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AuthorHouse, 2007 - 336 halaman
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A travelogue full of adventure, A Place to Belong is the story of a young teenage boy's search for self worth and faith in a cruel world.

Paul Miller was eight years old when his parents took him on a mystifying, zigzagging journey, from Detroit to Florida, to California and back again. His father's tenuous grip on reality becomes as changeable as the landscapes they travel through. Paul's simple questions are ignored or answered by the back of his Father's hand.

Paul jumps the roof-tops of Detroit slums, butts heads with the gangs of Los Angeles and gets caught up in a world of petty theft. Life hangs by bus fare, the surprising kindness of a loving family, a filthy motorist with a penchant for young boys, the kiss of a young girl.

Along the way, Noah, a wise fisherman, shows Paul that God isn't some imperious judge sitting on top of a throne, but can become your best friend, a buddy you can talk to. " But can such a simple view account for all the misery Paul experiences?"

In this captivating and at turns humorous story, a young man travels into the depths of despair and back again to find a place he can call home.

"I got hooked and couldn't stop. This is a splendidly written story and quite a story to tell. So candid, unpretentious, and courageous."

David Morris, Senior Editor Guideposts Books.

"Miller tells a remarkable story, one that is in a sense an American Angela's Ashes but with the added element of faith as a factor in surviving an incredibly rough childhood."

Michael Wilt, Editor, Nimble Spirit.

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