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July, 1663. Capt. Francis Raynes tendereth to this Court the laying down of his Captains place, which by the Court was accepted, and hence forth the said Francis Raynes is not to be reputed any such officer. p. 58.

July, 1663. We Present Mr. Nic. Bhapleigh, for the neglect of his Office, in not commanding the military officers to Train in the Town of Kittery according to Law.

We present Mr. Thomas Booth for vain Swearing, and slandering the country, by saying they were a company of Hypocritical Rogues, they feared neither God nor the King, with other uncivil Speeches.

This Court considering Mr. Booth's offence fineth him five Pounds, and further the said Booth Ingageth himself in a Bond of Ten pounds to be of good behaviour towards all persons, specially those that are in authority.

1669. Christopher Lawson who came into this Cort caring himself unseveley towards som partickilar memburs, saying that He or they should not be his Judges, with a Turbulent behaviour towards the said Cort; was comited to sitt on ower in the Stickes.

p. 79. July 5, 1670. We present Thomas Taylor for being Drunk on the Sabbath Day and comeing in that condition to the place of God's public worship.

We present Thomas Taylor for abusing Capt. Francis Rayns being in authority, by Theing and thouing of him, and many other abusive speeches. p. 94.

July, 1671. Mr. Thomas Withers complained of, and before this Court convicted for Seruptitiously indeavoring to pervert the providence of God, and priviledges of others, by putting in several Votes for himself to be an officer at a Town Meeting when He was Intrusted by divers Freemen to Vote for other men, and for now writing and forging of a Summons and subscribing the clerks of the Writ's Hand to itt without his order. For his delinquincy herein the aforesaid Thomas Withers is fined Five pounds to be paid in money or other pay equivalent thereunto to the Treasurer of the County or to stand in the Pillory at York the next Training Day Two Hours; officers fees 59.

And further, the said Thomas Withers is disfrancised and henceforth disenabled to Elect or be chosen to any place of Public Trust as a freeman have and ought to have either in Town or more publick affairs untill under the sense of his miscarryage opportunity gives him leave to give suitable Satisfaction to Court and country. p. 103.

We present Mrs. Sarah Morgan for striking of her Husband. (Testes Capt. Davis Jno. Ameredith, constable.) The delinquent to stand with a gagg in her mouth half an hour at Kitlery at a publick Town meeting, and the cause of her offence writ and 'put upon her Forehead, or pay 50s. to the Treasurer. p. 106. .

B. B. Court at Saco, 1665, Nov'r. Edward Rishworth is Plant. In an action of the case for not paiment of a Debt due to him out of Mr. Green his Estate deceased, contra Jere. Sheers, adminisr. of the said Green.

The Court finds a non suit against the plant. and gives the defendant his charge, 18s. Because He is not capable to be sued within one year, and one day after Letters of admn. taken.

We present Joane Forde, the wife of Stephen Ford, for calling the constable Hornheaded Rogue and Cowhead Rogue. Joane Ford punished for this offence, by nine Stripes given her at the 21 post at a Court holden at York, Decemr., 1665.

We present Joseph Winnock of Black Point for abusing Mr. Francis Hooke, Just. Peace, by saying that he was no more Drunk than Mr. Hooke, and called the said Hooke Mowne Calfe.

Joseph Winnock fined for offence Forty shillings. p. 13.

We present Joane Forde, the wife of Stephen Ford of the Isle of Shoales, for reviling and abusing the Neighbours by very evil speeches. Jane Ford, for abusing the Constable and other Her Neighbours, is appointed to have Ten lashes at the post, which was by John Parker in presence of the Court accordingly executed. p. 14.

In his majestys behalf we Indite Rich'd White of York for swearing and calling his wife whore.

Richard White fined for swearing 2s. 6d. and for abusing his wife 20s. The fine of 20s. for abusing his wife, upon her request and his promise of amendment, is remitted, and he paying 58, for the officers fees is discharged.

In his majestys Behalf We Indite Richard White of York for Abusing Thomas Bragdon one of the grand Jury, by saying that the said Bragdon was not fitt to be a grand Juryman and that he would complain upon him tomorrow and have him put out of his place for he was a Knave.

Richard White fined for his offence 20s., and paying five shillings for the officers fees is acquitted. p. 15.

Воок с. At a Court holden at Casco by Henry Jocylen, Esq'r., William Philips, Major Edward Rishworth, Francis Hook and Samuel Wheelwright, jr. appointed by special commission from the Right Hon'ble Sir Robert Carr, Knight, Col. George Cartwright and Samuel Maverick Esq. for the eastern division of the Province of Mayne, this 26th day of July, 1666. In the 18th year of our Sovereign Lord the King.

