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Previous to the meeting of the late State Teachers’ Institute, I made arrangements with a competent person to secure a full phonographic report of all the proceedings. Unfortunately this arrangement failed, in consequence of a sudden and imperative call for the phonographer to leave San Francisco on the second day of the session. Defeated tbus in my purpose to have a full report of all the doings and discussions of the Institute, I was willing to be satisfied with the publication in the California Teacher of the report of the proceedings furnished by the worthy Secretary, Mr. Dakin. But so many persons, whose opinions are entitled to my respect, have expressed a desire for the publication of several of the addresses delivered before the Institute, that I have thought proper to yield to their wishes, and have issued tbis volume in the hope that it will do good. In several instances, a request was made that extemporaneous addresses before the Institute should be written out for publication, but the speakers, it seems, had too much diffidence or too little leisure to comply.

The fact stated at the beginning of the foregoing paragraph will account for the delay of this publication.

0. P. FITZGERALD, Superintendent Public Instruction.





SAN FRANCISCO, SEPT, 13-16, 1870.


TUESDAY, September 13th. Institute called to order by Hon. 0. P. Fitzgerald, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, wbo, after a few well-chosen words of welcome, announced the order of exercises for the morning session.

Opening exercise, singing in full chorus the National air, “America," * Professors Elliot and Crossett leading. Next followed the sacred chant, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the Lord,” by the State Normal class.

Permanent organization being next in order, nominations for Vice President were solicited by the Chair. Professor Williams nominated Hon. J. M. Burnett, Chairman City Board of Education. At suggestion of State Superintendent, G. K. Godfrey, of Siskiyou, was put in nomination. Both gentlemen were elected by acclamation, and immediately assumed the duties of their offices.

W.J. Dakin, of Calaveras, was nominated by Professor Marks, Principal of the Lincoln Grammar School, for Secretary, and unanimously elected. Dr. Fitzgerald appointed Miss Carrie Field and Miss Kate Kennedy, Assistant Secretaries. On motion of Professor Carlton, they were invited to occupy seats at the Secretary's desk.

On motion of Professor Knowlton, à committee of five on resolutions was appointed by the Chair. R. B. Warren, N. Farlong, L. R. Clarke, G. W. Simonton and E. Rousseau were appointed on said committee.

H. E. Makinney, W. Kennedy and H. N. Nutting were appointed by the Chair as Committee on Questions.

The Chair appointed M. M. Scott, Colonel McGowan, George Beanston, Miss Nellie Holbrook, Miss Mary Pascoe and Miss Rosa Levinson, Committee on Social Exercises.

Hon. J. M. Burnett was introduced, and delivered the opening address. He welcomed the teachers of the State to this annual gathering. He paid a handsome tribute to tbe teachers' profession, and urged the teachers present to advance still higher in this noble calling. The address, though short, was replete with thorough culture, high moral principle, and an earnest purpose to do all in his power to belp on the great cause of popular education.

A resolution was offered, declaring the pupils of the Normal School, many of whom bad been engaged in teaching, members of the Institute.

The following names of teachers were enrolled :

