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twenty-five stripes on the bare skin, which were this day given him in presence of this Court.

And further considering the insolency of the said Gibson's behaviour in the premises, it is further ordered that Capt. Frost shall have and is hereby impowered by warrant to call before him the said Richard Gibson the next training day at Kittery, and wither he is to order him to be laid neck and heels together at the head of his company, for the time of two hours, or to ride the wooden horse at the head of the company, which of these punishments Capt. Frost shall see meet to appoint. And for the said Gibson's mallplying of oaths he is fined twenty shillings, and for being drunk is fined ten shillings, and to pay all charges of Court, and stand committed until the sentence be performed; and further, Gibson is required to give in bonds for his good behaviour, of twenty pounds, that the said Gibson shall be of the good behaviour towards all persons and more especially towards Capt. Charles Frost, until the next County Court, and that the said Gibson shall appear at Kittery when required by Capt. Frost, there to perform the order of Court, and further, that he do discharge that £4. 2s. 6d. unto the County Treasurer.

James Warren, appearing in Court an Abettor unto the said Gibson, in his Insolency for his delinquincy therein, is adjudged by the Court, To give Bond of twenty pounds for his good Behaviour to the next County Court, as also to appear personally the next training Day at Kittery, at the Head of the Company, there to be tyed Neck and Heels for one Hour, or ride the Wooden Horse, at the discretion of Capt. Frost, and to pay charges of Court, and He to stand Committed till this be done.

We present Francis Littlefield, Jun., for want of Scales and Weights in bis mill as the Law requires. The Court order him to provide Scales and Weights þetween this and the next Court of Associates.

We present Charles Potum for living an Idle lazy life, following no settled employment. Major Bryant Pendleton joined with the Selectmen of Cape Porpus, to dispose of Potum according to Law, and to put him under family Government.

p. 25.

We present Jere. Gutteridge for an Idle person and not providing for his family, and giving reproachfull language to Mr.

Nathan Fryer, when He reproved him for his Idleness. The Court for his offence adjudgeth the delinquent to have twenty lashes at the post, or to bring in forthwith security to the Court to be of better behav'r in providing for his family by using more diligence in his calling for the future.

We present Adam Gudding for deneying the morality of the fourth Commandment. Teste Capt. Wincoll, Charles Frost.

P. 35.

1675, July 6. We present the Selectmen of the town of Kittery, for not taking care that their children and youth be taught their catachism and education according to Law.

We present Capt. Francis Rayns, for presuming to act the part of a midwife; the delinquent, examined by the Court, fined fifty shillings for his offence, and paying the fees, five shillings, is discharged.

We present the Selectmen of Cape-Porpus, for not taking care that their children and youth of the town be taught their catachism and educated according to law.

We present the Selectmen of Scarborough, for not taking care that the children and youth of that town be taught their catachism and educated according to Law. p. 36.

We present the Selectmen of the town of Falmouth, for not taking care that the children and youth of that town of Falmouth be taught their catachism and educated according to Law. p. 37.

At a Court at York, July 1, 1679. James Adams, the Court having considered your Inhuman and Barbarous offence, against the life of the children before the Court, and great disturbance to the country; and do Sentence you to have Thirty Stripes well laid on, to pay to the father of the said children, Henry Simpson, Five Pounds money, to the Treasurer of the County Ten Pounds; out of which the charge of Postage and Search of the Town is to be discharged, and to pay the charges and fees of the Prison, and to remain close prisoner during the Court's pleasure and furthur order. These thirty Stripes were given by Jno. Smith, Sen'r, The Executioner.

N. B. The Judges were The Right Worshipfull Jos. Dudley, Esq., Major Richard Waldron, Esq. Commissioners, Mr.

Edward Rishworth, Capt. Jno. Wincol, Mr. Sam'l Wheelwright and Capt. Jos : Scottow, associates. p. 64.

July 19th, '79. Philip Addams, In the behalf of his Son James Addams, appeared before us at the House of Capt. Davis, and did then acknowledge himself to stand Bound in the sum of one hundred Pounds in current pay of New England unto the Treasurer of this County, with one fortnight's or twenty-one days' time, to send away his Son James Addams out of this Jurisdiction, and in the to take such effectual care and charge about him to continue his absence from the Town till so as to prevent future lnconveniencys to any of his Neighbors. FRAN. HOOKE,

Edwd. RishwORH. Philip Addams likewise ingaged before us to pay or cause to be paid the worth and full quantity of Two thousand of good merchantable Red Oak Pipe staves to Mr. Francis Johnson, here at York, between this and Michalmas next, which being done, the said Simpson accepts a full satisfaction for that five pounds the said Court gave him relating to his Son James Addams. p. 65.

