Service Monographs of the United States Government, Masalah 12

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Halaman v - THE INSTITUTE FOR GOVERNMENT RESEARCH STUDIES IN ADMINISTRATION. The System of Financial Administration of Great Britain. By WF Willoughby, WW Willoughby, and SM Lindsay. 378 pp. $3. The Budget. By Rene Stourm.
Halaman 63 - That a commission is hereby created, to be known as the United States Employees' Compensation Commission, and to be composed of three commissioners appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, one of whom shall be designated by the President as chairman.
Halaman vii - This vast organization has never been studied in detail as one piece of administrative mechanism. Never have the foundations been laid for a thorough consideration .of the relations of all of its parts. No comprehensive effort has been made to list its multifarious activities or to group them in such a way as to present a clear picture of what the government is doing. Never has a complete description been given of the agencies through which these activities are performed.
Halaman 67 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
Halaman 59 - The above percentages shall be paid if there is no widow, widower, child, or dependent parent. If there is a widow, widower, child, or dependent parent, there shall be paid so much of the above percentages as, when added to the total...
Halaman 19 - That the notice shall state the name and address of the employee, the year, month, day, and hour when and the particular locality where the injury occurred, and the cause and nature of the injury, and shall be signed by and contain the address of the person giving the notice.
Halaman 80 - An Act granting to certain employees of the United States the right to receive from it compensation for injuries sustained in the course of their employment...
Halaman 63 - One of the original members shall be appointed for a term of one year, one for a term of two years, one for a term of three years, one for a term of...
Halaman 64 - ... all employees of the commission shall be appointed from lists of eligibles to be supplied by the Civil Service Commission and in accordance with the civil service law.
Halaman 69 - Congress has adopted no uniform plan of appropriations for the several services and that the latter employ no uniform plan in respect to the recording and reporting of their receipts and expenditures, it is impossible to present data of this character according to any standard scheme of presentation. In the case of some services the administrative reports contain tables showing financial conditions and operations of the service in considerable detail; in others financial data are almost wholly lacking....

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