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San Francisco County.-Miss Maramne Bonnard, Mrs. C. A. Anderson, Miss E. White, Miss McEwen, Miss Amelia Goldstein, L. W. Reed, Miss Nellie Baldwin, Miss Agnes Chalme Philip Prior; Misses Annie E. Hucks, Fannie Mitchell, F. L. Soule, Jennie L. Gibbs, Emma F. Calhoun, Lottie C. Delong, Lottie K. Clark, Emily W. O'Neil, Anna Cora Withington, Ella F. Dormer, Lizzie Boyd, Susie McInerny, Marion Stokum, Susie H. Earle; George E. Rogers; Misses Ida E. Dickins, Almira T. Flint, H. Featherly, M. E. Dames, Adele Kohpeke, Ellen G. Grant, Mary H. Esterbrook, Florence L. G. Ames, Mary Hart, Kate Burnell; Charles F. Tilbey, E. O. Capprise ; Misses Sarah P. Lillie, Mary E. Smith, Katie McFadden, Mary Ahern, Blanche Hirth, Clara Earle, Emily Tibbie, Annie Putnam; Ludwig Michaelsen ; Misses Kate Casoy, Lizzie E. White, Mrs. Rebecca T. Carter, Miss Amy A. Hopkins, Mrs. Frances M. Pugh, Misses Carrie L. Smith, S. Louise Templeton, M. E. Harrington, Cecelia Dorsh, Helen E. Moulton, Carrie L. Hunt, Sadie Davis, Tillie C. Stobr, Annie L. Gray, Nellie M. Owens, Pauline Wolf, Caroline A. Harper, Mrs. A. E. DuBois, Misses Bertha Chapins, Sallie J. Hall, Isabel Gallagher, Mary J. O'Neill, Ellen Gallagher, Emma E. Stincen, Ada Filmer, Sallie A. Rightmire, Elizabeth B. Easton, Kate F. McColgan, Belle Rankin, Naomi E. Hoy, Alice C. Gregg, Georgie E. Morton, Mary W. Hastings, Ruth G. Campbell, Georgie Stackpole, Amy T. Campbell, Belle Wheaton, M. A. Salsbury ; William W. Holder, Dr. James Wideman, H. P. Carlton, F. E. Kennedy, Mrs. Amelia H, Hammill, John A. Moore; Misses Hattie Folger, Sarah E. Miller, Amelia Joice ; Thomas M. Benjamin ; Misses Arlie Stincen, Margaret McKenzie, Lizzie C. Wells, Mrs. Matilda Lewis Jordan, Miss E. F. Hassett, Mrs. M. Dupuy, Mrs. Kate McLaughlin ; Professor W. Gordon; Misses Amelia Fallon, Pauline Hart, Eureka A. Bonnard, Jennie M. A. Hurley, Nellie A. Littlefield, Mrs. Laura F. Hopkins, Mrs. A. W. Furbush, Misses Mary Haswell, Madge Turnbull, Mrs. Lizzie J. Deetkin, Miss Jean Parker; W. J. Gorman, S. A. Field ; Miss Josephine C. Evans, L. Maria F. Wanzer, Mrs. Mary A. Colby, Misses Mary Roper, Mary Pascoe, Belinda Roper, Estelle Nichol, M. F. Smith, Lottie C. McKean, Abbie L. Ross, Lizzie A. Winn, Hettie A. F. Greene; S. Louise Brown; Miss K. A. O'Brien ; J. Phelps, Deborah Hyman; Misses E. M'Kie, R. Levinson, Mary A. Casebolt, Rebecca Paul, C. Polemann, Mrs. L. A. Russell; E. C. Marcus, S. S. Howell; Misses Mary E. Roberts, Louisa K.Judy, Jennie N. Bell, Katie Hurley, Katie F. Grady, Clotilda Herrera, Eva Hilton, Lily Graham, Mary J. McNichol, Ida M. Kervan ; Gazena Garrison ; Miss M. A. Humphreys; Noah F. Flood, Ebenezer Knowlton; Misses Annie M. Dore, Isabel Whitney, Julia M. Gelston, Mrs. F. E. Reynolds, Sarah M. Gunn, Lizzie LeB. Gunn, Misses Lillie J. Hardman,. Georgie N. Taylor, R. B. Wilkinson, Mary A. Ward ; J. P. Royall, Albert Lyser, Mary Murphy, Carrie P. Field, Lizzie C. Wells, John Swett, Henry N. Bolander, P. A. Garrin, Grace Smith, Emily C. Rand, Mrs. Dorcas Clark, Miss Agathaven Bunan, Mrs. H. B. Nevins, Misses Carrie P. Benjamin, Fannie M. Sherman ; Mr. Adolph Herbst, Mrs. A. Baldwin, Misses Carrie M. Chase, Hattie J. Estabrook, Maria L. Soule, Lizzie McCollam, Fidelia Jewett, Annie E. Slavan, Mr. L. D. Allen ; Misses Katie Gorman, E. Seigerman, Mary E. Perkins, Alice M. D'Arcy, Sadie E. Frissel, Sadie C. Johnson, Emily T. Pearson, Hattie A. Lyons, Fronie F. Clapp, Eliza W. Houghton, Irene Doyle, Susanna R. Plank, Mary E. Lineger, Maria A. Doran, Mary E. Savage, Hattie K. Rixon, M. L. Knowlton, M. M. Futtig, M. E. King, Carrie L. Powers, c. S. Harbaugh, Susie S. Kidmore; Bernhard Marks, Professor W.J. G. Williams; Misses Ida Lander, Ida M. Richards, M. E. Owen, Matilda Moore, Emma L. McElroy, Mary Corkery, Mrs. L. Sylvester, Virginia Cuulon, Misses A. Rowe, Florence Wheeler, Mrs. M. Caldwell, Misses Maria O'Connor, Jane E. Greer, Mary A. Castellan, Ellen M. Carlisle, I. Solomon, Etta Solomon, Mrs. L. Allen, Mrs. I. K. Floyd, Misses Ellen Donovan, Susie A. Mowry, Helen A. Grant, Clara Bucknam, L. A. Swain, E. M. Hodge, Bessie Malloy, Maggie L. Jordan, M. A. Brady, S. E. Duff, M. Solomon, Mrs. Mary A. Lowe, Misses F. A. Stowell, P. M. Stowell, M. E. Stowell, H. M. Thompson, Augusta C. Robertson, Carrie D. Trask, Lizzie Callaghan, Emma Welton, Bettie Bruckmann, Kate M. G. Kelly, Eva L. Hilton, Kate M. Fuller, Louise Lacey, Maggie E. Smith, Jennie Glasgow, Mrs. Mary J. E. Crocker, Misses Lizzie F. Norris, Matilda Lewis Jordan, Mary H. Smith, Clara G. Dolliver, Selina Bornstein ; Dr. W. T. Lucky, Truman Crossett, W. D. Murphy, Washington Elliot, Mrs. Sankey, Mrs. E. P. Bradley, Misses E. A. Cleveland, M. Y. Austin; Mr. J. B. Short; Misses Kate Ken

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