English Language Education Across Greater China

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Anwei Feng
Multilingual Matters, 2011 - 286 halaman
This volume offers a comprehensive examination of the spread of English and English education across Greater China through sociolinguistic studies of Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, and in-depth analysis of English language use and education in economically booming areas of Mainland China such as Shanghai and Guangdong and underdeveloped regions like Xinjiang.

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The Apex of the Third Wave English Language across Greater China
Part 1 Sociolinguistic Profiles of Countries and Regions across Greater China
Part 2 Convergence and Divergence of English Language Use and Education in Different Regions in Mainland China

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Dr Anwei Feng has teaching and research experience in tertiary institutions in many countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as the UK. He is currently Reader in Education and directs Graduate Programmes in the School of Education at Bangor University, UK. His main research interests are in the areas of bi/trilingualism and bi/trilingual education and intercultural studies in education. His recent publications include Becoming Interculturally Competent through Education and Training (2009, with M. Byram and M. Fleming) and Bilingual Education in China: Practices, Policies and Concepts (2007). He also regularly publishes articles in these areas in peer-reviewed journals.

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