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nedy, Mary F. Metcalf, Mrs. E. A. Wood, Mrs. Margaret Dean, Misses K. M. Donovan; Julia Henry, Mary Little, Lillie L. Gummer, Nellie O'Loughlin, Melissa E. D'Arcy, Annie B. Chalmers, Addie B. Sawyer, Cornelia E. Campbell, Mrs. H. M. Woodworth, Misses C. C. Bowen, N. A. Doud, Mary Williams, L. Overend, Sallie Reber Hart, Mary F. Byrnes, Annie S. Jewett; John C. McKowen ; Miss Lucy Erichson, Mrs. William R. Duane; Joseph O'Connor; Misses Cherry, L. A. Humphreys, Carrie A. Menges, Adele Fittig; Charles H. Ham, Marion M. Scott; Misses Grace Wright, Grace Chalmers, Kate Galvin, M. Viola, M. Whighman, Rebecca 0. Skinner, Mrs. L. A. K. Clappe, Misses Minnie T. Kimball, T. J. Carter, Laura T. Fowler, Martha A. Lawless, Carrie M. Chase, Marion E. Rowell, Mrs. S. J. Baumgardner, Miss C. M. Pattee; George Robertson ; Miss Holmes, Miss Margaret Wade, Mrs. Helen P. Shipley, Miss Mattie Ritchie, Miss D. S. Prescott, Mrs. R. T. Ingraham, Misses Cornelia Swain, M. A. Lloyd, M. C. Robertson, Ellen F. Bouse, Lucy Birdsall, J. A. Forbes, G. Holbrook, M. E. Gallagher, M. J. Gallagher, Bessie Hallowell, Mrs. R. Estrayer, Miss Elizabeth M. Tiebout, Miss Juliet Anthony; Charles E. Manbam ; Miss Jessie Smith, Miss Mary J. Little ; Theodore Bradley ; Misses Hattie B. Childs, Jennie Smith, H. M. Fairchild, Annie A. Hill, Sarah A. Barr, Mary W. Kincaid, M. T. Sickel, Mary E. Bennett, Carrie Warmgren, Mollie L. Davidson, Sarah Regan, Julia O'Brien, Liley Silvey, J. E. Standford, Hattie L. Wool, Emma F. Brown, Mary A. Burrill, Mrs. L. A. Morgan, Miss Annie Gibbons, Mrs. Aurelia Griffith, Mrs. E. H. B. Varney, Misses Annie E. Dowling, Annie E. Stevens, Maggie J. Bromley, Florence I.. Stark, Mary D. Stevens, Flora Weihe, Maggie Howard, Annie J. Hall, Susie Colburn, Julia B. Brown, Sallie Estelle Fox, E. A. Shaw, Mrs. B. F. Moore, Mrs. Sarah N. Joseph ; Charles F. True, E. D. Humphrey ; Theresa M. Sullivan, Augusta I. Fink, Misses Julia A. Doran, Mary Humphrey, Sarah H. Mayers, Mary J. Bragg, Julia Sichel, Esther Goldsmith, Nellie Robinett, Sarah Boyle, Mrs. Emily Foster, Mrs. E. S. Forester, Cecilia Carter.

Alameda County.-Misses Amelia C. Ortman, Mary E. Farley, Bella Glennon, Mary Grigsby, Mary Clow, Florence Grigsby ; Mr. R. Chalmers, Rev. W. F. B. Lynch, Rev. L. R. Clarke, Mrs. N. Cruikshank, Miss Ella M. Harow, Mrs. Lucretia A. Steele, Miss S. H. Foster, Miss E. A. Clough, Mrs. L. M. Penwell, Encinal District. S. A. Penwell, Ocean View. A. L. Fuller, William Kermode, E. G. Coe, Livermore. Miss Alice McAteer, Miss Georgie Irwin, State Normal School. Miss Clara Porter, Encinal District. Miss Charlotte Ogilvie, Eden Vale District.

Santa Cruz County.--Miss Ada A. Bailey, Santa Cruz. Miss Irene Parsons, Aptos. Miss Juliet A. Hardy, Santa Cruz. Mr. W. H. Hobbs, Soquel. Miss M. A. Thomas, Pajaro. Misses Bamy M. Tyrus, Belle A. Sime, Ada Greene, Mr. Charles Johns, Miss Nellie S. Doxey, Miss Della H. Pierce, Edward C. Newell, H. E. Makinney, Miss Matilda E. Baker, Elizabeth Powell, Mrs. Alice E. Thompson, Miss Julia A. Chase, Miss Addie Gardner, William White, W. W. Kennedy, Misses Sophia B. Perry, May Cooper, Emma Frick.

