Report of the Committee of the African Institution, Masalah 1-6

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Halaman 18 - The principle laid down in that case appears to be, that the slave trade, carried on by a vessel belonging to a subject of the United States, is a trade which, being unprotected by the domestic regulations of their legislature and government, subjects the vessel engaged in it to a sentence of condemnation.
Halaman 11 - The slave trade has since been totally abolished by this country, and our legislature has pronounced it to be contrary to the principles of justice and humanity. Whatever we might think as individuals before, we could not, sitting as judges in a British court of justice, regard the trade in that light, while our own laws permitted it. But we can now assert that this trade cannot, abstractedly speaking, have a legitimate existence. When I say abstractedly speaking...
Halaman 21 - One part of the rock is very high ; there is a large opening in that rock in the form of a door, which is the only passage for the water to pass through ; the tide current is here very strong. This army went and took possession of the top of this opening. Mr Park came there after the army had posted itself; he nevertheless attempted to pass. The people began to attack him, throwing lances, pikes, arrows, and stones.
Halaman 59 - If any action be commenced against any person for any thing done in pursuance of this act, the defendant may plead the general issue, and give this act and the special matter in evidence, and if...
Halaman 48 - ... therein by virtue of any act or acts of Parliament now in force for regulating the navigation and trade of his . . ...,-.. . manner as the Acts of Navigation .ud Tjade.
Halaman 10 - Slaves from the coast of Africa to a Spanish colony. We think that this was evidently the original plan and purpose of the voyage, notwithstanding the pretence set up to veil the true intention. The Claimant, however, who is an American, complains of the capture, and demands from us the restitution of property of which he alleges that he has been unjustly dispossessed. In all the former cases of this kind, which have come before this Court, the Slave Trade was liable to considerations very different...
Halaman 21 - Next day (Saturday) Mr. Park departed, and I slept in the village (Yaour). Next morning, I went to the King to pay my respects to him ; on entering the house I found two men who came on horseback ; they were sent by the Chief of Yaour. They said to the King, " we are sent by " the Chief of Yaour to let you know that the white men " went away, without giving you or him (the Chief...
Halaman 115 - ... reserving, however, to his own subjects the right of purchasing and trading in Slaves within the African dominions of the Crown of Portugal. It is however to be distinctly understood, that the stipulations -of the present Article are not to be considered as invalidating or otherwise affecting the rights of the Crown of Portugal to the territories of Cabinda and Molembo...
Halaman 59 - ... may plead the general issue, and give this act and the special matter in evidence at any trial to be had thereupon, and that the same was done in pursuance and by the authority of...
Halaman 63 - That this Meeting is deeply impressed with a sense of the enormous wrongs •which the natives of Africa have suffered in their intercourse with Europe ; and from a desire to repair those wrongs, as well as from general feelings of benevolence, is anxious to adopt such measures as are best calculated to promote their civilization and happiness.

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