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1797. -NEGOTIATIONS at Lisle.—Unsuccessful.-Distress arising from the want

of specie and failure of banks.—Warm debates relative to this subject.

Mutinies in the fleet.-Naval victories.-Happy change of circumstances. 1798. Insurrections in different parts of Ireland.–United Irishmen.-Lord Corni

wallis appointed lord lieutenant.–State of Ireland.- Invasion of it by the

French.-Measures for national defence.---Negotiations with foreign states. 1799.—Union of Ireland brought forward. --Debates on it.—Expedition to Holland. 1800.--Merits of the negotiation with France discussed.-Great Britain aids the

emperor with money.--Expedition against Holland discussed.--Suspension of
the habeas corpus continued. The union is accomplished.- Tumultuous pro-
ceedings in London. --The king is fired at in the theatre.-(Note.)-A

negotiation with France.-Expedients adopted to remedy the dearth. 1801. -Debates in parliament on thc merits of the contest with Denmark.

Change of ministry.-Negotiations with Denmark.—Expedition to the Baltic.
-Siege of Copenhagen.--Death of the emperor of Russia.- Treaty with
Denmark and Russia. -Negotiations with France.-Preliminaries of peace

1802. -Definitive treaty signed at Amiens.-State of Great Britain at the close of

the war compared with that of other kingdoms.


1799.--INVASIOy of Holland by the English and Russians.--See England.
1801.-A new constitution is framed.
-Treaty of peace with Great Britain.




1797. ---STATE of the kingdom.-- Events of the campaign in Italy.-Transactions with

the pope and hard conditions of peace imposed on him.—Events of the cam.
paign continued.—Patriotism of the Austrian nobles, &c.—Treaty of Leoben.
- Military events in Germany.-Conduct of Venice and ruin of that repub-
lic.- Assigned to the emperor by the treaty of Campo Formio.- Formation
of the Cisalpine republic.-Naval war with England. ---Contest with the
English in St. Domingo.--Naval events in the Channel.–Domestic events and
state of parties.—Strong measures of the prevailing party to confirm their

power.-- Banishment of their adversaries.

1798. Means used to deceive the people.-Scheme for the conquest of Switzerland.

--Predisposing causes of its conquest.—State of the country.-Conduct of the

cantons towards France.-Events leading to a revolution in them.-Irresolute

conduct of the council of Berne.—Military events. The French reduce the

partisans of the old government.-New constitution.-Severe contributions.-

Reflections.-Affairs of the see of Rome.- Imprudent conduct of the pope

affords the French a plea for a revolution.--Pius is removed, first to Sienna

and afterwards to Florence.-Severe contributions.-Disappointment of the

people.—Comparison of the late and present government.--Insurrections.-

Oppressive proceedings in the Cisalpine republic.-In Switzerland.-In Hol-

land.-- Towards the king of Sardinia.—The emperor and king of Naples

prepare again for war.-Buonaparte's expedition to Egypt.-Reduction of

Malta and Alexandria.-Subsequent successes.—-Victory of the English fleet.

-King of Naples resumes his arms. ---King of Sardinia oppressed.—Military

events in Italy.

1799.---Congress of Rastadt.-Account of from the opening in 1798.–Offence given

to the French ambassador at Vienna.—Disastrous termination of the con.

gress.-Suworow takes the field in Italy and the archduke in Germany.-

Events of the campaign on the Swiss frontier.-On the Rhine.—The cam-

paign takes a turn in favour of France.—Events of the campaign in Italy.

--Campaign in Egypt.-Buonaparte's situation.—Model of government for

Egypt.- The natives suspect his designs.--Their enmity towards the French.

He marches towards Syria.-Affair of Jaffa.—Siege of Acre.- Means adopted

by Buonaparte to prevent the ill consequences of his repulse there.—Mea-

sures relative to arts and sciences. He returns to France.- His reception.-

Characters of Buonaparte and Sieyes.-Measures preparatory to the revolu-


1800. -First consul's politic measures.--Affairs of the royalists.- Negotiations with

England. His object in them.-Effects of the emperor Paul's defection.-
Arrangements for the campaign.—Events of it in Germany.--In Italy.-
Affairs with the duke of Tuscany.-Armistice with the imperialists in
Italy.-Close of the campaign and war in Germany.-The emperor treats
separately.--State of Kleber's army in Egypt.-His ggod conduct.--His
negotiations and treaty of El-Arisch.-Events of the campaign.—He is mur,

dered.-Succeeded by Menou.
1801. Influence of the death of the emperor of Russia on the affairs of Europe.

-Expedition to Egypt.--Events of the campaign there.--Death of Aber-
crombie.--Subsequent events.-Capitulation at Cairo.--At Alexandria.-Expe.
dition projected against England.—State of England.--Naval events.- War
with Portugal.-Negotiations for peace.--. Preliminaries.- Principles of Buona.
parte's domestic and foreign policy.-Treaties with Russia and the German

powers.--Measures respecting a church establishment.
1802.-Congress at Amiens.- Treaty of peace signed there.-Reflections on it.

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