Solano County.-Miss Anna A. Gibson, John McFadden, Miss Sophie A. Simonton, Mary Foye, Mary Hall, Mary Rutherford, C. J. Lawrence, Delia Swetland, Mary Tourtelotte, Isabella Murphy; Mr. McFadden, George W. Simonton, A. W. Dozier, William Crowhurst, William F. Roe, George C. Mack, William P. Welch, Jerome Banks, C. W. Childs, George B. Anderson, John K. Law; Misses A. H. Fisher, H. E. Mize, S. J. Creighton, M. C. Winchester ; A. W. Peck, Sallie Garita son, N. Smith, Mrs. F. E. Smith, Mr. N. V. Asbbrook, Vallejo. Miss Deppie W. Hardman, Vaca District. Mrs. C. J. Lawrence, Miss Annie Hayes, Silveyville District. E. Rousseau, Fairfield District. Miss Julia J. Benjamin, Normal School. M. J. Patten, Rockville District. A. J. Howe, Fremont District, Dixon. William H. Fry, Vaca Station. Miss L. L. Brown, Binghampton. Miss Josephine Wundenburg.

Monterey County.—R. B. Warren, Miss Ella Warren, Monterey District. San Joaquin County:-Miss M. M. Elliott, Turner District. John L. Barton, Brunswick District. S. W. Blaisdell, State Normal School. H. Wermouth, Irving P. Henning, Misses Emma Elliott, Letta J. McPhee; W. H. Garrison, H. C. Coley, John B. Lillie, Volney Rattan, W. R. Leadbetter.

Marin County.R. Means Davis, Aurora District. Miss Celia McAllep, Estero District. Siskiyou County.-Grove K. Godfrey, Misses Mary J. Hayne, F. W. Chafrin ; Arthur Borie.

Contra Costa County.--Miss S. C. Gilman, Emmet L. Wemple, Misses Clara Germain, Ella Sherman, Rosa Randall, Fannie L. Ham; H. S. Raven, Miss Susie Robinson.

Santa Clara County.—Misses Lelia Kratzer, Mary A. Cottle, Ella Russell, N. Furlong, Fannie
M. Price; J. A. Hill, San José. R. E. Wenk, Santa Clara. G. E. Lighthall, Orchard street, San
José. J. H. Braly, Santa Clara.

Sonoma County. Leander Cummins, Burnside District. Miss S. M. Hayes, Sonoma.
Placer County.--Mrs. Mary Agnes Phelan, Forest Hill.

Yuba County.-Joseph A. Filcher, Yuba. F. D. Soward, State Normal School. A. J. Ewalt, Brown's Valley. Mrs. A. A. Wilder.

Yolo County.-E. B. Banks, H. H. Banks, J.J. McDonald, Miss Mary A. Fellows, M. Marshall,
W. W. Stone.

Mariposa County.- N. Zaraida Woodward, James E. Clark,
Shasta County. Miss Ellen A. Conway, William J. Dakin.

San Mateo County.- Miss Maggie T. Byrne, H. N. Nutting, Patrick Troy, William A. Yates, Mrs. M. A. Derby, Miss Marie E. Robinson.

Santa Barbara County.-Misses Maggie Halley, Jane Smith ; Mr. 0. T. Redfield. Miss Carrie Lassan, State Normal School.

Tehama County.-George T. Morris, Mrs. M. M. Vincent, Red Bluff.
Sacramento County.-Charles E. Bishop, Fannie E. Bennett.

Butte County.–J. P. Garlick, Miss Annie Carroll.
Tuolumne County.-Fred. Crossett, John Ruddock.
Amador County.Miss Lillie Wheeler, Jackson. D. W. Jenks, State Normal School.
Los Angeles County.-W. S. Taylor, State Normal School.
El Dorado County.--Miss Ellen C. Burns.
Oregon.—James M. Sharp, State Normal School.
Ohio.-James T. Hamilton, Cincinnati.

The enrolment list showed five hundred and twenty members in attend. ance-three hundred and forty from the City and County of San Francisco-on the opening of the Institute.

Mrs. Matilda Lewis Jordan, of the State Normal School, was introduced, and illustrated the Oswego method of object teaching. Mrs. Jordan was received with much applause, and deserves a high rank in the profession.

Motion adopted that the sessions of the Institute be from balf-past nine to twelve o'clock A. M, and from two to four o'clock P. M. Ad. journed.


Opening exercise, singing, “ Mount Vernon Bells.”

Professor E. S. Carr, of the State University, was introduced, and gave a lecture on “Air.” The Professor proceeded to give a clear and thorough analysis of the atmosphere, and especially to adapt his remarks to the hygienic principles, as applied to tbe school room. It would be impossible to give here even an outline of the able lecture and close reasoning with which the Professor fully demonstrated the necessity of developing the physical in connection with the moral and intellectual training of our youth. We can only hope that the public may have the privilege of seeing the lecture in print.

