stroud, deacon of Canterbury Gloucestershire

Rev. Mr. Barnard, Oxon William Andrews, Esq. Rev. Mr. Buckland, ditto Mr. James Allott of At- Rev. Mr. Bradley, ditto

tercliffe, Yorkshire Rev. Mr. Booth, Merton Mr. Theodore Aylward College, ditto Meff.Angus and Son, Book- C. W. Batt, Esq. Student sellers, Aberdeen

of Christ-Church, ditto John Addey, Esq. Norwich


Rev.Dr. Brown, Master of Mrs. Bacon, Park-street

Pembroke-Hall, Camb. Rev. William Browne John Beevor, A. B. Chrift- Rev. Mr. Burrows, Rector College, ditto

of St. Clements, London Rev. Will. Bond, Fellow William Baker, Esq. of

of Caius College, ditto Bayfordbury
Rev. T. Brecken, M. A. Henry Baker, Esq.
John Brogden, Esq. Samuel Baker, Esq.
H. Bowarman, Esq. of Cork Mrs. Baker
Mr. John Bateman

Miss Baker
Rev. George Beaver Robert Pope Blackford,
Mr. R. Bright

Mrs. Butson

Lowbridge Bright, Esq. Miss Burgh

Peter Boun, Elg,

Rev. Mr. Buckner
Henry Beuden, Esq. Mrs. Buckner
Mr. Edward Baker

Mrs. Bruce W.B. Brand, Esq. of Pol- Mr. Edw. Bennett, Morstead, Suffolk

peth, Yorkshire Edward Benson, Esq. Can- Mr. Thomas Bennett, ditto.. terbury

Robert Barclay, Esq. of William Alfton Brandreth,

Ury, Scotland Efq.

William Brereton, Esqe Mrs. Burnett, Greenwich M. C. Bath Thomas Birch, Esq. John Bathoe, Esq. Bath Rev. Mr. Bromley, Rector Mrs. Bedingfield, Beccles, of St. Mildred's, Poultry

Suffolk Mrs. Britton of Bath Mr. Burton of Sheffield Ditto for two Ladies Mr. George Brittain, ditto Mr. Blaquiere, Hampftead A. B. ditto Isaac Hawkins Brown, Esq. Mr. Jofeph Badger, ditto Thomas Brown, Esq. James Mr. John Batty ditto

Street, Bedford-Row Mr. Sam. Broomhead, ditto Mrs. Baines

Mr. Tho. Broadbent, ditto Rev. Mr. Beadon, Arch- "Mr. Tho. Bland, ditto

deacon of London Mr. Jof. Broomhead, ditto Mr. Jof. Burnham, Col- Mr. Robert Bremner chefter

Rev. Dr. Burnaby, Vicar Rev. Robert Baynes, Ston- of Greenwich ham Aspall, Suffolk


Rev. Lawrence Bourne, Mr. Brownfword, Clapham

Vicar of Dranfield, Der- Mrs. Ann Bacon of Norbyshire

wich Mr. Bull, Bookseller, Bath Miles Branthwaite, Esq. Col. Beckwith, Howarth, Taverham near Norwich Yorkshire

John Berney, Esq. Bracon, Rev. Bafil Berridge, Tick- Norfolk

hill Castle, Yorkshire Tho. Barnard, Esq. ParRev. Leonard Berridge, liament-street, Westm, D.D.

Rey. Mr. Betterworth Mr. John Bourne of Spittle Mr. Joseph Beck, Bristol near Chesterfield

Mr. Jonathan Bell, HertCapt. Bulkeley

ford Jacob Bryant, Esq. James Bland Burgess, Esq. Mrs. Bernard

Lincoln's Inn Rev. Mr. Bacon, Shrub- Samuel Blincoe, Esq, Stifland Hall, Suffolk

ted, Eflex Rev. Nicholas Bacon Mr. John Barclay Rev. Mr. Broome, Ipswich Mr. Robert Barclay Isaac Broadley, Esq. Mr. Robert Barclay, Jun. Rev. Thomas Bentham, Mrs. Susanna Barclay Stockport, Cheshire

Mrs. Rachel Barclay Miss Bower, Dranfield, Miss Mary Barclay Derbyshire

Mr. Benjamin Barnett Rev. Dr. Blair, Prebendary Mr. Henry Beaufoy of Westminster

Mr. James Beesley William Blair, Esq. Mr. Thomas Bell Thomas Bradbury, Esq.

Mr. Daniel Bell, Jun. of Illington

Mr. Ambrose Benning T. B. Bramston, Efq. Mr. Silvanus Bevan Screens, Eflex

Mr. John Blackburn Henry Bristow, Esq. Dover- Mr. William Blake street

Mr. John Bland Charles Buckle, Esq.Stew- Mr. John Bockett, Jun. ard of Norwich

Mr. John Bowstead Philip Bedingfield, Esq. Mr. John Boydell

Ditchingham, Norfolk John Burn, Esq. Litchfield Philip Bedingfield, Jun. Mr. Rich. Bush, London Esq. ditto

Rev. Mr. Borlase, CornMrs. Bedingfield ditto wall


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