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conducted in the same manner as like elections in the several townships now are or may be subjected to and conducted ; and the judges thereof shall possess the same power, perform the same duties, receive the same emolu. ments, and incur the same penalties as are imposed on the judges of the like elections in the several townships of this state.

7. And be it enacted, That the poll for the next and each Time of succeeding election shall be opened at the hour of eight closing pull. o'clock A. M., and closed at the hour of seven o'clock in the afternoon; the judge of election, assessor, and collector of the city of Perth Amboy, shall be the judges of the next election, and the same officers as chosen by virtue of this act shall be the judges of each succeeding election; any vacancy or vacancies shall be filled in the manner regulating the same in the several townships of this state; the names of all persons voting shall be written in a poll-book, to be kept by the city clerk; and the judges shall, after counting the votes for the several candidates, certify the result under their hands, and file the same in the office of the clerk.

8. And be it enacted, That the clerk, assessor, collector, Powers and judge of election, commissioners of appeal, chosen freehold officers. ers, surveyors of the highways, constables, school trustees, town superintendent of public schools, and overseers of the poor, shall respectively possess the powers and perform the duties of the like officers of any township of this state; so far as shall be consistent with this act; and the city council shall possess the powers and perform the duties which are now vested in the township committee of any township in this state, so far as the same are consistent herewith.

9. And be it enacted, That the city assessor shall assess Assessor and upon persons and property, and the city collector shall col. lect the state and county taxes in like manner as the same now or may be hereafter assessed and collected in the several townships.


Duties and 10. And be it enacted, That the city council in their legispower of city council. lative capacity shall, and may make, pass, seal with the

common seal of the said city, and publish such and so many regulating by-laws or ordinances for the following enumerations, and for such other purposes and things as may hereafter be ordered by the regular annual city or town meeting, viz.: for the establishment and maintenance of one almshouse, or workhouse or more, for the relief of the poor, and to regulate the same, and to direct or order what persons shall be placed therein, and for what length of time, and the manner of ordering, placing, and keeping persons therein ; vendues; weights and measures; gauging of casks of liquors and liquids; also ordinaries ; victualling-houses ; and the vending of fish, meats, and vegetables; also hawk. ers, peddlers, and petty showmen; of all the officers and persons inhabiting or making a temporary residence of the said city; and of the commerce thereof; the goods, wares, and merchandise necessary to be gauged, measured, or weighed; the inspection of vessels, passengers, or goods; the fees and salaries of all officers to be chosen by the electors, or appointed by the city council of said city; the fares and rates of ferriage to and from the said city; the anchoring and mooring of vessels within the harbor of the said city; the wharves, public and private; the building of wharves and bulkheads; wharfing and wharfage; nuisances within the said city or haven, and obstructions within the harbor; the planting and protecting of shade trees; the erection of houses, factories, and other buildings, as to their materials and construction, in reference to the health, safety, and comfort of the occupants, and of persons residing in the immediate neighborhood of the same; to declare by a general law what are nuisances, and to cause the same to be abated or removed; public walks; trespasses committed in gardens and other inclosures; the cleaning of chimneys; the organization, maintenance, and control of a fire department, prescribing, from time to time, its officers and the number of its members; to make such provisions in regard to the time and mode of appointment and