July 15th, 1690. In the Court of Sessions of the Peace for the Province of Mayne held at York.

Before Major John Davis, Deputy President; Capt. Francis Hook, Maj. Charles Frost, John Wincol, Justices.

Whereas there is great complaint made of several abuses taken notice of in Ordinarys by excessive drinking of Rum, Flyp, &c. The Ill consequence whereof is publickly seen in the misbehaviour of several Persons in the presence of authority for the preventing the like for the future, it is therefore

Ordered, That from henceforth there shall not be any Rum or other strong Liquor or Flip be sold unto any Inhabitant of the town by any Ordinary keeper therein, directly or indirectly, except in case of great necessity, as in case of sickness, &c. Nor shall any Ordinary keeper sell unto any stranger more than one gill for a person at one time. And all civil officers especially Selectmen and Constables, in the respective towns in this Prov. ince, are required to take especial care by inspecting any Suspicious House or Houses where any such abuses or profaneness may be acted, and in case any Ordinary keeper shall presume to Transgress this order, he shall immediately forfeit his License.

[blocks in formation]



1645, May 1. I George Cleeves do affirme that about the 25th of the third month last, 1645, that three of Andrew Algar's men of Stratton's island came to my house in a botte to borrow scales and waits to way their fish, and I questioned them about all that shuting which trubled all the people in severall plantations, and they tould me that Mr. Nash shot them, and give them pouder to answer him againe, and I also demanded of them if they were not all drunk, and they said that they were all merrie, and farther, I affirme that I went, and Mr. Tucker with mee, to the house of John Cussin's and Thomas Smyth, in Cascoe bay and about three leagues from my house, to have taken there testimony consarning Nash's slandering your General Court, but could not prevail with them to take the oath, they being refrec, torrie and saith that Nash is in their dept, but confessed verbalie to us, as they had formaylie tould Mr. Holland of Dorchester that Nash said that the Court had done great wrong to a pore woman about a sowe, and that none could have justice from you but such as were membars of the Church, and tould them that they had as good live in turkie as live under such a government, and told them that there were nineteen witnesses sworne against Mr. Cane,' yet he being a member carried the mattar against the poore woman, and other witnesses to this effect, and this is in the mouths of all our malignants, it being reported, say they, by thouse that live amongst them, and therefore is undoubtedlie trew.

1 This affair of the sow, which produced great excitement at the time, may be found at large in Winthrop's Journal.

That this is their reports, and as they affirme from Nash, Mr. Holland can speak to the lick purpose, and I shall be readdie to affirme upon oath, who am your humble sarvant.


George Lewis of Casco, sworne and examined, saith that Robert Nash of Boston sayd in his hearing to Tho. Wyte, who reproved the said Nash for shutting so many peces at Stratten's island, that he would have shott so manie more in Casco bay at his coming in there if he had had so much pudder left, and this deponent heard Nash say at his returne from the Easte, the same voyage which was the first of June last.

These words were heard from him upon the Sabbath day at his return from meeting. Tackn before me Julie 2, 1645.


RICHARD TOCKER. Severall depossisions taken before us Georg Cleeves and Richard Tucker, both of Cascoe in the province of Ligonia, consarning Rob't Nash his miscarriage in our parts in the third month last 1645.

Henrie Wattes of Black Poient, sworn and examined, saith about the 20th May last, being the last voyaidg that Robert Nash of Boston made into our parts, this deponent being about his house and about 2 miles from Stratton's island, this deponent heard several peces shott of in manar of a fight, he sup. poses about an hundred peces, and terrified therewith as well as his neighbors, with what convenience he might be desired to know the mattar, and being informed from Stratton's Island that Nash and his company and the fishermen of the said Iland had shot them there to whome Nash had given powdar for that purpose to answer him and his company out of his vessel, and that they were shot of at the drinking of their healths, and that they did take powdar out of Nash his barrel by handfull without othar measure and vowed to have the last shot of the Ilanders to whome he had also given powdar without wait, insomuch that they shot so long that there peces were so hott that they could hould them no longer in there hands, farthar deposeth that John Parkar of Dammarill's cove affirmeth that Robart Nash being with him gave and sould so much sack to his men that

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