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Bequest of

17 J2.1834

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1864,

By WILLIAM L. STONE, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the

Southern District of New York.




The winter wears away in gloomy inactivity. Capture of Fort Bull by De

Levy, 1-Orange and Ulster counties ravaged by the enemy. Apparent
indifference of the assembly. Explanation, 2—Victory of the people
over the crown on privilege. The instructions of the crown to Sir Dan.
vers Osborn virtually repealed. The Newcastle administration still hope
for peace, 3—The Earl of Loudon appointed commander-in-chief of the
British forces in North America. Major General Abercrombie, with
General Webb, sails from England for America. Arrival of Governor
Shirley at Albany, 4—The expedition against Crown Point, under Gen-
eral Winslow, is delayed. Shirley improves the delay by throwing provi.
sions into Oswego, 5-Abercrombie sows discord among the troops, and
disgusts the people of Albany, 6-Sir William Johnson holds an import-
ant council at Onondaga, with the Confederate and Delaware Indians.
Its object, and the causes which led to it, 7-Singular conduct of
Governor Morris, of Pennsylvania. The Baronet placed in an embarras-
ing situation, 10— His views respecting the conduct of Governor Morris,
11-Important points gained at the council at Onondaga, 12– Treaty of
peace concluded between the Delawares and Shawanese, 13-Indian
council held at Easton, between Governor Denny and Teedyuscung, 14–
Teedyuscung enumerates the wrongs done to his nation in the purchase
of lands, 15—Through the exertions of Governor Denny, the Delawares
of the Susquehanna become reconciled to the English, 16–Brilliant ex-
ploit of Colonel Bradstreet. He throws into Oswego six months' provi-
sions for five thousand men, 17-Captain Rogers and his rangers destroy
two of the enemy's vessels on Lake Champlain, 20-Lord Loudoun arrives
at Albany. Refuses to grasp the exigences of the occasion. Noble con-
duct of the New England officers, 21--Marquis de Montcalm invests
Oswego. Surrender of the garrison, Massacre of the garrison by the
Indians prevented by the prompt action of the French general, 22—He
levels the forts at Oswego to the ground. Sir William Johnson sent to
the support of Webb at the German Flats. Abject terror of Webb. He
flies in wild consternation to the German Flats, 23-Loudoun abandons
offensive operations against Canada. He arrives in New York city, and
quarters his troops upon the inhabitants, who protest without avail,
Quarrels with Oliver De Lancey, 24-Goes to Boston, 25.


The storm, predicted by the Baronet, bursts upon the frontier settlements.

The Six Nations boldly declare in favor of making peace with the French,
and send a deputation to Montreal, A messenger from Johnson to Webb
waylaid and scalped, 26——The Six Nations remain firm in their attach-
ment to Sir William. The latter summons the Confederacy to a meeting

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