Professor Bernbard Marks, Principal of the Lincoln Grammar School, San Francisco, was next introduced, and proceeded to treat the subject of mathematics. The Professor took strong grounds against merely memorizing arithmetic, and protested against the constant drill on rules. He said that arithmetic is divided into tbree parts—matter, system and method. He proceeded to explain the science of teacbing this branch of study philosophically, and claimed that by this method the perceptive, reasoning and other faculties of the mind would be developed, and not the memory alone, as is too frequently the case.

Professor Anderson, of Petaluma, desired to place the seal of condemnation upon the theory advanced by Professor Marks. He contended that the pupils should have the benefit of rules committed to memory. He said that object teaching was overdone, and did not answer the requirements claimed by Professor Marks.

Professor Marks responded, and stated that while he did not propose to do away with mental exercises entirely, he thought they were but one of the main avenues by which the mind was reached, and claimed superior advantages in more diversified methods of instruction.

The following programme was announced for Wednesday:


Reading of minutes.
Lecture: “Ungraded Schools," by J. P. Garlick, of Butte County.

Discussion on methods of teaching reading, by Professor E. Knowlton and others.


Essay: “Equality of Compensation for Men and Women,” by Miss Clara G. Dolliver.


Lecture by Professor Bradley, of the San Francisco Boys' High School. Subject: "Forgotten Things."

Penmanship-discussion and illustrations-by Professors Burgess and Andrews.


Lecture by Hon. 0. P. Fitzgerald.

The following is a list of the delegates who were registered during the day :

San Fruncisco County.-Misses Amita C. Ciprico, Maggie Watson, V. C. Bradbury, Mrs. C. L. Atwood, Misses Ellen Dolliver, Annie Graf, S. E. Thurston, Ida Rosenburg; Isaac Upham; Miss Kate Sullivan, Abraham Solomon, Misses Carrie Barlow, Maggie J. Hall, Julia A. Hutton, Eliza White, Mary Giffin, Mary Williams, Martha Ferris.

Solano County.-R. E. Hewitt, Misses Johanna Anderson, Susan A. McKenna; Wm. H. Fry, A. M. Peck; Misses Sallie Garretson, N. Smith, Bertha Becknall; Mrs. Fannie E. Smith ; Misses Katie Hall, Lucy Baldwin.

Santa Cruz County.-Misses M. A. Gilman, Lois Poole, Benella Davis ; J. M. Linscott, Miss Mary Bell, Amos Van Vleck, Miss H. C. Richardson, Eugene T. Thurston, Miss F. Butler.

Santa Clara County.- Miss Bertha Ricknell, W. E. Hughes, Miss L. Watson.
Calaveras County.-J. H. Wells.
Yolo County.— Miss M. E. Freeman ; F. E. Baker; Misses F. Freeman, W. H. Edwards.
Monterey County.-P. C. Millette.
Alameda County.—Misses T. H. Foster, Mary J. Sanderson ; A. J. Farley.
San Diego County.--Mrs. Maria McGilvray.
Contra Costa County.—Misses Annie Highland, Ida C. Walsh ; A. Thurber, Albert J. Young;
Miss Annie M. Eames, Henry W. Fenton ; Dr. E. S. Carr, University of California.

Siskiyou County.-J. A. Reynolds, T. W. Chapin.
Sutter County.David Powell.
San Mateo County.-Miss A. L. Hicklin, A. P. Redfield; Misses Annie Gunn, Mattie Stegman.
El Dorado County.Miss Annie Lewis.
Sonoma County.-G. W. Jones, County Superintendent; A. C. McMeans.
Sacramento County.-F. L. Lander, Fannie R. Cole, Dr. A. Trafton, Mrs. A. Trafton.

San Joaquin County.-E. P. Cooley, S. A. Lawry, W. J. Woodward, J. W. Johnson, Mrs. Amelia Chapin, Miss Annie Pulcifer, H. C. Cooley, J. A. Chesterwood, Mrs. J. A. Chesterwood.


WEDNESDAY, September 14th. Institute called to order at ten o'clock A. M., Dr. O. P. Fitzgerald in the cbair.

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Johnson, of Sonoma; after which, singing by the Institute, Professor Elliot-leading.

Minutes of Tuesday's proceedings read, corrected and approved.

Mr. John P. Garlick, of Butte County, was then introduced, and delivered an able, interesting and valuable lecture on the subject of “Upgraded Schools.” Mr. Garlick gave an outline of the teacher’s duty, and noted many causes of failure. The lecture referred to the schools at large, rather than any detinite system. The address was well received, and showed that the author was full of the intelligence and energy that are requisite to give our schools life and practical utility. On motion, a copy was requested by the Institute, for publication.

A mution was adopted, limiting the speakers to ten minutes each, and allowing tbem the floor but once, until all had spoken.

