The Life of Nathanael Greene: Major-general in the Army of the Revolution, Volume 3

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G. P. Putnam and Son, 1871

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Halaman 141 - ... knew my adversary, and was perfectly sure I should have nothing but downright fighting. As to retreat, it was the very thing I wished to cut off all hope of. I would have thanked Tarleton had he surrounded me with his cavalry. It would have been better than placing my own men in the rear to shoot down those who broke from the ranks. When men are forced to fight, they will sell their lives dearly...
Halaman 428 - That spirit of freedom which, at the commencement of this contest, would have gladly sacrificed everything to the attainment of its object, has long since subsided, and every selfish passion has taken its place.
Halaman 151 - We have had a. feu de joie, drunk all your healths, swore you were the finest fellows on earth, and love you, if possible, more than ever. The General has, I think, made his compliments in very handsome terms. Enclosed is a copy of his orders. ' It was written immediately after we received the news, and during the operation of some cherry bounce.
Halaman 233 - April 4, 1781. DEAR SIR, This will be handed to you by Capt. Conyers, who will inform you what we have contemplated. He is sent forward to collect provisions for the subsistence of the army, and I beg you will assist him in this necessary business. The army will march tomorrow, and I hope you will be prepared to support its operations with a considerable force; Gen. Sumter is written to, and I doubt not will be prepared to co-operate with us. The captain can give you a full history of Lord Cornwallis...
Halaman 111 - Resolved, whereas Captain Henry Lee, of the Light Dragoons, by the whole tenor of his conduct during the last campaign, has proved himself a brave and prudent officer rendered essential service to his country, and acquired to himself and the corps he commanded, distinguished honor, and, it being the determination of Congress to reward merit, Resolved, that Captain H.
Halaman 445 - Our condition was little better in the articles of provision. Our beef was perfect carrion ; and even bad as it was, we were frequently without any. An army thus clothed and thus fed may be considered in a desperate situation.
Halaman 363 - I am to inform you, that in consequence of a petition signed by Governor Bull and many others, as also of your prayer of yesterday, and the humane treatment shown by you to the British prisoners who fell into your hands, you are respited for forty-eight hours ; but should General Greene offer to expostulate in your favor with the commanding officer, from that moment this respite will cease, and you will be ordered to immediate execution.
Halaman 227 - The animosity between the Whigs and Tories of this State renders their situation truly deplorable. There is not a day passes but there are more or less who fall a sacrifice to this savage disposition. The Whigs seem determined to extirpate the Tories, and the Tories the Whigs. Some thousands have fallen in this way in this quarter, and the evil rages with more violence than ever. If a stop cannot be soon put to these massacres, the country will be depopulated...
Halaman 364 - He then arranged the preceding correspondence; and on the morning of his execution presented the packet to his son (a boy of thirteen years), and directed him to ' deliver it to Mrs. Edwards, with my request to forward it to her brother in congress. Go then to the place of my execution, — receive my body, and see it decently interred with my forefathers.

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