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hereafter do make acknowledge execute and suffer, or cause to be done made acknowledged executed and suffered all and every such further and other reasonable act and acts thing and things devise and devises in the law for the further and better assurance and sure making of all and singular the said lands and other the said premises with their and every of their ap purtenances unto the said George Cleove and the said Richard Tucker their heirs and assigns as hy his and their councell learned in the laws shall be reasonabley devised advised or required and lastly the said Sir Ferdinando Gorges hath constituted ordained and appointed, and by these presents doth constituto ordain and appoint his trusty and well-beloved Isanche Allerton and Arthur Mackworth gentlemen his true and lawful attorney ana attornies jointly or severally for him and in his name to enter into the said lands and other the said bargained premises or into any part or parcel thereof in the name of the whole and thereof to take full and peaceable possession and seizen, and after such possession and seizen so had and taken then for him and in his name to deliver full and peaceable possession and seizen of the same lands and premises unto the said George Cleeve and Richard Tucker their heirs and assigns according to the tenour effect and true meaning of these presents. In witness whereof the said parties to these present indentures interchangeably have set their hands and seals. Dated the day and year first herein above written Annoque Domini 1636.

FERD. GORGES. Sealed signed and delivered William Withington

in the presence of John Winnington Memorandum that I Arthur Mackworth gent. have taken and delivered possession and seizen unto George Cleeve Esq. and Richard Tucker gent, according to the order within prescribed. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this eight day of June 1637.

ARTHUR MACKWORTH. In the presence of Thomas Lewis,

John Lukeford, Geo. Frost. This is a true copy of the original deed examined and recorded the 24th day of May-by me.

ROGER GARD, Recorder.


After considerable progress had been made in the publication of this volume, I had the privilege, by the kindness of Charles Deane, Esq., of Cambridge, of examining several very interesting letters from the early settlers of Maine written to Gov. John Winthrop of Massachusetts. The Winthrop papers are in process of publication by the Mass. Historical Society, Vol. VII. of their 4th series, under editorship of Mr. Deane, and will throw much light upon the early, and hitherto somewhat obscure transactions of that distracted period of our history. I am permitted to make extracts from those letters, and to furnish fac-similes of the signatures. I feel gratified that they confirm my conjectures on the causes that seriously disturbed the first colonists upon these shores. Jealousy among the principal men, ambition to rule, disputes as to titles and jurisdiction, and religious differences, were the prominent causes of most of the troubles which produced the agitations and conflicts of that day, and opened the door for Massachusetts to come in and assume the government. I have room for only a few extracts, and I take those which have the most direct application to our local history. The letters of Gorges cast a dark shadow upon the character of Cleeves which is however relieved by the favorable opinion of Gov. Winthrop, and we may reasonably suppose that the expressions freely bestowed upon each party by its opponents, are to be attributed rather to partizan zeal than as true exponents of character.


To my much respected freindes, Henry Vane, John Winthropp, John Haines, John Humfrey and John Dudley, Esquiers, give theis with speed.

MAIE IT PLEASE YOU,—Having receaved soveral leres from my servant Vines, & others, of the generall dislike conceared against Mr. Cleeves, for having to doe with anie my affaires, by


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