Professor Knowlton, Principal of the Rincon Grammar School, took up the subject of reading, giving some fine illustrations in elocution. As usual, the Professor was spicy, and handled his subject in a masterly

Miss Clara G. Dolliver was next introduced, and delivered a poem on the "Equality of Compensation for Men and Women.” The poem was finely rendered, bore unmistakable marks of originality and genius, and reflected credit upon the author.

The following resolution was offered by Dr. Lucky:


Resolved, That a committee be appointed to invite Gen. Wm. T. Sherman to visit our Institute, at any time he may designate.

The resolution was adopted, and Dr. Lucky, Professor Knowlton and Professor Simonton appointed as committee.

Institute adjourned.


Song by the pupils of the State Normal School.

Professor Theodore Bradley, Principal of the Boys' High School, was introduced, and lectured on "Forgotten Things.'Professor Bradley pointed out what studies he thought should be taught in the high schools. He alluded to some of the defects in our school system, and suggested remedies. The discourse was able and interesting, and listened to with much pleasure by the Institute.

On motion, the Chair appointed a committee of three, to confer with a cornmittee of the State Board of Education, upon the course of study to be pursued in our public schools, viz: Thurber, of Contra Costa, Fry,

of Solano, and Makinney, of Santa Cruz.

Professor E. S. Carr, of the California Univerity, then gave a lecture on "Industrial Education.” The Professor treated the subject practically, and applied the principles announced by him to the wants of the country at large. He alluded to the growing tendency to seek the centres of population, thus building up the cities and towns at the expense of the country, and suggested the remedy. He spoke of the efforts of the Governments of the Old World to build up and ennoble the industrial pursuits, by endowing Industrial Colleges; also, of similar efforts in the Eastern States. He said that Congress had liberally donated land to each State in the Union, to found an Industrial College, and hoped California would fully develop her industrial resources, and prophesied that much good would result from the Agricultural and Horticultural Colleges of the State University. Professor Carr's lecture was worthy of its author.

Mr. Gorman, of San Francisco, moved that the Board of Regents of the California University be reqnested to rescind the rule whereby ladies are excluded from becoming teachers in that institution. Motion lost.

On motion, Miss Dolliver was requested to furnish for publication, a copy of the excellent poem with which she had favored the Institute.

Mr. George Beanston, Chairman of the Committee on Social Exercises, announced that there would be a social reunion of the teachers at Mercantile Hall, on Friday evening, September sixteenth.

Dr. Lucky offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That section sixty-eight of the Revised School Law does not receive that attention which its importance demands.

The resolution was postponed for further consideration.

The Chair then introduced Professor Burgess, who discoursed on the subject of penmanship, and admirably illustrated his method of teaching tbis important branch of education.

Professor Andrews gave an interesting illustration of the same subject, after which the Institute adjourned.


The session was opened by singing “Old Hundred” by the entire Institute, Professor Elliot leading.

0. P. Fitzgerald, State Superintendent, was introduced, and gave his official lecture. He adverted to the agricultural and mechanical fairs and exhibitions in different parts of the State, representing our industrial condition. He referred to the many and wonderful improvements going on throughout the State, in our various industrial pursuits. None of them could compare in importance to society with the cause of popular education. He referred to his connection with the public schools of this State, and cordially bore evidence to the moral worth of the great majority of our educators. He said that he was proud of the manner in which they bad thrown aside all party feelings and prejudices, and bad assisted him in advancing the cause of education. He referred to what had been done during his administration to improve the common schools of the State, the changes made in the school law for the better, and said that in the future is would be his earnest desire to see the good cause prosper.

Dr. Fitzgerald's lecture was listened to with marked attention, and at the close, all who heard it seemed to be impressed with the belief that the “noble cause” could not have been entrusted to more skilful guidance or more careful and efficient supervision.

Miss Nellie Holbrook was next introduced, and rendered “The Baron's Last Banquet,” in an artistic and pleasing style, which elicited much applause.

After singing, Institute adjourned to the usual hour for meeting of morning session.

The following delegates were enrolled during the day:

San Francisco County.-- Miss Annie Hayburn, Mary A. Hassett, Hattie N. Perkins, Evelyn G. Blethen, Ellen Cushing, S. A. Halley, Mrs. L. Patterson, Hubert Burgess.

Tulare County.-T. K. Howell, Visalia.
Kern County.-J. H. Cornwall, Superintendent Public Schools.

Marin County.Peter M. Hugh, J. A. Richmond ; S. Saunders, Superintendent of Public Schools.

Santa Clara County.-J. Hawkins, Y. W. Whitehurst, C. H. Crowell, G. P. Newell.
Alameda County.-J. Y. Jones, Alvarado P. O.; W. C. Dodge, W. H. Mason,
Sonoma County.—Charles King.
San José City.-James B. Finch, W. C. Hart.

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