removal of either such officers or members; to make such requisitions in respect to their qualifications and period of service; to define their office and duties; to fix and pay such compensation for their services; and, in general, to make such regulations in regard to their conduct and management, and the management and conduct of fires, and persons attending fires, subject to the penalties provided for the breach of the city ordinances; likewise to make all such ordinances for the adoption and provision of suitable safeguards against fire, as they shall deem it expedient; the oaths or affirmations of office of all the officers not provided for by this act, or other statutes of this state; the penalties on all officers for refusing or neglecting to qualify into office, when elected or otherwise appointed, and penalties for the breach of ordinances or by-laws; the burial of the dead; public lights and lamps; the making and laying out of all alleys, streets, and public grounds or parks, to ascertain and establish the lines and boundaries of the same, and to prevent and remove all encroachments, encumbrances, and nuisances upon the same; the improvement of streets and sidewalks; and to compel the occupiers and owners of lots to keep the sidewalks and the gutters opposite their lots swept and clean, and clear of snow and ice, and other impediments; building, repairing, and cleaning of sewers; preventing horses, cattle, dogs, swine, or other animals from running at large in the streets, and to provide for the impounding and sale of the same; preventing immoderate driving in any streets, and riding or driving over or on the sidewalks; the erection and maintenance of a city prison; the construction and regulating of wells and pumps; and the laying of water or other pipes in the streets of the city; the erection and maintenance of one or more public markets; the erecting and regulation of gas-works, and their necessary appendages; the construction of railroads in the streets of the said city; railroad depots; and the speed and running of locomotive engines and railroad cars through said city; licenses of public cartmen, dray. men, teamsters, omnibus drivers, carriage drivers, porters,


and auctioneers; the due observance of the Sabbath ; fireworks, and firing of guns and cannons; the organization and control of a city police and night-watch, in such a manner, not inconsistent with the laws of this state, as they shall deem most conducive to the preservation of good order, and to the safety of the persons, and protection of the property of the citizens; to prohibit and suppress gambling, riots, vice, immorality; and to restrain and punish drunkards, vagrants, mendicants, and street beggars; for the recovery and appropriation of all fines, forfeitures, amercements, and penalties not provided for by this act or other statute of this state ; provided, no ordinance or by-law of said city shall be made repugnant to the constitution or laws of this state; and the said city council of the said city of Perth Amboy, shall and may regulate the assize of bread within the said city, from time to time, and at all times hereafter.

And the city council, in their executive capacity, shall have full power to order, from time to time, as to them shall seem meet, the several improvements to be made, which are named in the thirty-first section of this act; and they shall also have full power to order such other things as they may hereafter be authorized and directed to do by a regular annual city or town meeting, upon the recommendation of the city council, the necessary amount of money being appropriated by such city or town meeting for such specific purpose.

The annual city or town meeting shall be held at two o'clock in the afternoon on the second Monday of April in each year, at the same place where the city election on that day is held, for the purpose of raising and appropriating money for the use of the city; and the city council shall recommend to such meeting the amount of taxes to be levied and the several sums to be appropriated for each particular object, and the qualified electors thereof are hereby empowered to raise and appropriate such sums, provided they do not severally exceed the amount so recommended by the city council; provided always, that the

Annual city or town meeting.


amount of money so recommended to be raised by tax or taxes by said city council shall not exceed, for city, county, and state purposes, one hundred cents on every one hundred dollars of the valuation of the assessed property in said city, as ascertained by the assessors' return of the previous year.

11. And be it enacted, That the city council may license License to such and so many tavern-keepers within said city, under keepers. the same restrictions as the court of common pleas may or can do, and no license within said city granted by any other court in the county shall be lawful; and that all penalties or fines for violation of such license shall be prosecuted and recovered before one of the justices of the peace of the city.

12. And be it enacted, That the city council when assem- City treabled shall appoint a city treasurer and a collector of arrears collector of of taxes, and such other subordinate officers as to them taxes. shall seem necessary, and require such security, annex such duties and fees to the offices, and impose such fines for neglect of duty or misconduct therein as to them shall seem right and proper.

13. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of the City council city council, besides their legislative acts, to make a full statement of statement of all the receipts and expenditures, of every caress description, for the fiscal year preceding such statement, including all moneys which shall have passed through the treasurer's hands, for any purpose whatever, and publish the same at least ten days before the annual town meeting. They shall hold stated meetings at least once every month, and such other meetings as they may appoint, and shall have the direction and control of the overseers of the poor; vacancies in the city council shall be filled at a special election to be called by the city council at their discretion.

14. And be it enacted, That the mayor, or in case of his Duties and refusal or neglect, the recorder or two members of the city mayor. council, shall have power to call special meetings of the city council. The mayor shall be the head of the police, shall have the power, and it shall be his duty, in any


powers of

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