It is ordered that Mr. George Munjoy shall henceforth have power to administer Oaths in all matters of concernment unto any person residing within the limits of the town of Casco. He is likewise Impowered to marry within the precincts of the said town, and to take a carefull oversight of all weights and measures, to see that they be according to the King's standard, which is Winchester Weights and Measures, wherein if the said Weights and Measures be found faulse or faulty, in the hands of any person or persons, then the said weights and measures to be forthwith destroyed, and the person or persons to be bound over to the next Court holden for this division.

It is likewise ordered that any one Jus. Peace in the place where he resides hath power to summon in seven honest men for a Jury living within the said town, and to try any Action not exceeding 40s., and after judgment to grant Execution for the same to the constable of the town when the Marshall is not present.

Court at Casco 13th Nov., 1666, the same Judges as before, S. Wheelwright-excepted.

A Court of Pleas holden at Casco the 1st day of Oct. 1667 for the Eastern Division of this Province by Henry Jocelyn Esq. Major William Philips, Edward Rishworth Rec. Mr. Francis Hook and George Munjoy ; Thomas Hayns chose clerk of the Band for Westgostogua. 13.

Elner Bonython examined by Esq. Jocelyn and Major William Philips, jr., Jus. Peace, in reference to Bastardy, but not finding upon examination, her owning of the reputed Father of her child, do therefore order that Elner Bonython for her offence, shall either within one month from the 20th day of September, 1667, stand three Sabbath Days in a White Sheet in the publick meeting or otherways to pay five pounds into the Treasury of this Division, which five pounds her father Mr. John Bonython doth ingage himself to pay into this Court between this and the last of May next ensuing, viz. to the Treasury.

We present Geo. Garland and Sarah Mills for living together as man and wife being never marryed, contrary to the laws of England.

In reference to more orderly liveing of the said Garland and Sarah Mills and for preventing of future Inconveniencys which will necessarily ensue such Incontinent courses ;

It is ordered that George Garland and Sarah Mills shall by the order of some Jus. Peace in this Province or some minister, be married within the term of one month from the date hereof, or otherwise they shall not fail to give in sufficient Bond of ten pounds for their good behaviour, to our Sovereign Lord the King to the next Court of pleas for this Division.

At a Court at Wells, Sept. 29, 1663. Capt. William Philips is legally chosen by the major part of the freemen and fidelity men of this county, to exercise the place of a Sargeant Major for the year ensuing, and his oath given him at this Court by the order of the county court last, as attest.

Edw. Rishworth, Associate.

BOOK E. 1669. In reference to James Hermans beating and abusing his wife. This Court doth adjudge that the said Hermans shall have ten stripes on the naked back, and to stand bound in a sum of twenty pounds for his good behaviour until the next county court. p. 36.

Joane Andrews there appearing was admonished by the Court and required not to entertain her daughter the wife of John Billing, so as to draw her from her husband, and she the said Ann Billing was required to repair home and live loveingly

with him, upon penalty of what further paino upon her neglect thereof may further insew. 42.

1671, March 8. James Smith complaynes to Capt. Wincol of Thoms. Nubery, for attempting to abuse his wife and Elizabeth Alline, by proferring and wayteing opportunitys to ly with them, and for swearing several oaths in their hearing.

Thomas Nubery, for his light and uncivil carriages about the wimen, is concluded either to pay five pounds to the Treasurer or to receive ten lashes upon the bare skin at the post. Nubery stands to the fine. p. 48.

Thomas Nubery fined for his profane swearing, twenty shillings.

1671. Mr. Thomas Withers complained of by a common report for an irregular way of contribution, by putting in money to lead on others to do the like, and taking of his own money if not more out again, whereby there lyes some suspicion of fraud.

Thos. Withers stands bound in a Bond of £10 to the Treas. urer of this county, to answer to the premises at the next Court holden at York for this county. p. 51.

Thomas Cloyse comeing as a testimony into Court, upon occasion did own in Court that he played at cards; for which offence he is fined five shillings. p. 54.

Book F.

We indite Jonathan Hamons for charging John Baratt for slighting and abusing of — his wife, saying to Mr. Samuel Wheelwright, what hath any man to do with it, have not I power to correct my own wife ?

Book G. We present George Gray and Sarah his wife for living in fornication before they came into the bonds of Wedlock; the Court fined the delinquents three pounds, or to receive ten stripes.

1674. Richard Gibson complained of for his dangerous and churtonous carriage towards his commander Capt. Charles Frost, which misbehaviour appearing in Court, the Court orders as followeth :

1. That the said Gibson, for striking Capt. Frost at the head of his company, is appointed to receive by John Parker, senior,

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